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Wind turbines are ugly, noisy

There is a person near here who has had most everything done to his house to try to keep the noise out. The power company, from what I understand, is paying for trying to keep the noise out in his home. Nothing has worked. He still has the constant noise in his home. Unfortunately, the tower is on the neighbor's land. He is just going to have to put up with it. I had two couples come out looking at lots and both of them wanted front lots or lots at the top of the hill. When the women got here and looked around, they looked at the view to the north and to the south. No way, they said. We are not going to look at those towers the rest of our lives and both couples left. One of the couples bought 40 acres. The other couple would not buy around the wind charger area.
24 Jul 2007

Wind turbine locations sent back to board

The location of nine turbines in the Oliver Wind II project will be altered from the original plan, requiring a return of the project to the Oliver County Planning and Zoning Commission next week. Oliver Wind II will go into full-blown construction soon, but changes with landowners and design mean that some of the wind turbines will be moved outside of the previously approved project area. County land use administrator John Wicklund said the change is a relatively small tweaking of the project and that the new locations will be adjacent to the land that was originally zoned for the project.
21 Jun 2007

Wind farms not without drawbacks

Whether to welcome industrial installations - for that's what wind farms are - should be judged carefully. That's why the 2007 Legislature directed its interim council to produce a coherent, comprehensive study of the siting and decommissioning of commercial wind farms. If North Dakota is to become the country's wind electricity leader, wisdom, and not anything less, must rule.
7 Jun 2007

Winsconsin Public Service explores wind options

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group (NYSE: TEG), is looking to build or buy a wind generation facility of approximately 100 megawatts of nameplate capacity somewhere in the Midwest. "To help meet our renewable energy requirements, we are exploring wind options throughout the footprint of the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO), our regional electric transmission authority," said Public Service Director - Renewable and Special Projects Rob Benninghoff. "That includes the area roughly from the Dakotas to Illinois."
30 Apr 2007

United Wind and Power Corp., Three Tribes sign wind development agreement

United Wind and Power Corp., a subsidiary of SkyPower Corp., has entered into an agreement with Three Affiliated Tribes (TAT) - Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara - to form a joint venture that will develop wind energy projects on the TAT Tribal land in North Dakota. The first proposed project is located south of Parshall, N.D., the companies say. The development for this site began in the spring of 2003. "This is a very significant project for the Three Affiliated Tribes in developing renewable energy resources for the Fort Berthold Reservation," says Fred Fox, TAT's natural resources administrator.
9 Apr 2007

Wind power rate rejected

North Dakota's Public Service Commission rejected Xcel Energy's request to charge a special rate for wind power, saying it was too expensive and could mislead customers about the cost of wind-generated electricity. "Why should people who really support wind have to pay significantly more for that resource than others?" asked Susan Wefald, the PSC's president. Xcel Energy's Windsource program, which it already offers in Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico, sells wind energy by 100 kilowatt-hour "blocks" to customers who want assurances they are using environmentally friendly power. The Minneapolis utility asked the PSC for permission to charge North Dakota customers a premium of $2.50 per 100 kilowatt-hours for a supply of wind energy. A typical residential customer uses about 750 kwh each month.
5 Apr 2007

Commission sets hearing date for siting of Langdon wind farm

North Dakota's Public Service Commission is holding a hearing next month on the location of a proposed wind farm. It's south of Langdon in northeastern North Dakota. Public Service Commission President Susan Wefald says the hearing will be held at 10 a-m on May 8th. The site will be determined later. The proposed wind farm will include 106 wind turbines. It will be capable of generating up to 159 megawatts of power. It represents an investment of more than 225 (M) million dollars. Wefald says the hearing will allow people who are affected by the project to voice any concerns they may have about it. The commission has jurisdiction over the siting of the wind farm including where individual wind towers will be placed. The farm is being developed by F-P-L Energy L-L-C of Florida, Minnkota Power Cooperative of Grand Forks and Otter Tail Power Company of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Minnkota and Otter Tail Power will be buying the wind farm's electric output.
4 Apr 2007

N.D. Wind Farm To Supply Minn. With Power

(AP) Bismarck, N.D. A proposed new wind farm near Langdon, North Dakota, will be supplying power for Minnkota Power Cooperative and Otter Tail Power Company. When it's finished, the Langdon project will be North Dakota's largest wind farm. It's planned to have 106 wind turbines -- generating 159 megawatts of power. Fergus Falls, Minnesota-based Otter Tail Power will own 27 of the turbines and get 40 megawatts of electricity from the project. The rest of the wind farm's output is being sold to Minnkota Power Cooperative of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Minnkota supplies wholesale power to eleven electric cooperatives in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.
27 Mar 2007

