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Council holds off on signing wind farm's documents

"I think it is extremely premature to sign or cosign anything. For me, I need a lot more specifics about what that compensation, or other form of consideration, would be for us to put our name remotely close to this," said Council President Glenna Hagopian. "I want to see what you are bringing to the table before we move forward."
9 Mar 2012

Wind farm cable to make landfall near Gazebo in Pier

The 15-mile underground transmission line will make its land connection in the pier at Gazebo Park, between Narragansett Town Beach and the Towers. For approximately eight weeks during the winter of 2012-13, a large drill will enter the ground at a 15-degree angle, and continue drilling under the sea wall and water until it reaches a concrete coffer dam about 1,500 feet offshore.
8 Dec 2011

The stand-alone cable quandary

"Everyone has gotten so caught up in the ‘green is good' idea that they don't stop to think about the economics and the physics and the evidence. We're financing this with debt, which put the U.S. economy in the tank, and all the empirical evidence is against this producing enough energy to get us off fossil fuels," said Michael Delia, who owns a home near the Southeast Lighthouse.
8 Nov 2010

Utilities start massive upgrade of region’s grid

Power companies in New England are beginning work on a nearly half-billion-dollar plan to upgrade the region’s electric grid to make way for appliances that can shut down to reduce electric bills, improve energy conservation, and connect to wind and solar energy. The first step is replacing decades-old meters with so-called smart meters that detail the use of computers, appliances, TVs, lights, and other household equipment.
25 Apr 2010
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