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Wind projects are dead

“Finally, it’s final,” he said. “It’s been a 10-year struggle and this is the last one and I can tell you it’s a very good feeling because a lot of people have worked very hard for a very long time. There are still people working, but I’m told they are packing up and securing the (turbine) sites, so it should be over with. Of course there is still the decommissioning of the project and that should be interesting because to the best of my knowledge, there’s never been a wind project decommissioned in Ontario.”
26 Jul 2018

Local planning key: Study

The study, published in a recent edition of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, notes that fast-paced development and limits on local decision-making has resulted in strong opposition to wind projects. Those objections can be mitigated by the fair distribution and amount of area benefits, the authors write.
6 Mar 2017

Federal government abandons wind energy project on Nova Scotia’s Sable Island

But when Parks Canada took over management of the 40-kilometre-long island when it became a national park reserve in 2013, the wind turbines were not functioning. ... the turbines were fully installed and running in 2006. “Unfortunately, technical problems continued due to the harsh conditions and the inability to adapt the technology to the operations of the other infrastructure at the site.”
19 Feb 2017

Government-owned wind tower maker closes in Nova Scotia

“DSTN’s future prospects have not improved over the past year, and the domestic wind tower market is well below expectations,” explains Nova Scotia Business Minister Mark Furey. “Government has few options except to prevent the risk of further loss while ensuring all assets are returned to Nova Scotians.
23 Feb 2016

Wind farm violated N.S. securities law

Glooscap Wind Field Inc. of Windsor has been penalized $3,250 for violating Nova Scotia securities laws. The community economic development corporation accepted responsibility for failing to provide annual financial statements to its shareholders from 2010 to 2012.
11 Sep 2014

Emera’s wind plan draws ire; Renewable firms say they should get project if NSP needs Labrador hydro backup

Renewable energy producers say they, not Nova Scotia Power’s parent company, should be the ones to build a wind farm if one is needed to back up Labrador hydro. “I don’t know why it wouldn’t be an open market,” he said in an interview Tuesday from Salt Springs, Pictou County. “Emera has no right to build its own blocks of power at potentially higher costs than independents can produce it for.”
23 Oct 2013
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