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Wind farm discussion dominates Scripps' coffee hour

State Rep. Dan Scripps presented his views on the Race to the Top effort to qualify Michigan and local districts for federal education funds, but another topic was on the mind of the handful of constituents who attended his monthly coffee hour at House of Flavors Restaurant in downtown Ludington Monday: the offshore wind farm idea a Norwegian company is floating.
6 Jan 2010

Shaffer Mountain Wind Farm permit process ongoing

Wind energy developer Gamesa Energy USA is continuing with the state and federal permitting process of a 30-turbine project, according to company officials. Developers for the Shaffer Mountain Wind Farm are now seeking a second approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for the project after a previous permit expired. ...Opponents of the project are already posting the FAA's first response to the renewal online as further evidence the plan would negatively impact the area.
5 Jan 2010

Wind turbines could soon be taking root

Rising electric rates and a push toward green energy could quickly bring wind energy turbines to Nockamixon. That's why township officials hurried to lay down guidelines ...First and foremost, Nockamixon's new restrictions guard against residents and businesses primarily looking to make a profit off wind energy systems. "It isn't opening it up for commercial entities. We don't want commercial wind farms," said Supervisor Al Santopietro
25 Dec 2009

Wind turbine farms provide economic boom to region but still draw controversy

Wind farms have been proposed throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and the U.S. Department of Energy aims to have wind turbines produce 5 percent of electricity in 2010. Yet they continue to fuel controversy. While advocates tout wind turbines as a clean source of electricity, critics denounce them as unsightly monstrosities that dominate landscapes and endanger birds and bats.
20 Dec 2009

Windmill project may resume in 2010

Construction of windmills in southwestern Wyoming County could resume in the fall of 2010, according to a letter received by the Mehoopany Township supervisors. ...BP still has not contracted with a supplier to provide the windmills. In March, BP postponed its plans to construct the wind farm that would include more than 30 windmills.
16 Dec 2009

Residents, company talk wind turbine plans for Rausch Creek

Being a lifelong resident of Reinerton for 77 years, Joseph A. Denkowicz came out to see what he called some "homegrown" opportunities. Denkowicz was among the 50 people who attended Tuesday's informational open house for BP Wind Energy's proposed Rausch Creek Wind Farm held at Williams Valley High School. A similar meeting will be held this evening from 5 to 8 p.m. in the cafeteria at Tri-Valley High School in Hegins. ...The project development area for the wind farm is within Schuylkill County on land leased from Rausch Creek Land LP.
16 Dec 2009

Gamesa: Shaffer Mountain a priority

Nearly three years after a permit application to build a wind farm on Shaffer Mountain was filed with the state, the first shovel of dirt is yet to be turned. The project could be the poster child for private advocacy - with nearly a thousand residents flooding a Department of Environmental Protection meeting in August 2007 to fight the construction and tens of thousands of dollars raised for the Save Our Mountain cause. But Gamesa USA ...said it is not backing down despite public opposition.
7 Dec 2009

'Homegrown power': $100M Bedford project may bring economic boost

Construction could begin in the spring on the first wind farm in Bedford County, a $100 million facility proposed for the top of the Dunning and Evitts mountain range. Iberdrola Renewables Inc. of Portland Ore., has filed a construction permit application with the state ..."A lot of people are concerned about property values," she said. SOAR is pushing for protection for the timber rattlesnake, endangered bats and the golden eagle.
7 Dec 2009

An ill wind blowing on Gamesa

Gamesa USA, the Spanish wind-turbine manufacturer the Rendell administration lured to Pennsylvania five years ago to help build an alternative-energy economic sector in the state, has been quietly moving its headquarters out of Philadelphia. The decision to relocate executives to lower Bucks County, acknowledged by Gamesa representatives in an interview this week, is part of a mixed bag of news the company has for Pennsylvania as it adjusts to a brutal time in the wind industry.
2 Dec 2009

