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Public-private proposal made to replace broken wind turbine

The town signed a public-private agreement with Ipswich Wind Independence LLC in 2011 to build Wind II (Wind I is town-owned). The town’s electric light department (ELD) agreed to buy power from the company, and the town also collected around $1.3 million in property tax. However, a fire in October 2018 knocked Wind II out of action. To complicate matters, there were rumors that Ipswich Wind Independence was in financial difficulties — and the town discovered no bond had been paid to ensure safe removal of the structure. The turbine was not repairable, as the manufacturer, Hyundai, had withdrawn from the turbine business.
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Wind energy efforts stall in Tiverton

Clean energy is facing some serious headwinds in town. Tiverton’s only wind turbine is face-down in a hay field, and a proposal to set up a wind farm has stalled. “Not a thing is happening right now,” said Garry Plunkett, the town’s expert on wind power. “It is pretty dead.”
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Tiverton's wind farm plans moving forward

Apex Clean Energy, an energy generating company based in Charlottesville, Va., showed the Town Council preliminary plans for a wind farm of six to eight turbines that would produce about 24 megawatts of energy on land owned by the North Tiverton and Stonebridge Fire Districts.
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Experts to inspect Portsmouth's ailing turbine

Since the cause of the failure is unknown, this may help pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the turbine before committing to costly repairs. Mr. Klimm has also been consulting with two people who own and operate the same AAER 1.5 MW turbine, one of which has had the same gearbox problem.
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Deepwater Wind: We're not 38 Studios

The Deepwater project does raise broader policy questions about the state's role in promoting renewable energy development, questions that go beyond any single project. The General Assembly explicitly made it state policy to push clean power with the 2004 passage of a renewable energy portfolio standard, and doubled-down in 2009 and 2010 by passing a long-term contracting bill that benefited Deepwater.
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Wind farm controversy buffets tiny Block Island

In the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, Block Island was being transformed from a quiet, sparsely populated sanctuary of about 750 year-round residents to a summer playground that swells with up to 25,000 people daily, as the ferries from Point Judith double their daily runs and the New London high-speed ferry begins its season.
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Toray challenges R.I. wind project, says contract expired

But McElroy said that because the waiver provision is part of the expired contract, it was also terminated as of June 30. National Grid and Deepwater cannot go back after the fact and use the provision to extend the contract, he argued. "By their own admission, as things stand right now, there is no PPA in effect," McElroy wrote in an e-mail to Cynthia G. Wilson-Frias, senior legal counsel to the PUC.
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Deepwater Wind may provide electricity to Long Island, cheaper than to R.I.

The price Deepwater offered to the Long Island Power Authority for electricity from the larger project, however, would be in the "low teens," according to Deepwater chief executive William M. Moore. A price in that range would also be lower than the price of 18.7 cents per kilowatt hour that National Grid agreed to pay for power from Cape Wind, an offshore wind farm planned in Massachusetts.
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R.I. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Deepwater agreement

So last year, when National Grid, Rhode Island's dominant utility, signed a deal to buy electricity from an offshore wind farm proposed near Block Island, Toray was taken aback by details of the arrangement. Even though it buys no power from National Grid, under the deal, Toray would still have to pay some of the cost of the electricity generated by Deepwater Wind's project.
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Wind turbines don't spin in Scituate in 2010

It was the wind turbine proposal that really stirred up the town, similar to the controversy that arose last year in other Rhode Island towns when the green energy alternative was introduced. It seems a lot of people like the idea of green energy, but just not next door.
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Candidates split on wind farm infrastructure matters

Mooney strongly denounced the process taken by the state, both in the selection of developer Deepwater and in creating the law that forced the Public Utilities Commission to reconsider the Power Purchase Agreement between Deepwater and National Grid. He called the state actions "illegal" and vowed to pursue a stand-alone cable saying he would "introduce legislation" at the state level.
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Nine East Bay towns moving forward with wind-farm plan

A consultant hired by the cities and towns has tentatively selected land in and around the Tiverton Industrial Park, near Route 24 and the Fall River town line, as the best site for what's envisioned to be a 25-megawatt project that could have 8 to 10 wind turbines and cost between $50 million and $63 million to complete.
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Tentative dates set for wind farm Supreme Court appeal

"But I am confident that our court will not be intimidated by the defective provision of a defective law, and will allow the appeals process to follow its normal, deliberative course. Rhode Island ratepayers and businesses, who stand to pay for this arrogance in the form of overpriced electricity for the next 20 years, deserve nothing less."
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Wind farm costs under fire

Attorney Michael McElroy, representing two of Rhode Island's largest manufacturers, persistently questioned Deepwater CEO William Moore to show that the cost and projected profit were understated for the company's proposed wind farm three miles off Block Island.
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