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Bats may be given endangered status

Possible measures would include seasonable restrictions on timber cutting in areas with bat maternity sites, restrictions on human entry in areas where bats are hibernating and restrictions on wind turbine operations, also identified in a contributing factor in bat mortalities.
21 Aug 2012

Gamesa to lay off 92 at Bucks plant

The news follows a May announcement that Gamesa would halt the installation of a test wind turbine that it had been planning off the coast of Virginia. The company said it was "extremely difficult" to justify the cost of the project due to the lack of a mature offshore wind-energy market in the U.S.
6 Jul 2012

Gamesa lays off 73 Cambria workers

A total of 165 employees at Gamesa's production facilities in Bucks and Cambria counties are expected to be laid off starting in late August or early September, Gamesa spokesman David Rosenberg said. "Basically, we're adjusting our production capacity at the two facilities to reflect the current U.S. market conditions," Rosenberg said.
4 Jul 2012

Gamesa furloughs dozens of workers

This is the plant's second large furloughing of workers in recent years. Gamesa temporarily laid off 79 workers in late 2009 when the recession decreased demand for its products. The company was able to bring back those employees thanks to an infusion of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.
3 Jul 2012

Gamesa drops Shaffer Mt. wind farm plans

Years of turmoil over a proposed wind farm that would have bordered the county has come to an end. Spanish wind developer Gamesa announced in a two-paragraph statement from David Rosenberg, vice president of marketing communications, that the company will not be moving forward with development plans for the Shaffer Mountain Wind Farm.
13 Jun 2012

Two big Pennsylvania wind farm projects canceled

"Ridges in this state are not suitable ecologically for wind or any other types of industrial development," Ms. Jackson said. "The ridges are important flyways for raptors and birds, they're steep and therefore ecologically sensitive, they're a forested resource and they provide habitat for endangered species."
16 May 2012

Two Pennsylvania industrial wind projects are cancelled

Save Our Allegheny Ridges (SOAR) has learned that two industrial wind energy projects proposed for central Pennsylvania have been shelved. Officials from Iberdrola Renewables Inc., of Portland, Ore., confirmed that the company has terminated the Dunning Mountain Wind project in Bedford County and the Clover Run Wind project in Clearfield County.
14 May 2012

Windmill Company Pulls the Plug

An Oregon company says it's no longer planning to build wind turbines in parts of Bedford and Clearfield counties. A spokesperson with Iberdrola Renewables, Incorporated of Portland said the company pulled the plug on the energy projects for a number of reasons.
14 May 2012

Wind farm project in limbo

Even though Penn Wind CEO Justin Dunkelberger informed the Northumberland County commissioners weeks ago that his company wouldn't be pursuing a $30 million wind turbine project, the county is giving him another 60 days to pay a $50,000 land lease payment.
24 Apr 2012

Wind project offer rejected

Commissioners Vinny Clausi, Rick Shoch and Stephen Bridy turned down a new year-to-year lease agreement with Everpower that calls for the county to receive $2,000 per year for 400 acres of property, 75 of which would be utilized for wind turbines. Everpower, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terra Firma, which is a private equity group based in the United Kingdom, purchased the wind turbine project March 30 from Justin Dunkelberger, chief executive officer for Penn Wind LLC.
5 Apr 2012

Wind turbines at Presque Isle await decisions on future

The two wind turbines located at Presque Isle State Park haven't been generating electricity since fall. But that's not because the breeze died down or park officials are opposed to the alternative power source. ...But maintenance and use concerns led to removal of the blades from one turbine on the peninsula at around the time the blades fell off the other.
31 Mar 2012

Wind plans move ahead

A western Pennsylvania wind farm developer will start construction before the end of the year on what will be the single largest wind farm in Cambria and Somerset counties and possibly the state.
29 Nov 2011

Answers about commercial wind farms could come from downstate

Other environmental concerns are the effects of noise, vibration and shadow on wildlife habitats and the number of birds and bats killed when they fly into the blades. "When you put turbines up on these long, north-south mountain ridges, they're directly affecting the migration route of bald eagles and a lot of songbirds," Jackson said.
27 Sep 2011

Wind(less) power

Robert Bryce notes for National Review Online that on an "unspeakably hot" Aug. 24 in Texas, 10,135 megawatts of wind-generation capacity supplied just 880 megawatts of power "when electricity was needed the most" -- in the afternoon, when wind subsides while heat and electricity demand rise.
19 Sep 2011

Turbines' impact on wind a worry

It has been my pleasure during the past few years to occasionally visit Altoona. Driving east over the Allegheny ridges on Route 22 provides some beautiful vistas, but more and more strange objects are appearing on the tops of those mountains.
21 Aug 2011

Corbett quietly turning off the lights on renewable energy

Quietly but systematically, the administration has all but shut down the state Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Energy and Technology Deployment -- the state's primary energy office -- and removed directors and reassigned staff in the Office of Energy Management in the Department of General Services and the Governor's Green Government Council.
14 Aug 2011

Wind energy divides NE Pa

Reaction is mixed in northeast Pennsylvania, which already has 12 wind turbines in Bear Creek Township and the Waymart Wind Energy Center with 43 turbines along the ridge of Moosic Mountain in Wayne County. Advocates tout wind turbines as a great way to provide clean and renewable energy. Critics say they spoil aesthetic beauty and endanger birds and bats.
14 Aug 2011
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