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Feds drop Deepwater complaint

Riggs said he is "looking now at taking the next step" in opposing the Block Island Wind Farm. "At least in court, we'll get an answer, but I estimate it could take up to nine months," Riggs said. "Then the loser can always appeal to the 1st Circuit."
18 Oct 2012

Turbine bond still intact

The Town Council voted on Aug. 20 to kill the project, which had become a source of controversy among residents. The vote was 4-1, with Councilor Bob Bowen maintaining the panel should defer a final decision until town officials had collected all the data about the project. At the time, the Town Council did not take any action about the bond.
21 Sep 2012

Town axes turbine

After years of discussion and planning, the Town Council voted Monday 4-1 to abandon the proposed Taylor Point wind turbine. Councilman Bob Bowen voted against the measure, stating that more information was needed before the project was dismissed.
23 Aug 2012

Experts to inspect Portsmouth's ailing turbine

Since the cause of the failure is unknown, this may help pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the turbine before committing to costly repairs. Mr. Klimm has also been consulting with two people who own and operate the same AAER 1.5 MW turbine, one of which has had the same gearbox problem.
21 Aug 2012

Public weighs in on wind leases

NARRAGANSETT - The U. S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has released an assessment of the environmental impacts of wind farms in federal waters off Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and could give notice as early as next month that it is auctioning off leases.
25 Jul 2012

Treading water on R.I. wind farms

"My concern is that with all this about 38 Studios' [sudden bankruptcy], Deepwater has said that there is no tax money at risk [in its case], which is true," he said. "A lot of people are concerned about this; ...we're concerned about the cost of electricity and the impact it will have on businesses."
18 Jun 2012

Councilors to decide on wind power deal

The council is expected to vote on the proposed agreement with WED Westerly LLC, an affiliate of Wind Energy Development of North Kingstown, during a special meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. The company has said that it would erect two 2-megawatt, 420-foot turbines, capable of meeting the electricity needs of the town's municipal buildings, excluding schools.
12 Jun 2012

Deepwater Wind: We're not 38 Studios

The Deepwater project does raise broader policy questions about the state's role in promoting renewable energy development, questions that go beyond any single project. The General Assembly explicitly made it state policy to push clean power with the 2004 passage of a renewable energy portfolio standard, and doubled-down in 2009 and 2010 by passing a long-term contracting bill that benefited Deepwater.
6 Jun 2012

Wind farm controversy buffets tiny Block Island

In the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, Block Island was being transformed from a quiet, sparsely populated sanctuary of about 750 year-round residents to a summer playground that swells with up to 25,000 people daily, as the ferries from Point Judith double their daily runs and the New London high-speed ferry begins its season.
28 May 2012

Wind energy plan to proceed, despite turbulence

After an unusually barbed exchange between councilors, they voted unanimously May 14 to authorize Town Manager Steven Hartford to negotiate an agreement with the firm but to bring the agreement back to the Council before signing it. Plans call for Wind Energy Development to invest $10 million in the project. The company has promised to sell electricity, generated by the turbines, to the town.
27 May 2012

Eminent domain concerns buffet wind plans

The prospect "makes me very uneasy," councilor Scott Lial said Tuesday. "There's no guarantee it's not going to be used in a dangerous fashion." Warren and Barrington Rep. Jan Malik has pulled his support from the current legislation, saying that while the idea of EBEC is good, the eminent domain mechanism "is not good for Barrington or Warren."
11 May 2012

DiLibero withheld ban info

Gentz said that he was "shocked" when he found out about the correspondence between DiLibero and LaForest, and that the council had not been made aware of it. He said he now doubts that wind turbines or athletic lights will be installed at the park. "There's very few places in town for a municipal turbine," Gentz said. "The lighting is off the table. It's dead, and the turbines are dead."
25 Mar 2012

Important fishing ground removed from wind farm area

Global wind farm developer Windlab's general manager, Nathan Steggel, said the government's planning laws had gone too far and the company was moving staff to its Canberra head office. The new area under consideration “now includes more than 164,000 acres of federal water southwest of Nomans Land between Martha's Vineyard and Block Island.” While many state officials from Rhode Island and Massachusetts praised the revised plan, the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) is questioning whether the area still comes too close to what the tribe has considered sacred views for centuries.
25 Feb 2012
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