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Biologist questions fervor of advocates

D. Daniel Boone doesn’t understand why people get so excited about wind energy. Boone, who lives in Maryland, is an independent environmental consultant. Trained as a biologist, he formerly worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Wilderness Society. He was among the speakers Dec. 2 at the Wildlife and Wind Energy Conference at Kutztown University. “There’s a mythology of wind energy,” he said. “It’s peddled as a panacea for climate change, air pollution and avoidance of mining.” Armed with that mythology, wind supporters argue that wildlife concerns should be of secondary importance, Boone said. While wind energy doesn’t emit harmful pollutants, it can’t accomplish nearly what its supporters say it can, he added.
10 Dec 2006

PUC selects firm to monitor rules on renewable energy

The state Public Utility Commission yesterday picked a California company to monitor compliance with a 2004 state law that requires electric utilities to purchase a certain amount of renewable energy. Clean Power Markets Inc. won the contract on a 4-0 vote, but not before several commissioners expressed discomfort with potential conflicts of interest in the small, but growing renewable energy industry.
1 Dec 2006

DEP chief backs push to develop wind farms

The state’s top environmental official yesterday defended the Rendell administration’s strong support for wind energy, despite complaints from people who say unregulated wind farms harm the environment. Opponents of wind farms in Bedford and Somerset counties say turbines can usually be built anywhere, because few rural townships have zoning ordinances and no real state regulation exists. Bird experts say industry studies minimize bird deaths, but the studies have not been submitted for peer review by independent scientists.
17 Oct 2006

Energy Choices = No single source can feed our hunger

Nor will environmentally friendly wind, solar and biomass power meet the need, despite their growing popularity. These up-and-coming renewable resources merit further development and investment, but the sun doesn't always shine, and the wind doesn't always blow when you want it to. For now, their intermittent qualities render them incapable of serving a large population's daily needs.
30 Jul 2006

Wind Energy

Most helpful would be a statewide guide for windmill sitings. Currently, there's little to prevent a developer from erecting a windmill farm just about anywhere.....Plastering the ridge tops of Pennsylvania with windmills is eventually going to outrage residents who value the beauty of this state and value the birds, bats and other critters that travel along the ridges, for whom windmills pose a threat.
2 Jun 2006
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