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Ohio state Sen. Troy Balderson wants review of energy law

FirstEnergy, the publicly traded utility based in Akron, pushed lawmakers at the end of 2012 to freeze energy efficiency standards, according to The Columbus Dispatch. The company previously has argued that mandates on utilities increase costs for consumers. Environmental groups and green-energy proponents don't like talk of tinkering with the standards.
8 Mar 2013

Broken turbine blade problem found

"Vestas has concluded that the root cause of the failure of the initial blade was due to a wrinkle in the carbon fiber of the spar (the support structure of the blade)," the report reads. "This wrinkle caused damage to propagate to the point of failure after the blade experienced high loads for a low number of cycles."
2 Jun 2012

Blade gets splintered during ferocious storm

Lightning struck the turbine shortly after midnight, pelting trucks parked below the machine with debris, according to various reports. Wastewater plant personnel successfully shut down the turbine a few hours later, safety personnel said. ...The 400-kilowatt turbine is the second of two erected by NexGen, which became operational in early 2010.
27 Aug 2011

Blade comes off wind turbine at Perkins High School

This was the second time in two years the school district had a wind turbine fail due to a problem with blades. The turbine that failed this week was not the one that had earlier problems, officials said. "At this point we're going to take a step back, find out what happened and make decisions from there," Perkins school Superintendent Jim Gunner said.
1 Dec 2010

Storm's bolt damages blade at Shoreway

A wind turbine installed at Shoreway Shopping Center last month did fine until it was pitted against an untamed energy source - lightning. One blade of the 100-kilowatt turbine, atop a 120-foot tower in the Shoreway Shopping Center parking lot, was hit by lightning during a thunderstorm Wednesday night.
3 Aug 2010

Faulty parts continue to plague Conneaut turbine

Kent Houston, Conneaut Area City Schools' superintendent, said he recently spoke with NexGen Energy, the Colorado company that built the 600 kW generator earlier this year, for a status update. A part has kept the mammoth machine from cranking out power at levels it was designed to reach, Houston said.
20 Mar 2010

Perkins Schools turbines back up, but not running yet

When students pull into the Perkins High School parking lot today, they'll see three wind turbines in front of them, fully assembled for the first time since February. But the blades aren't turning yet, and Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner said the school will proceed cautiously in getting the system back up to full capacity. The original 6-meter blades, some of which blew off during an especially windy day in February, are gone.
31 Aug 2009
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