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Hwy. 402 protest organizer says public support is strong

Marcelle Brooks and Muriel Blair, with the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, put together the protest involving about 150 vehicles that shut down a section of the highway as they travelled from the Forest Road intersection to a rally in Strathroy. Their aim was to draw Premier Kathleen Wynne's attention to the opposition to wind farm developments in rural Ontario.
23 Oct 2013

Drennan appeal of K2 wind project near Lucknow continues

The Drennans are concerned about reported health effects of wind turbines and want a moratorium on the K2 project until studies can be conducted to better understand their impact on human health. Residents suffering from insomnia, ringing in the ears, headaches, and heart palpitations have for years inundated government ministries, local boards of health and newspaper opinion pages with pleas for help.
22 Oct 2013

London hearing on health effects of wind turbines shut down due to activists

Wrightman said she was stymied last week when the tribunal deemed nine of her 11 witnesses wouldn’t be allowed to speak as experts in their field. They included an Australian doctor, a Chicago assessor and a specialist in low-frequency soundwaves. “What this has shown me is that there is no way an average Ontario resident can file an appeal successfully,” she told hearing chairperson Dirk VanderBent.
16 Oct 2013

Landowner To Ontario wind developers: 'You guys did a lousy job'

"You guys did a lousy job," Don McCabe, vice president at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, told attendees as a panelist during the recently concluded Canadian Wind Energy Association Annual Conference and Exhibition. ...Some rogue developers have come into the province and hastily staked their claim and often underestimated the intelligence of locals. In some cases wind developers often pitted neighbors against each other.
15 Oct 2013

Citizens battle government, corporations over wind power projects

The Ontario government is refusing to hear testimony from experts on noise and safety in an ongoing Environmental Review Tribunal, according to motions presented to the appellant. Last week, the Environment ministry and power developer NextEra filed motions to deny testimony from witnesses at an appeal launched by Esther Wrightman, a citizen of the Middlesex area. The ministry and developer are objecting to testimony from medical doctors, a professional engineer with expertise in noise measurement, an acoustician with knowledge of the effect of environmental noise and infrasound on human health, and real estate appraisers.
15 Oct 2013
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