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Environmental Journal: Wave of issues greet ocean task force

CHARLESTOWN - State geologist Jon Boothroyd warned that houses are raised on pilings along the South County beaches to avoid storm waves, but state and local officials use standards so old they do not account for 1 foot of sea level rise. If another hurricane like the one in 1938 hits, he said, his data shows the storm surge would roll right over the dunes and take out most of the houses along the beach.
27 Sep 2009

Reality falls short of expectations

Last week, the New England Governors' Conference raised green fantasy to new heights with the release of its Renewable Energy Blueprint, which said the region "has a significant quantity of untapped renewable resources, on the order of over 10,000 MW combined of on-shore and off-shore wind power potential." Neither the report nor the news articles about it bothered to do the math. At 7 MW, New England would need 1,429 E-126s to tap that potential. Though the turbines likely would be clustered in "farms," that's an average of 238 per state, or more than one for each town in Connecticut. The cost would be $221 billion that the states don't have, though they might get a bulk-purchase discount of a billion or two.
20 Sep 2009

Several companies want to be the first to develop an offshore wind farm in the U.S.

With plans moving forward in New Jersey and Delaware - not to mention recent progress in Cape Wind's years-long fight in Massachusetts - it's far from certain that Deepwater and Rhode Island will succeed in their quest to be first. And make no mistake, being first is important. For the developer, it means more than just bragging rights. It gives the company a leg up on its competitors as it tries to develop additional wind farms elsewhere. For the state, it means much-needed economic development and valuable green-collar jobs.
16 Aug 2009

Island energy group questions costs, legislation

Energy Task Group members this week continued to question language included in recently passed state legislation designed to facilitate an agreement between National Grid and Deepwater Wind. Deepwater is proposing two offshore wind farms - potentially the first in the country - in the waters off Block Island. ...As part of that proposal, an underwater cable would be laid from the smaller farm to the island and another cable laid from the island to the mainland. ...On Monday task group members strongly disagreed with language in the new law that requires island electricity customers to shoulder proportionally more of the cable cost
10 Aug 2009

State's renewable energy law is tweaked

An amendment to a state renewable energy law is expected to encourage wind and solar power by making it easier for projects to be paid when they produce more electricity than they use. The amendment, signed by Governor Carcieri this month, reduces restrictions on a law enacted last year that for the first time in Rhode Island allowed "net metering." The law was designed to compensate green energy producers for surplus electricity they pump back into the power grid.
21 Jul 2009

Law clears way for offshore wind farms in Rhode Island

Governor Carcieri on Friday signed into law legislation that could pave the way for offshore wind farms in Rhode Island. The bill, passed by both chambers of the General Assembly earlier this month, allows electrical utility National Grid to enter into long-term contracts to purchase "green" energy. For Deepwater Wind, the company proposing more than 100 wind turbines off the Rhode Island coast, the law means having a guaranteed buyer for its energy.
27 Jun 2009

General Assembly sends wind farm bills to gov.

In a victory for Deepwater Wind, the General Assembly passed legislation this week that provides the wind farm developer a guaranteed market for its electricity. And as a bonus for Deepwater, the Legislature approved the bills with veto-proof margins. ...The legislation passed by the House on Tuesday and Senate on Wednesday forces National Grid, the state's largest electric distributor, to purchase electricity from renewable energy projects.
22 Jun 2009

Lobbyists prove influential in RI energy debate

As Rhode Island moves to expand its renewable energy market, lobbyists at the Statehouse are finding the debate provides a different form of green power: cash. At least $400,000 has been spent so far this year by corporations with a stake as lawmakers hash out agreements worth big money to power developers, energy suppliers and labor unions hurting for jobs.
20 Jun 2009

N. Grid appeals PUC ruling on renewables

National Grid has appealed to the R.I. Supreme Court a ruling by the R.I. Public Utilities Commission (PUC) ordering Grid to sign long-term contracts for the purchase of renewable energy. The utility argues that current law does not allow it to do what the commission wants. In its ruling on March 16, the PUC unanimously rejected National Grid's electricity supply plans for 2010, writing that "contrary to the plain language" of the commission's rulings on the subject, "the plan did not contain any long-term contracts for renewable energy resources."
27 Mar 2009

Wind power initiative welcome, but town should press on anyway

Gov. Donald Carcieri seems determined to jump-start offshore wind power development. Not waiting for state experts and scientists to complete the process of picking the best ocean sites for turbines, he has had his Energy Office contract for the construction of a small number of wind turbines off Block Island. The main customers, it seems, will be island residents, who certainly appreciate the governor's interest in serving our needs. But still, it's fair to wonder if this contract is real business or just cheerleading?
19 Jan 2009

Wind turbines planned for three miles off island

The state of Rhode Island signed a joint development agreement with Deepwater Wind Thursday that could lead to the placement of four to eight wind turbines three miles off the southeastern coast of Block Island as early as 2010. The legally binding agreement envisions the wind farm providing 20 megawatts of power with a tie-in to the island.
12 Jan 2009

