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Block Island offshore wind farm still down for maintenance and safety inspections

Workers at the Merkur wind farm in the German North Sea found signs of stress fatigue on the support structures of the “helihoist” platforms on some of the project’s GE Haliade turbines. Power generation at the 396-megawatt array was temporarily halted to come up with a solution to the problem, but the wind farm has since come back online. In June, Ørsted said it had put the five-year-old Block Island Wind Farm “on pause as a precautionary safety measure” to see if similar problems had arisen with the platforms at the top of the turbines that equipment and workers can be lowered onto from helicopters. 
14 Aug 2021

Wind turbines and radar mix poorly

Glander went on to write that the Coast Guard may make the same recommendation for Vineyard Wind that it did for the Block Island Wind Farm, a research analysis indicating whether the turbines “produce radar reflections, blind spots, shadow areas, or other effects that could adversely impact safety of navigation.” If there are negative impacts to marine radar, Glander wrote, Vineyard Wind should recommend how to remedy them. If such remedies are necessary, he wrote they should be “funded by Vineyard Wind.”
22 Aug 2019

B.I. Wind Farm barge breaks loose

The two barges became separated and drifted apart from each other in Block Island Sound before personnel secured the barge. One barge containing two of the 56-foot tall yellow decks was seen battling high seas off the island’s southwesterly side, while the other barge, carting three deck platforms, was situated off the coastline near the North Lighthouse.
21 Oct 2015

Barge accident dents Deepwater wind farm foundation

First, it was the weather. Rough seas forced the Providence company to push back until last Sunday the installation of the first steel foundation for the five-turbine wind farm off Block Island. Now, Deepwater is dealing with a construction mishap. Earlier this week, one of the barges being used in the project hit the latticework “jacket” foundation that had been placed in the water and dented one of its four hollow, tubular legs.
31 Jul 2015

No takers yet for broken Portsmouth wind turbine

The 1.5-megawatt turbine was commissioned in March 2009 but was shut down June 18, 2012, after the gearbox showed significant wear. The faulty gearbox was no longer covered by warranty, and the manufacturer of the turbine, AAER Wind Energy of Quebec, is no longer in business. Three of five turbines of the same make and model erected in California and Templeton, Mass., also suffered gearbox failure.
14 May 2013

Windpower woes

The company that installed the turbine, AAER of Canada, went bankrupt a year after installation, and left Portsmouth with no warranty. Even worse, the chief executive of the company hired to oversee maintenance of the turbine stated that gearbox failures occur in "10 percent of turbines nationwide".
17 Jul 2012

Portsmouth wind turbine might cost $400,000 to fix

At Monday night's meeting, the town council was informed that the gearbox in the 1.5 megawatt turbine has failed. Though the reason for the failure is unknown, oil samples show metal shavings inside the gearbox filter. The turbine has been shut down since June 18. Replacing the gearbox could cost about $400,000.
12 Jul 2012

FAA rejects wind turbine at Taylor Point

The unexpected ruling, which cannot be appealed, was announced by Town Administrator Bruce Keiser at an unscheduled Town Council meeting on Sept. 14. The councilors had set aside the evening for a Ft. Getty workshop, which was delayed until they finished their discussions on a response to the FAA ruling.
16 Sep 2010

Concerned citizens fueled creation of wind turbine health and safety report

Forty pages of health and safety information surrounding the proposed wind turbine project in town may never have been created had it not been for some anxious residents. Ron Pitt, chairman for the health and safety subcommittee that researched and wrote the report, said interested and concerned residents, including members of the group Citizens Wind Watch, should be credited for pushing forward the process of learning more about wind turbines and the issues that surround them. ...Mr. Russo said the recent health and safety report spelled a certain end to the likelihood the turbine would be constructed at the high school.
26 Aug 2008
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