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Renewable incentives spark debate at Texas hearing

"Federal incentives for renewable energy, I believe, have distorted the competitive wholesale market" on the Texas grid, Nelson told the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Nelson said she believes those distortions are "one of the primary causes" of the current strains on the grid, and added: "I think we all need to move with extreme caution before adopting any additional incentives or mandates."
7 Sep 2012

Gulf turbine plan sparks wildlife debate

"Construction of the proposed North Rio Grande and Rio Grande offshore wind energy development sites in South Texas would result in a nearly contiguous string of wind energy developments within a 35-mile wide corridor from San Patricio County southward to Cameron County," wrote Ross Melinchuk, deputy executive director of natural resources at TPWD.
29 Jul 2012

Green, renewable energy wipes out the Texas landscape

In the hill country where I live, there was a time when you could enjoy the blue haze from the distant hills, maybe set up a canvas to paint the sun setting behind them or just sit and watch while the color washed over them at dusk. Now those hills are dotted with wind generators churning out electricity. This pastoral scene looks nothing like the Texas kids imagined when they imagined cowboys and cattle drives.
25 Jul 2012

Wind Power: A case study

The short of it is this: wind power is a great idea on paper but it is unreliable, mainly there when you don't need it, subsidized to the point where it destroys essential generation, and creates an environment where investors are rethinking investment in new plants.
20 Jul 2012

Wind energy industry faces stiff headwind; Projects race against deadline for tax credit

Two large wind energy projects in the Texas Panhandle are racing against a looming Dec. 31 deadline when a critical federal tax credit expires, threatening to toss an already tumbling industry into freefall. Project leaders are confident about the immediate future, but they and the companies that build the components used in wind farms are worried about next year.
15 Jul 2012

Potential loss of tax credit becalms wind industry

Many supporters are optimistic that the credit will be renewed, but doubt it will happen before the November election. And a last-minute deal probably won't prevent mass casualties for the U.S. wind power business. "Most of the damage has already been done," said Matt DaPrato, senior analyst for IHS Emerging Energy Research. "There's going to be a big drop-off in 2013 either way."
11 Jul 2012

Naval Air Station Fort Worth worried about wind turbines

Proposed wind developments in California are similarly causing heartburn for the Defense Department. "The Navy fully embraces green energy," Bennett said. "But it needs to be compatible development so that we can maintain our training capabilities. That's where the discussion has to start."
9 Jun 2012

Wind energy is booming, but where's the money?

Jerry Beaird has 16 wind turbines on his property. They've been producing quite efficiently but Beaird hasn't seen a single penny since November. ...So how could record production leave the landowners completely dry? The letters state various market factors attributed to the lack of revenue. They don't go into specifics, but Beaird has his own ideas.
7 Jun 2012

Wind farms may have warming effect: research

"We attribute this warming primarily to wind farms," the study said. The temperature change could be due to the effects of the energy expelled by farms and the movement and turbulence generated by turbine rotors, it said. "These changes, if spatially large enough, may have noticeable impacts on local to regional weather and climate," the authors said.
29 Apr 2012

Large wind farms raise temperature near ground

Despite long-standing interest in the environmental impacts of such large-scale alternative energy installations, this is the first time anyone has measured how wind turbines can alter local temperatures over the long term, the scientists said. So far, the scientists don't know if these higher temperatures affect local rainfall or other weather patterns.
29 Apr 2012

Navy erred in wind farm decision

The proposed wind farm had significant resistance from the Navy over the last year, but recently the Navy has "stood down" as nationally our current administration has issued the call for the Navy to be "greener." The initial Navy resistance was based on the fact that wind farms cause radar interference ...The agreement calls for a "new unproven technology" that essentially "dumbs down" the high tech radar system. Now that makes sense.
27 Apr 2012
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