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Neighbors' group learns about future turbines

Nearly 50 residents attended a meeting held Tuesday by a group opposing wind turbines in northern Mercer County. Most at the meeting simply asked questions. ...Van Wert resident Ron Schumm, whose neighbors have turbines, said the turbine company tore up the roads and did not adequately repair them. "They will destroy your roads," he said. "That's something the county and townships should be aware of."
14 Feb 2013

Ohio regulator tied to group opposing renewables

Holly Karg, the commission's public affairs director, said energy lobbyists attend events of the exchange council, but Snitchler was above the fray. "He was not being lobbied at those events; he was speaking at them," she said. His financial disclosure form indicates the commission reimbursed Snitchler for about $175 in meal expenses for the two 2011 meetings. He reported no travel costs.
30 Jan 2013

Final arguments coming in wind case

The dispute over the controversial second phase of the Champaign Wind Project is a step closer to a conclusion, and several parties involved in the case will file make their final arguments as early as next week.
26 Jan 2013

Conneaut school's idle wind turbine could end ‘green' initiative

Increasing dissatisfaction with a balky wind turbine may prompt the Conneaut Board of Education to scrap its three-year-old energy project. At issue is a 600-kilowatt turbine erected next to Conneaut Middle School in 2010. The big machine was expected to provide 40 percent of the middle school's electricity, but hasn't operated consistently since its construction, officials have said.
17 Jan 2013

PUCO chief blasts ‘green' energy on Twitter

The former lawmaker from Uniontown, Ohio, frequently shares material critical of solar, wind and "green" energy, even re-tweeting a story called "Elites of West have cranked up myth of Global Warming" from Pravda, a Communist Party-connected newspaper in Russia, calling it "interesting."
12 Jan 2013

Wind farms may be on hold until 2015

Several area residents, including Gary Biglin and Brett Heffner of Shelby, Alan and Catherine Price of Crestline, John Warrington of Tiro, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the Sharon Township Trustees, have appealed the state siting board's approval of the project. Among other legal points, the appeal claims inadequate financial protection in the event the turbines are decommissioned.
8 Jan 2013

Removal of wind turbines from One Government Center possible; upkeep, performance cited

“Around March of 2012, the Department of Administrative Services shut down the wind turbines due to maintenance and performance issues and is looking at options ...“Either to repair them, to replace them, or to remove them altogether.” The state has no recourse with the company that manufactured or installed the four turbines because both went out of business.
4 Jan 2013

Wind case ruling likely in spring

As the second phase of the Buckeye Wind Project moves forward, project developers said they will have a temporary office available during construction to handle any questions or complaints from residents. If the project is approved, it would install more than 50 wind turbines throughout the county at a cost of about $250 million, according to developers.
16 Dec 2012

Battle over economic benefits, tear down costs for turbines

The controversial proposal could create more than 80 temporary jobs during the construction phase, along with a handful of permanent jobs. It could also add as much as $1.26 million to the region's economy, but opponents have raised concern with the safety of the project, and argued the proposed turbines are too close to homes in the project's footprint.
17 Nov 2012

EverPower employee asked about shadow flicker, blade failure

Attorney Jack A. Van Kley, representative for Union Neighbors United (UNU), continued to ask Speerschneider questions pertaining to his written testimony and EverPower's application to build the second wind turbine project. The areas of focus included shadow flicker, blade failure and other safety concerns about turbines.
10 Nov 2012

State examines turbines' fate

Hearings to determine the fate of a controversial, $55 million wind turbine project began Thursday in Columbus. The Ohio Power Siting Board is reviewing plans for the Buckeye II wind project in Champaign County as part of its siting process and to determine if any changes are necessary.
9 Nov 2012

Wind turbine opponents pack hearing

"Big wind simply makes benign statements such as industrial wind farms bring green jobs, lower CO2 emissions, makes U.S. less dependent on foreign oil, or will help invigorate your local economy. And all the while, they continue to refuse to acknowledge or outright dismiss any claims being made by hundreds of people who are living the nightmare among industrial wind farms."
27 Oct 2012

Local wind farm gets public hearing

The $55 million Buckeye Wind Project has divided residents of Champaign County, but both supporters and opponents will have the chance to go on the record this week during a meeting at Triad High School.
23 Oct 2012

What if windpower had been 'their' idea?

The entire aesthetics of mile after mile of High Country vista was destroyed. Ted, a retired Forest Service wildlife biologist, mentioned to me the depredation caused by the wind turbines to the hawks, owls and other raptors in the vicinity. He also mentioned that the "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" noise of the blades was maddening to any wildlife, livestock or humans within sound of them. As concerning to the biologists was the disruption all of this had caused to the migration patterns of the elk and mule deer.
9 Sep 2012

Wind group against energy provision

But Daina Baird, a spokeswoman for the American Wind Energy Association, said the legislation could create instability in the renewable energy market by expanding the size of the market and reducing incentives to invest in wind power. In the long run, that could possibly damage a proposed $55 million, 100-plus turbine project.
2 Jun 2012

Lake Erie wind turbine project suffers setback

The coalition that aims to put wind turbines in Lake Erie suffered a setback today. The Ohio Third Frontier Commission voted not to provide up to $5 million to Lake Erie Energy Development Corp., or LEEDCo, a nonprofit that is helping guide the effort. LEEDCo planned to use the money as matching funds for a much larger pot of federal money that will be awarded to organizations working to build offshore wind farms.
23 May 2012
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