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RI regulator thinks the benefits are oversold

Roberti said he wonders in a time of tight budgets how a state can create a new economy based on electricity rates "five times the cost" of what was before the Marcellus shale gas discoveries in recent years began to put downward pressure on power prices. "Unfortunately for the East Coast states, offshore wind is not going to bring the economic development we so sorely desire," Roberti added.
2 Jun 2011

Deepwater Wind may provide electricity to Long Island, cheaper than to R.I.

The price Deepwater offered to the Long Island Power Authority for electricity from the larger project, however, would be in the "low teens," according to Deepwater chief executive William M. Moore. A price in that range would also be lower than the price of 18.7 cents per kilowatt hour that National Grid agreed to pay for power from Cape Wind, an offshore wind farm planned in Massachusetts.
8 May 2011

R.I. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Deepwater agreement

So last year, when National Grid, Rhode Island's dominant utility, signed a deal to buy electricity from an offshore wind farm proposed near Block Island, Toray was taken aback by details of the arrangement. Even though it buys no power from National Grid, under the deal, Toray would still have to pay some of the cost of the electricity generated by Deepwater Wind's project.
8 May 2011

Wind power will cost R.I. dearly

Because wind power drains money from our economy, it doesn't, and won't in the future, create jobs. It will actually cost jobs. The money, much of which will go overseas, will no longer be available to spend on food, clothing, shelter and medical care in Rhode Island. Where does the money go?
24 Apr 2011

R.I. study to identify best land sites for renewable energy

The land-based study also aims to take a comprehensive look at resources and weigh comments from stakeholders. It comes after proposals for wind turbines in Charlestown, North Kingstown and other towns have stirred objections, bringing hundreds of residents to meetings with concerns about the effects of the large structures on their communities.
31 Mar 2011

Middletown issues moratorium on wind turbine applications

Middletown Councilor Bruce Long proposed the measure as a way to give the town some cover while planners look to strengthen the town's existing wind turbine ordinance, now more than a year old, to address such issues as identifying sites for industrial grade turbines outside residential areas, safe setback distances and other design considerations.
8 Mar 2011

Wind farm appeal: court asks parties to prove standing

The order comes after new state Attorney General Peter Kilmartin recently pulled out of the appeal, which his predecessor, Patrick Lynch, had initiated with CLF and the other two appellants. Kilmartin, a longtime member of the General Assembly, supports the wind farm, proposed for within three miles of Block Island, and agrees it will be an economic plus for the state.
28 Feb 2011
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