South Dakota landscape being sold off to foreign energy firms

The takeover of American utilities and energy companies (BP, for example, is a British-based company and Shell is Dutch) is happening at a very rapid rate. Globalists say this is the new age we live in. A few people worry about what happens as Americans lose control of their own infrastructure and are squeezed out of participation in it by huge foreign corporations. Those who control the infrastructure control the country. And so it goes. Australian and Spanish wind turbines in the South Dakota sunset.
25 Mar 2007

Utilities plan Iowa project to store wind-generated power

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A group of utilities in Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas plan to spend $200 million on a project in Iowa that would store energy generated by wind turbines. The Iowa Stored Energy Park would essentially act as a "battery" for wind energy, said Bob Haub, executive director of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities. Wind farms in Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas would ship energy over the power grid to the storage park near Des Moines. Xcel Energy and the federal government are experimenting with ways to "store" wind power in the form of hydrogen, but the Iowa project would employ a far simpler strategy that would include the following steps:
24 Mar 2007

Transmission line for area wind farm approved

The N.D. Public Service Commission has approved a transmission line for a new wind farm in North Dakota and South Dakota. Tatanka Wind Power LLC is planning to build about 120 wind turbines, capable of generating about 180 megawatts of power. They will be in North Dakota's Dickey County and South Dakota's McPherson County. State regulators say the company wants to build the $7 million, 10-mile power line to connect the wind turbines to North Dakota's electrical grid. The PSC said in its ruling that there are no permanently occupied houses in the vicinity of the proposed transmission line.
24 Mar 2007

Minn. goals may aid N.D. wind energy

Minnesota’s new mandate requiring 25 percent of the state’s electricity to be derived from renewable energy sources by 2025 likely will boost wind-power development in North Dakota. The so-called “25 by ’25” initiative sends a signal to regional power providers that demand for wind energy will grow significantly, said Brad Crabtree, of Kulm, N.D., director of an initiative by the Great Plains Institute to reach consensus about how to reduce greenhouse gases. “I think the implications are large for North Dakota,” he said. Minnesota, especially the growing Twin Cities metro area, is a big export market for electricity generated in North Dakota, he said. “The political sentiments are pretty obvious in Minnesota, and we need to provide a power mix that is customer-oriented,” Crabtree said.
5 Mar 2007

Procedure for dismantling inactive wind farms rejected

Rep. Jon Nelson believes a plan for the dismantling of inactive North Dakota wind farms is comparable to coal mine land reclamation, but the Wolford Republican couldn’t muster enough lawmakers who agreed. The North Dakota House on Friday defeated, 57-34, a bill to give the state Public Service Commission broad power to write rules for the decommissioning of wind farms, including authority to require companies to post a bond to cover the expense. Rep. Mike Brandenburg, R-Edgeley, argued the bill was unnecessary and would add extra cost for an industry that is finding its legs in North Dakota. The American Wind Energy Association rates the state as No. 1 in wind-power generation potential. “At this point in the infancy of these wind generation (projects), this is not the time to put more … burdensome costs that would take us further out of the market,” Brandenburg said.
10 Feb 2007

Xcel wind energy program too costly, activists say

Xcel Energy, which is planning a wind power marketing initiative in North Dakota, wants to charge too much for the renewable electricity, wind energy development supporters say. State regulators are wondering whether any premium is justified. Xcel’s Windsource program would offer North Dakota customers 100 kilowatt-hour blocks of wind energy for about $3, if they agreed to buy the power for at least one year, utility filings say. North Dakota’s Public Service Commission, which is reviewing the program, held a hearing Wednesday to gather information about its pricing details. The commission regulates electric utilities, and it must approve the special wind energy rate before Xcel Energy can offer it to North Dakota customers.
25 Jan 2007

Hearing Set For Ashley Wind Farm

The Public Service Commission is holding a hearing in Ashley this week on a proposed transmission line for a new wind farm in North Dakota. Tatanka Wind Power is planning a project across the North Dakota-South Dakota border. State regulators say the company wants to build a ten-mile power line to connect the turbines to North Dakota's electrical grid. Tatanka is planning to build about 120 wind turbines, capable of generating about 180 megawatts of power.
15 Jan 2007

Hearing set on wind power line proposal

The Public Service Commission has scheduled a hearing here on a proposed transmission line for a new wind farm in North Dakota. Tatanka Wind Power LLC is planning a project across the North Dakota-South Dakota border. State regulators say the company wants to build a 10-mile power line to connect the turbines to North Dakota’s electrical grid.
14 Jan 2007
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