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Senate bill would up state's requirement for solar and wind energy

The bill would require not only a greater amount of alternative energy in Pennsylvania but also increase solar's footprint to 7.5% for in-state grid-scale solar and 2.5% for in-state distributed solar generation. It would also get the Public Utility Commission to study a state renewable energy storage program, which would allow for more resiliency during the night and when the wind isn't blowing. And it would also seek to limit the costs of electricity increasing.
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New Jersey looks to rejoin regional cap-and-trade program

But many business groups oppose reentering RGGI at all. Tony Bawidamann, vice president of government affairs at the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, said the cap-and-trade program amounts to a tax on businesses that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher energy costs. “This makes us less competitive in the region because the ratepayer is going to be paying more and more for energy use,” Bawidamann said. ...“It’s a costly state to live in, and this makes it even more costly,” he said.
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Green-energy mandates will hit PA's poorest hardest

It requires that 8 percent come from renewable energy resources - like solar and wind - and another 10 percent come from alternative energy sources, including waste coal and large-scale hydroelectric power. The problem for consumers is that those types of energy are more expensive to produce than such traditional types as natural gas or coal.
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Amid growth of renewables, coal fights to keep its share

Last week, the coal lobby gained what it considers a friend in the governor's mansion: Tom Corbett, a native of Western Pennsylvania, where coal still pays the bills in thousands of households and underwrites community projects, and where a coal queen is crowned every year. What that means for the state's fledgling alternative-energy industries is not yet clear. But the stakes are high.
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Pa. judges recommend against power line

Virginia may have given a controversial power line an initial "yes," but Pennsylvania has given it an initial "no." In a ruling released late Thursday, regulatory judges in Pennsylvania recommended that the state's Public Utilities Commission deny applications from Allegheny Power and Dominion Virginia power to build the Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line. A hearing examiner for the Virginia State Corporation Commission has recommended approval for the controversial power line, but only on the condition that West Virginia and Pennsylvania also sign off on the plan.
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Not a serious approach

Why don't we just admit that there is an energy crisis in the world and set about finding real solutions to our problems? Many of those opposed to wind energy development in Pennsylvania would drop their opposition, if wind energy were a serious approach to global warming and energy deficits. ...Unregulated wind turbine placement will lead us to massive deforestation and environmental damage, with energy benefits so small as to make a mockery of the entire approach.
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Alternative energy growing in Schuylkill

Renewable energy projects including wind and biomass are springing up in Schuylkill County, and state utilities will be required to increase their purchase of power generated by these and similar sources over the next 13 years. Although reports suggest customers should not experience much increase in cost and, in some cases, could see savings as these new sources become more prevalent, experts say other factors must also be considered. "There is no magic bullet as far as getting us off fossil fuels right now," said Joel Morrison, a research associate at Penn State University and fund manager for the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund.
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State must look to conserve, policy secretary says

Gov. Ed Rendell's policy guru said Pennsylvania can't build its way out of an energy shortage and needs to embrace energy efficiency and conservation. Donna Cooper, secretary of the Office of Policy and Planning, said the state will need 10 new coal-fired plants, or five new nuclear plants, to meet projected energy demand in 10 years. Or, she said, it could build 18,000 wind turbines, which would use up 35,000 acres, an area "half the size of Philadelphia." Or it could build 44,000 megawatts of solar energy, which she said would cover an area nearly the size of Delaware County.
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Biologist questions fervor of advocates

D. Daniel Boone doesn’t understand why people get so excited about wind energy. Boone, who lives in Maryland, is an independent environmental consultant. Trained as a biologist, he formerly worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Wilderness Society. He was among the speakers Dec. 2 at the Wildlife and Wind Energy Conference at Kutztown University. “There’s a mythology of wind energy,” he said. “It’s peddled as a panacea for climate change, air pollution and avoidance of mining.” Armed with that mythology, wind supporters argue that wildlife concerns should be of secondary importance, Boone said. While wind energy doesn’t emit harmful pollutants, it can’t accomplish nearly what its supporters say it can, he added.
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Energy Choices = No single source can feed our hunger

Nor will environmentally friendly wind, solar and biomass power meet the need, despite their growing popularity. These up-and-coming renewable resources merit further development and investment, but the sun doesn't always shine, and the wind doesn't always blow when you want it to. For now, their intermittent qualities render them incapable of serving a large population's daily needs.
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