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Penn Forest hearing focuses on noise level; Some residents object to wind turbines

Rand said that the sound level for the proposed turbines should be measured using the Lmax metric, which measures the the maximum level of a noise source, because of the language in the township’s zoning ordinance, which reads as follows: The audible sound from the wind turbine(s) shall not exceed 45 A weighted decibels, as measured at the exterior of an occupied dwelling on another lot, unless a written waiver is provided by the owner of such building.
17 Jul 2018

Backlash against big wind: Booing Sierra Clubbers in Pennsylvania

In 2015, more than 60 governmental entities in 22 states moved to reject or restrict wind-energy developments with a total capacity of some 3,100 megawatts. During the first six months of 2016, more than 40 governmental entities in 18 states have rejected or moved to restrict the installation of wind energy facilities having a total capacity of more than 2,400 megawatts. 
16 Jul 2016

Another gust of arguments in Bethlehem Authority wind turbine debate

For Tammy McKenzie and her husband, life has not been the same since a farm of wind turbines went up near their home in Somerset County. ..."We're in a lose-lose situation. No person sitting here tonight should have to lose the comfort of their house as I have lost the comfort of my house," McKenzie testified to the board and crowd of more than 300 people.
15 Jul 2016

Neighbor worries about wind turbines’ impact around Buck Mountain

“I’m worried about the windmills changing the township forever,” Palubinsky said. “The wildlife, the reptile life, the snakes, the birds, everything will be affected. “The view will be awful — blinking red lights, turbines spinning all night long … Things will just change forever. We won’t have the beautiful scenery that we’ve had forever. It will turn into an industrial-type area rather than a natural, beautiful area.”
5 Apr 2015

Couple claims windmill causing illness

Tammy McKenzie said since the blades on the turbines begun turning on Christmas Eve 2012, they knew there was a problem. ...For two years they have been looking for a solution to the problem. Tammy McKenzie said they don’t want to try to sell their home because of the fear of having another family affected by the sound. “We have lost the value of our home,” she said. “We are on our own because there is no help for us.”
8 Nov 2014

Residents say wind turbines cause heartache

Tammy and Joe McKenzie believe they live in the “dark, deep depths of hell” beneath the shadow flicker, high- and low-frequency sounds emitting from wind turbines that are part of the EverPower Twin Ridges Wind Farm. The wind farm is located on the Big Savage Ridge area near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border.
13 Sep 2014

Says wind project truths lack strong local ‘wins’

Remember that they will be taking off many feet from the top of the mountains to level the ground in order to build. These mountains will never, ever be the same for thousands of years to come, for what purpose? A 25-year wind development (that benefits E.ON and Volkswind) and a possible income of unknown amount to the community. This is not a positive effect or win for surrounding communities.
18 Feb 2014

Oppose wind turbines on Jack's Mountain

The sharply peaked ridgelines of Jacks and Stone are far too narrow for the towers. Not mentioned in the Daily News article is that the construction of the towers and access roads will require removal of a significant portion of the mountain top, perhaps as much as 100 feet (or more) of elevation in some places. That is not a typo - imagine our ridges with 100 feet blasted off the top: environmental destruction on a huge scale.
6 Sep 2013

For green believers, Turkey Point wind turbines cause some internal strife

It is actually difficult to put wind turbines on land where they don't interfere with bird flyways, said Phil Wallis, executive director of the Pennsylvania Audubon Society. The steady winds needed to make wind energy economically viable are the same that birds use ...the official position of Audubon to support wind energy -- just not this project, because it is not "sited" properly.
24 Aug 2010

Tilting at windmills; A Finger Lakes family and their quiet village brace for the big wind

"They stole our peace with a smile on their faces," says Judy. Hal has been speaking out about the unexpected noise problems from the newly erected turbines for a year now. The sound has been described as that of a jet engine taking off, an expressway, or the constant drone of a tractor. The Grahams say that leaseholders in Cohocton were told the sound of the turbines was likened to that of a refrigerator running, but that's not what they hear.
1 Mar 2010

Turbine noise foes seek new standard

Activists who are challenging the noise standards used to approve large wind power projects in Maine argued their case Wednesday before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and heard sympathetic remarks from justices who questioned whether the current rules are adequate to protect nearby residents. At issue is a new state law aimed at speeding up wind energy development.
11 Feb 2010

Residents oppose windmill plan

Another wind farm is planned for Schuylkill County. The proposal will come up Wednesday night at a zoning meeting at the North Schuylkill High School. There is opposition from people who live near the proposed site for the giant windmills. Even from a few miles away wind farms are hard to miss. They're usually located on mountaintops.
18 Nov 2009

Zoning and changing times a backdrop to neighbor against neighbor

David Yoder's been farming for more than a third of a century. He's at least the fourth generation of his family who have lived and worked on the land on Cowpath Road near the border of Franconia and Salford townships that has been farmed "forever," Yoder said. Adding a 140-foot cellular tower and a power-generating wind turbine with a blade that reaches to a height of 163 feet will give the farm reduced electric bills and rental income from the cell tower and is similar to adding animals, crops or farm buildings, he said.
13 Nov 2009
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