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PSC hears pros and cons of proposed wind farm

Baldwin Wind's plans to build another wind farm in northern Burleigh County got mixed reviews from nearby residents at a formal hearing for the company before the Public Service Commission. ..."There has become an atmosphere of resentment among everybody. You're either for it [the wind project] or against it," Miller said, adding the tide is turning against those who ask questions about wind development. "But now the attitude is becoming, ‘succumb, or else.'"
21 May 2010

Wishek turbine case prepares for court

The city of Wishek is in South Central District Court to force a Wishek homeowner to remove a wind turbine from his yard. No court date has been set in the matter, which is slowly spinning its way through a series of claims and counterclaims filed at the McIntosh County Courthouse in Ashley.
18 May 2010

Burleigh considers tower plan

Burleigh County inched closer to completing a wind tower policy for townships using county zoning. Its planning and zoning commission fielded comments this week at the Baldwin School about landowners' property rights, towers marring the landscape, setbacks and noise limits.
27 Feb 2010

Wind turbines don't operate in cold

Though wind turbines utilize North Dakota's plentiful gusts to generate energy, some agency officials say they are shut down in times of extreme temperature. Daryl Hill, media relations supervisor with Basin Electric Power Cooperative, which has about 80 wind turbines south of Minot, said extreme cold can affect the turbines.
15 Jan 2010

Wishek turbine heads to court

The Wishek City Council will go to court to force a couple to remove a wind turbine from their yard at the edge of town. The council voted unanimously Tuesday night to seek an order in district court to force Larry and Jeanne Walth to remove their turbine, which the city says the Walths installed in June after being denied a building permit to do so.
7 Jan 2010

Burleigh gets input on prospective turbine policy

Drafting a uniform turbine policy for Burleigh County winded a few Thursday night at the Baldwin School. Nearly 100 crowded the small gymnasium to debate setbacks, noise, shadow flickering and health risks the wind farms might pose. Reclamation bonds for tearing them down were demanded as residents feared a company could suddenly pull out. Some simply didn’t want to mar their view of the horizon. Many residents called for at least a mile setback from their homes.
11 Dec 2009

Burleigh County looks at wind, upgrades

Assistant county state's attorney Cynthia Feland said a moratorium wasn't possible because the county simply didn't have that type of ordinance in its books yet. Nor is it needed since half of one project can't move ahead without a county wind policy in place.
8 Dec 2009

Gust of concerns

Many people in North Dakota are thrilled that wind turbines are dotting the state. It is an alternate source of energy, and financially, it is good for the state's economy. But there are two sides to every story, and state legislators heard both sides on Wednesday in Valley City. The Energy Development and Transmission Committee first listened to NextEra Energy Resources representatives on wind facility construction and operation.
22 Oct 2009

Wind farm requests lower permit fees

Just Wind asked the Stutsman County Commission to lower the application fee for a wind farm zoning permit during the commission's regular meeting Tuesday. The fee was set at $500 per wind turbine when the wind farm zoning ordinance was passed this spring. ..."According to your figures, a 250-turbine project will cost about $1.5 billion," said Noel Johnson, chief operating officer of the county. "And you're saying the $125,000 permit fee would kill it?"
21 Oct 2009

A second wind farm project

The Morton County Commission heard a new pitch for a wind farm at its Oct. 8 meeting. In 2010, Nextera Energy of Juno Beach, Fla., wants to place 33 wind turbines between west of Mandan and New Salem. Thirty-three will be added for the next project. ...The company has submitted a letter of intent to the North Dakota Public Service Commission and a permit application to the Morton County Auditor's Office.
15 Oct 2009

Fargo school, park officials decide against wind turbine

Fargo school and park officials are letting a potential wind turbine project blow by. The Fargo School Board and Fargo Park Board both unanimously voted Tuesday to drop the project. "A single wind turbine in today's economy is not financially feasible," said Dan Huffman, assistant superintendent of business services for Fargo Public Schools. "The revenue coming back from a tower that size doesn't really cover your upfront costs."
14 Oct 2009

Ramsey County meeting focuses on possible wind farm

More than 60 people turned out Wednesday evening in Devils Lake to hear Jeff Metzger, president of Just Wind, LLC., explain its philosophy and to begin gauging local interest in a potential wind farm in the county. ...The company currently is developing large-scale wind farms in Logan and Emmons counties.
13 Aug 2009

Regulators approve 2 ND wind projects

Newly approved projects should push North Dakota's wind energy generating capacity to more than 1,000 megawatts, state regulators say. When the decade began, the state had no commercial wind power. North Dakota's Public Service Commission on Wednesday approved construction of two wind developments that, when completed, will be capable of generating almost 300 megawatts of electricity.
12 Aug 2009

Wind farm approved despite protests

State regulators have approved a new wind farm in east central North Dakota despite complaints about noise. North Dakota's Public Service Commission concluded most of the proposed wind towers will be far enough away from homes to meet federal noise guidelines.
8 Jul 2009
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