SAMP feared as threat to fishing

As the state moves forward with the creation of zoning regulations for Rhode Island's coastal waters, commercial fishermen are worried their interests will not be adequately represented when key decisions are made about where they can fish. ...The fishermen, for their part, say they are supportive of efforts to develop renewable energy and are not looking to derail the SAMP project. "We can absolutely live together," said Wallis. "We just want to have a good say in that."
15 Nov 2008

Energy committee: Build wind turbine on Legion Way; Committee's recommendation includes economic projections, suggested vendor

After 10 months of work, the Committee for Renewable Energy for Barrington (CREB) has recommended the town accept a bid to install a 600 kilowatt wind turbine generator at the Legion Way site. The town council is saddled with the final decision - whether to follow the CREB recommendation and award the bid for the work to Lumus Construction Inc. ...The recommendation report goes into detail, explaining specifics about the proposed project. The council was scheduled to hear from CREB members at Monday night's meeting and were expecting some other vocal residents to attend also.
7 Oct 2008

Miller cites concerns on wind farm

State Senator Josh Miller is rasing concerns about the wind farm project announced by Governor Carcieri last week. "While the General Assembly has fully supported developing renewable energy projects in Rhode Island, I am concerned that Governor Carcieri has unilaterally moved Deepwater Wind to the front of the line when major questions remain about their experience and background. I am troubled by the lack of disclosure from Deepwater Wind's CEO about his financial relationship with First Wind," stated Senator Miller.
30 Sep 2008

Rhode Island picks former Winergy for wind farm; Project will provide power to island residents

Gov. Donald Carcieri chose Deepwater Wind -- formerly Winergy -- on Thursday to develop a privately financed project that would provide 1.3 million megawatt hours of offshore wind power per year. ...The decision brings to three active plans to build wind farms off the U.S. coast. Besides Bluewater, there's Cape Wind, a private wind farm proposal on Nantucket Sound. New Jersey is nearing the selection of a developer for its own offshore farm. All projects will have to seek federal permits, the rules of which have not been finalized.
27 Sep 2008

Off-shore wind farm to be N.J. business's first

The company selected to build a $1.5-billion wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island has never constructed an offshore project. But yesterday, Governor Carcieri said he was confident that Deepwater Wind, the three-year-old New Jersey firm chosen to build the privately financed project, had the experience and the financial backing to get the job done. "They've done projects, not offshore, but they've done projects in Hawaii, Maine and New York so they know how to do wind, they know what's involved," Carcieri said yesterday.
26 Sep 2008

Carcieri: Force National Grid to buy renewable energy

Gov. Donald L. Carcieri today called on the R.I. Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to force National Grid, the state's major power company, to sign long-term contracts to buy electricity from renewable energy generators. One of the PUC's mandates is to keep ratepayers' costs as low as possible. In a letter sent to the three commissioners today, the governor argued that requiring the dominant utility to buy renewable energy will provide market incentives for new power sources that will reduce electricity costs in the long run.
14 Aug 2008

Governor vetoes key renewable energy bill

Governor Carcieri has vetoed a key renewable energy bill passed by the General Assembly that was designed to foster private investment in major renewable energy projects and shift the state away from its reliance on traditional fossil fuels. ...The governor gave three reasons for his veto. He said he took issue with a provision in the bill that would give National Grid a bonus payment of 3 percent of the renewable energy contracts it entered into, once the project began operations. Electricity customers would have paid for the bonus. ...the governor said another flaw in the bill was that it did not require National Grid to enter into renewable energy contracts from developers who are building a project within Rhode Island.
27 Jun 2008

Carcieri vetoes key renewable-energy measure

In his veto message this morning, Carcieri wrote: "It is with much regret that I find it necessary to veto this legislation. "Renewable energy has great potential for powering our homes and businesses as well as our economy. Rhode Island is poised to be a pioneer in emerging technologies of wind and wave energy, and I'm confident that in due time, we will fulfill my goal of securing at least 20 percent of our energy from renewable resources." But, he added, "unfortunately, I believe the legislation before me today fails to balance our desire to invest in renewable energy with the realities that rate-payers currently endure." ...The environmental community also reacted with disappointment to the veto.
27 Jun 2008

Carcieri picks panel to size up 7 proposals for wind farm

The governor's office said the state would "use its best efforts" to expedite the permitting process and assure a long-term contract for energy produced by the facility. The companies that submitted bids were: Allco Renewable Energy Group Limited LLC, New York, N.Y.; Bluewater Wind LLC, Providence; Deep Water Wind Rhode Island LLC, Hoboken, N.J.; DKRW Wind LLC, Houston; Fishermen's Energy of Rhode Island, Bristol; Great Eastern Wind LLC, Providence; and, Woodbridge, N.J. Four of the five members of the wind farm selection team -- Dzykewicz, Ahern, Kaplan and Long -- were either appointed to their state positions by the governor, or they work for someone who was appointed by him. None of the five appears to have specific expertise in wind energy.
11 Jun 2008
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