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Policy makers discuss green energy; Two wind farms planned for Huntingdon County

State legislators questioned representatives of Gamesa USA and Iberdrola Renewables about the advantages and drawbacks of turbines in Pennsylvania. ...Rep. Mike Fleck supports renewable energy growth but is unsure about the proposed turbine projects. "I love that it's clean energy. I don't know that we need to blow off the tops of our mountains to have it," said Fleck.
12 Jun 2010

More public comment sought on Shaffer wind farm project

The Shaffer Mountain Wind Farm project’s permitting process is undergoing another round of public scrutiny as Gamesa Energy USA is seeking an OK from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a wetlands mitigation plan. Windber Area Authority members weighed in on their contribution following a corps’ request for public comment on the permit application, which is due Wednesday.
9 Jun 2010

Schuylkill judge denies appeal on windmill project

Rampolla knew that wind turbines are not permitted in the zoning district and should have known Squires had no authority to issue the permit, Miller wrote. "To now argue that (Broad Mountain) acted in good faith is not supported by the record. (It) relied upon at best a mistakenly issued zoning permit and then proceeded to expend resources on a multi-million dollar project with no notice to the adjoining landowners in the Fountain Springs valley.
30 May 2010

Judge OKs Butler Township's revocation of windmill permit

A Schuylkill County judge on Friday rejected a Gilberton company's appeal of the Butler Township Zoning Hearing Board's rejection of its plan to build 27 windmills along the top of Ashland Mountain. In a 17-page opinion, Judge Charles M. Miller ruled Broad Mountain Development Co. LLC did not show the board erred or abused its discretion in revoking its zoning permit for the wind turbines on 1,110 acres.
29 May 2010

Perkasie officials rethink wind turbine

Perkasie's wind turbine, placed proudly in Lenape Park in 2006, has become more of an eyesore than a landmark in recent years, according to Perkasie Borough Councilman Matt Aigeldinger. "It doesn't move even on the windiest of days," Councilman Matthew Aigeldinger said at a recent council meeting. "It's a bit of a joke."
24 May 2010

Iron Workers to picket wind farm

Early Monday, more than 40 representatives of Iron Workers Local 420, Reading, will picket one of the entrances to the Locust Ridge commercial wind farm in northern Schuylkill County. ...Martin said he believes Gamesa is bringing in seven workers from Wisconsin. He is not sure why local workers were not hired.
22 May 2010

Solicitor to review, rework windmill ordinance in Hegins

No action was taken on a proposed windmill ordinance at the monthly meeting of Hegins Township Supervisors last week. Instead, township solicitor David Rattigan, who wrote and advertised a preliminary ordinance, requested more time to review an ordinance passed by a township in Blair County, in western Pennsylvania.
9 May 2010

DEP approves permit for wind farm project

Department of Environmental Protection officials have signed off on Gamesa's proposed Sandy Ridge wind farm project. A DEP spokesman confirmed the approval of the national pollution discharge elimination system permit, which says outlined construction plans will not pose any threat to the environment.
6 May 2010

Drawing a line on Shaffer Mountain

Although it has been designated a Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Area of Exceptional Significance, boasting two of the highest-quality trout streams in the East, a world-renowned raptor migration flyway, an endangered Indiana bat colony and 11,000 forested acres with only two dirt roads, Gamesa USA insists on building an industrial wind plant there. The state Department of Environmental Protection has found Gamesa's plan deficient - five times.
2 May 2010

ACE misleads public about health threats

ACE (The Alliance For A Clean Environment) hits us with a constant barrage of letters condemning the Limerick nuclear power plant. OK, granted, nuclear power generation is not a perfect solution to power generation. But are ACE's recommended replacements? Let's run the numbers to find out.
30 Apr 2010

County planners: Nix Drumore solar farm

"It's a wonderful project - well done, well-thought-out," Young continued. "But it puts pressure on a resource that we do not have enough of in Lancaster County." The commission unanimously voted Monday to recommend East Drumore Township reject amendments proposed by Community Energy to the township's zoning ordinance that would allow the company to build its solar farm.
26 Apr 2010

Firm plans to start building wind farm

Gamesa Energy USA wants to begin work on its 25-turbine wind farm in Centre and Blair counties as early as June. The project will be the first large-scale wind farm in Centre County. Project developer Josh Framel told the Centre County Planning Commission on Tuesday night that the company is aiming to begin project work in June or July, depending on the availability of turbines.
23 Apr 2010

$4M wind farm pact done; County doubles potential income

Debate over a proposed wind farm has ended with Northumberland County commissioners signing a 29-year lease with a Sunbury firm that more than doubles the amount the county had been slated to receive under the original contract. The deal will allow Penn Wind LLC to set up three wind turbines on county land in Coal and East Cameron townships.
21 Apr 2010

Penn Wind, county strike deal

After months of disagreement and negotiations, the Northumberland County commissioners and Penn Wind LLC signed a lease renewal Tuesday for the company's proposed wind farm south of Shamokin in East Cameron and Coal townships.
21 Apr 2010
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