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Turbine turmoil avoidable, study says

Jane Wilson, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of groups opposed to wind farm development, said the Western study shows local support of a wind farm should be required before any project is approved. “Municipalities should be able to say no, which is not allowed by the province. The Green Energy Act was written for the wind power industry and not the people of Ontario,” she said.
7 Mar 2017

Warden says it’s too late to stop wind farm

Dr. Brian Ferguson lives very close, possibly the closest, to the proposed site. He attended the meeting and asked Hunter if he would stand with them in opposing the development of the proposed wind farm. “At tops there are 200 people here tonight and I’m representing over 16,000, and I have got to say it’s not the will of the people when I just hear from 200,” said Hunter.
11 Sep 2014

Residents say wind turbines hurt health, home values

“The flickering runs from fall to spring, and it comes right in our patio door, right into the dining room. It’s just like Chinese Torture. I try to stay out of my kitchen and my dining room which is hard to do because my dining room has my computer in it, and I spend time in my kitchen cooking and cleaning.” She also has a hard time sleeping because of the flickering and the sound created by the turbines.
10 Sep 2014

Community concerned about coming wind turbine

Construction of a wind turbine is expected to begin in the community of Bateston in the spring, a project some residents are not looking forward to. A meteorological tower to measures the wind has been set up at the site for the Celtic Current wind turbine project  in Bateston, about one kilometre off the road, near MacVicar's Lake.
8 Jan 2014
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