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Bill continuing 'freeze' on clean energy expected soon

Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, has been circulating a draft of a three-year extension of the freeze and could introduce it as a bill as soon as next week, according to lawmakers and lobbyists who are closely following it. The bill would seek to implement some of the recommendations of the Energy Mandates Study Committee, a joint House-Senate panel that issued a final report in September.
14 Apr 2016

Ohio moves closer to no more windmills

A two-year suspension of the government wind energy mandates that were imposed on Ohio utilities will become permanent if the September recommendation of a bicameral legislative panel there is followed. The primary reason cited for the decision was uncertainty over President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.
29 Oct 2015

Panel seeks to extend freeze on Ohio green energy targets

Government requirements for the use of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy by Ohio power companies would be suspended indefinitely under recommendations released Wednesday by a legislative panel. The Energy Mandates Study Committee's report cites legal uncertainty and a need for "greater clarity" surrounding proposed federal clean power rules among reasons for the recommendation. 
1 Oct 2015

The battle of Ohio: clean energy vs. coal

The use of renewable energy in manufacturing, meanwhile, hovers at 8% to 9%, and it’s not guaranteed to soar. A June study by the International Renewable Energy Agency found that the figure could grow to more than a quarter by 2030, or a third if some form of carbon pricing takes effect—or, under current deployment plans and government policies, it could stagnate at 10%. 
22 Oct 2014

Kasich defends record on 'green' issues

He noted that critics of the energy standards have two years to come up with an alternative. “If they don’t give us something that works, we go back to the old standards,” he said. He defended the increased setback restrictions on wind turbines by saying, “Private property rights are important. People choose to live somewhere. You just don’t go in there and disrupt their life.”
16 Jul 2014

Ohio starts holding wind industry accountable

"A difference between Ohio and Michigan is that wind turbine regulations are set at the state level in Ohio but locally in Michigan," Martis said. "If these kind of new regulations were put in place throughout Michigan, wind developers would face the need to negotiate directly with property owners instead of seeking out agreements with non-participating parties.
20 Jun 2014

Kasich signs mid-term bill that cools wind farm development

Kasich told reporters Monday that pausing phase-in of targets set in 2008 is a victory for Ohio’s economy. The old law said 25 percent of Ohio’s energy should come from alternative sources by 2025. The new law continues that goal in 2017 unless a better alternative is found. Kasich says the 25-percent figure was “without any real science behind it.”
16 Jun 2014

Wind-farm operator upset with energy law

Julie Johnson, whose rural Urbana property is in the footprint of an approved 110-turbine EverPower project in Champaign County, said she has heard that all before. The green-energy sky, she says, is not falling. “It’s always something with those people,” she said of the wind-energy companies. “If they don’t get their way, they say they’re done. And then they don’t go away. That’s why we’ve been so dogged on this every step of the way.”
15 Jun 2014
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