Gamesa layoffs a surprise

Gamesa USA's decision to furlough more than half its employees at the local turbine blade plant came as a surprise to many. But Gov. Ed Rendell remains optimistic the action is a bump in the renewable energy journey, a spokesman said Friday. ..."Not only does it hurt the families of these employees, but there is a spinoff in the economy as well." The Gamesa plant in Ebensburg was made possible through $9.3 million in state assistance.
28 Nov 2009

Gamesa to lay off 141 plant workers

Gamesa USA will lay off 141 workers Jan. 1 at its wind turbine blade factory in Ebensburg because the global economic crisis led to a falloff in orders, a company spokesman said Wednesday. There are no new projects under contract because the crisis has delayed wind farm projects, halting orders for turbines, spokesman Michael Peck said. "We're sort of at the end of the food chain," Peck said.
26 Nov 2009

Black Creek supervisors OK preliminary wind farm plans

A Sunbury-based company that plans to build a portion of a wind farm in Black Creek Township can start building infrastructure as soon as it gets local construction permits. Penn Wind LLC plans to build 22 turbines on Buck Mountain - four in Black Creek, Luzerne County, and 18 in neighboring Beaver Township, Columbia County. ...Turbine construction has to wait until the township grants Penn Wind final approval and issues a permit for each turbine.
25 Nov 2009

Wind farm may be coming to area

Two out-of-state energy companies will present their plan for a wind farm in the county's west end to the public. GEOS Global, based in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and BP Wind Energy, Charlottesville, Va., want to put up electricity-generating wind turbines, commonly called windmills, on Rausch Creek land.
22 Nov 2009

Residents oppose windmill plan

Another wind farm is planned for Schuylkill County. The proposal will come up Wednesday night at a zoning meeting at the North Schuylkill High School. There is opposition from people who live near the proposed site for the giant windmills. Even from a few miles away wind farms are hard to miss. They're usually located on mountaintops.
18 Nov 2009

Construction of wind turbine OK'd in Bell Acres; Conditions added for energy center

Bell Acres council has approved construction of an alternative energy center that will include a 60-foot wind turbine, but not without a few conditions. Several of the stipulations involve possible noise issues, while others are intended to address residents' concerns for dozens of great blue herons that nest about half a mile away on the Bell Acres-Economy line. In a 5-0 vote Monday, council gave the Alternative Energy Center permission to create an 80-by-80 foot display site for three alternative energy products.
12 Nov 2009

Residents speak out on wind farm

A week after the Black Creek Township Zoning Hearing Board gave more time to a Sunbury firm looking to build wind turbines on Tomhicken Mountain, dozens of residents attended a township supervisors' meeting to both speak for and against Penn Wind's plans. Supervisors, however, discussed very little about Penn Wind's plans during the Friday meeting, which was rescheduled from Oct. 6. ...Sean Purdy of Penn Wind did not speak during the meeting. His company wants to install four turbines in Black Creek and 18 in neighboring Beaver Township, Columbia County.
31 Oct 2009

Grounded load in Danville waits for parts

The large wide load grounded Monday remained in town Tuesday, awaiting a part needed for repairs before it continues to West Virginia. Front Street remained closed from Route 54 to Mill Street, where the 150-foot-long, 100-ton windmill base sat on a trailer. The part for a damaged rear turning axle was ordered from Alabama and is expected to be delivered today, Danville Police Chief Eric Gill said.
28 Oct 2009

Local wind projects come to standstill

Despite a recent report indicating Pennsylvania's significant growth in wind energy, local projects that once seemed imminent are all either dead or at a standstill. The state ranked second in growth with 29 percent, according to the American Wind Energy Association's report on the market for the third quarter of 2009. ...Two Luzerne County projects have withered on the vine, one dying after a very public legal fight and the other quietly.
28 Oct 2009

Firm gets reprieve on wind project

A Sunbury firm that wants to build wind turbines on Tomhicken Mountain now has more time to complete the project. Thursday night, the Black Creek Township Zoning Hearing Board voted 3-0 to grant Penn Wind LLC an extension from Dec. 31, 2010, to Dec. 31, 2011, to complete construction of four wind turbines in Black Creek Township. Penn Wind is building 18 additional windmills in neighboring Beaver Township, Columbia County.
24 Oct 2009
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