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Pa. court grants turbine appeal

Covey said that the zoning hearing board did not show enough evidence when it ruled that the project did not meet the noise limits in the township zoning ordinance. She said the zoning hearing board must reconsider whether the project meets the noise ordinance and gave them specific requirements. The zoners and Atlantic Wind disagreed over how to predict the amount of noise that the turbines would create.
17 Jan 2022

Packer windmill farm session hears sound expert

Anders asked for Rand’s conclusions. Rand prepared a 32-page report, submitted to the board. His summary is that, with the rules of Packer Township stating the turbines’ noise “shall not exceed 50 decibels” at the property line, “noise levels are certain to be exceeded.” He sees the proposed turbines for the Broad Mountain Power project as “too big and too loud.”
18 Jan 2020

Penn Forest hearing focuses on noise level; Some residents object to wind turbines

Rand said that the sound level for the proposed turbines should be measured using the Lmax metric, which measures the the maximum level of a noise source, because of the language in the township’s zoning ordinance, which reads as follows: The audible sound from the wind turbine(s) shall not exceed 45 A weighted decibels, as measured at the exterior of an occupied dwelling on another lot, unless a written waiver is provided by the owner of such building.
17 Jul 2018

Couple claims windmill causing illness

Tammy McKenzie said since the blades on the turbines begun turning on Christmas Eve 2012, they knew there was a problem. ...For two years they have been looking for a solution to the problem. Tammy McKenzie said they don’t want to try to sell their home because of the fear of having another family affected by the sound. “We have lost the value of our home,” she said. “We are on our own because there is no help for us.”
8 Nov 2014

Fayette County approves higher wind turbine noise limit

Zapotosky said the county can change the ordinance, if the higher limit is found to be unacceptable. "If this does not work, it is our responsibility as a board of commissioners to correct it," Zapotosky said. "If we see this is not functioning properly, I'll be the first one to admit my mistake and revisit this."
29 Oct 2010

Commission votes to raise decibel level

By a 4-1 vote, the members sided with an earlier proposal made by Fayette County commissioners Vincent Zapotosky and Vincent Vicities to raise the decibel level to 70 ... Dr. Evelyn Hovanec, who cast the lone no vote, cautioned the board to make a "careful" decision.
9 Jul 2010

Turbine noise foes seek new standard

Activists who are challenging the noise standards used to approve large wind power projects in Maine argued their case Wednesday before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and heard sympathetic remarks from justices who questioned whether the current rules are adequate to protect nearby residents. At issue is a new state law aimed at speeding up wind energy development.
11 Feb 2010

Noise concerns, bird habitat hold up alternative-energy plans

Bell Acres Council will soon decide whether one more footprint will disturb the great blue herons and other residents. An alternative-energy demonstration site - involving a single 66-foot-high wind turbine, a 15-foot-high turbine, some solar panels and a trailer - has been proposed by a collaboration of Metal Foundations (Ambridge), Vox Energy (Allison Park) and Jet Industries (Ellwood City) for a site near the intersection of Big Sewickley Creek Road, also designated as the Red Belt, and Turkeyfoot Road.
11 Oct 2009

Turbines' noise within limits

Wind turbines in Juniata Township sometimes make annoying and atypical noise, but not enough to violate the township's ordinance, a Vermont company has concluded. RSG Inc., which specializes in environment, energy and acoustics studies, has issued a 36-page report determining that noise made by Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm turbines in Juniata Township is less than 45 decibels, the maximum level allowed by ordinance.
2 Jun 2009

Proposed turbines worry Black Creek Twp. residents

Black Creek Township residents' concerns weren't eased by testimony Thursday from a wind power company that plans to construct 22 turbines on the Buck Mountain ridge. ...Resident Edward Vergari said the township should collect more information and mandate that all applicable state, county and local permits be secured by Penn Wind prior to zoning approval.
25 Apr 2009

Charges against wind companies upheld

A Blair County judge has upheld all but two civil charges brought against two wind companies by a Juniata Township couple, who have complained that 40 wind turbines on Blue Knob Mountain are noisy and cause light to flicker in their home. ...Milliron refused to strike a charge of fraudulent misrepresentation against Gamesa and a similar charge, plus others, against Allegheny Ridge.
27 Mar 2009

Wind experts duped local officials, Blue Knob couple's lawsuit claims

New documents filed in an ongoing civil lawsuit by a Portage-area couple against the Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm say that wind energy experts duped local officials into believing the turbine sound was insignificant. Todd and Jill Stull of the Blue Knob area say that developer Gamesa Energy USA and owner Babcock & Brown misled local officials by supporting development of an ordinance addressing higher noise levels.
24 Dec 2008

Couple files lawsuit against wind company

A local doctor and his wife have filed a lawsuit against the operator of a nearby wind farm saying they are losing sleep from the the constant ''whooshing'' and ''screeching'' caused by the wind turbines. Blair County Judge Daniel J. Milliron on Friday concluded his initial review of the lawsuit brought by Todd and Jill Stull of Portage RD, Blair County. Milliron kept the lawsuit largely intact although he dismissed several counts of the legal complaint including one that charged Gamesa Energy and its subsidiary, Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm LLC, with creating a public nuisance.
8 Dec 2008

Portage couple awaiting court decision on turbine lawsuit

Jill Stull from Portage says her life and farm have turned upside down ever since some unwelcome neighbors moved in 2006. "We want the noise to stop. I want my husband to be able to sleep in our home," Stull said. The noise she's referring to is from the six turbines surrounding her 100-acre farm. At least once a week, Stull says she can hear and feel the turbines humming, and it's a sensation she says comes at irregular intervals.
26 Nov 2008

Windfarm soon will be up and running

Construction of the 35 windmills in the second phase of what will be one of Pennsylvania's largest wind farms is completed and should be in operation before the end of the year, an official with Gamesa Energy USA said. News of the anticipated startup comes as sound experts working on behalf of Portage Township completed the study setting the level of the existing - ambient - noise at and near North Allegheny Wind Farm, which is adding nine turbines to the skyline in the Blue Knob area of the township.
14 Nov 2008
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