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Lawyer wants Fayette wind turbines shut down

In a letter delivered late Monday to the county's Office of Planning, Zoning and Community Development, Gary Altman asked the county to order Iberdrola Renewables of Portland to stop operating approximately 22 wind turbines in its South Chestnut Wind Project near Farmington. Altman contends the turbines don't comply with a number of conditions set by the county's zoning hearing board in 2009, including setbacks, decommissioning bonds, noise levels and measures to protect bats.
26 Aug 2015

North East to consider proposed wind ordinance

"We're being told that a 50-story structure somehow is not going to be obtrusive and is not going to affect property values," Jon Peters said. Peters and his wife own a home and 10 acres near Interstate 90 in North East. "The reality is that they're putting these things in neighborhoods, not in agricultural districts, and they're going to affect our homes."
3 Sep 2013

Hegins Township zoning board denies BP variance application

Zoning board Chairman Larry Umholtz and members Jim Artz and John Johns voted Dec. 12 for the denial, following a hearing that lasted a little more than an hour and included testimony from citizens and BP representatives. About 40 people, including Hegins Township Zoning Officer Allan Swab, attended the hearing held in the Hegins Area Ambulance Association building on Gap Street.
23 Dec 2012

Change delays windmill rules in Mahoning Township

The board added a provision to the windmill ordinance stating personal property windmills cannot cause loss of a signal, such as from a satellite or dish TV or a cell phone, to a neighboring property. As a result of the change, the supervisors will have to re-advertise the ordinance to be adopted at its Dec. 20 meeting.
10 Nov 2010

Turbine tussle persists; Wind farm focus of public hearing

In written testimony to the Army Corps, Thomas Kunz, a biology professor at Boston University with a long list of studies and publications qualifying him as an expert on bats and their reproduction, said there is a high level of risk to the Indiana bat population at the proposed project site. The location is routinely and heavily used as a roosting and foraging location, as well as a potential bat migration path, Kunz said.
12 Aug 2010

Northampton adopts ordinance regulating construction of alternative energy systems

While the new law bans wood-fired burnersand essentially relegates wind turbines to the less dense R-1 zoning district, it eases traditional setback requirements for residents and businesses contemplating systems like solar panels, said Komelasky. Without the ordinance, the turbines could have cropped up in high density neighborhoods and become a source of problems. And Komelasky said they can be "noisy and obtrusive."
4 Aug 2010

Twp. easing rules for residential windmills

The Portage Township supervisors are attempting to streamline the permitting process and reduce the local costs of having an on-lot residential or small-business wind turbine. A revamped ordinance based on an original statute adopted in 2005 will be advertised next week with plans for adoption in April, Supervisor Kenneth Trimbath said.
6 Mar 2010

Erie's zoning code goes green?: Meeting to focus on solar power

Technology exists to generate electricity through wind turbines and solar panels. But Erie's zoning code hasn't caught up -- yet. Erie City Council will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to the code that would allow for the construction and installation of "urban solar farms," or large-scale, commercial energy-generation facilities, within the city limits.
28 Dec 2009
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