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Energy company addresses issues

Newport residents have raised concerns at public town meetings. The primary concerns have been potential impacts to military operations from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, potential impacts to surrounding property values, potential health and safety issues from shadow flicker and glint, potential environmental impacts and potential noise problems.
15 Nov 2013

Board adopts tall structure ordinance

The ordinance has a minimum setback for all wind turbines of 1,300 feet from the property lines, plus an additional setback of 2½ feet for every foot of height on the turbines. There’s also a shutdown requirement if the turbines produce noise over 45 decibels at the property line for more than 48 consecutive hours.
15 Nov 2013

Energy firm scales down wind farm

Mr. White said the company has reduced the number of turbines it proposes for their facility from 50 to 40 and have rearranged some of the proposed turbines’ locations to accommodate Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.
10 Nov 2013

Project prompts action

A limited liability company is proposing to build a wind energy facility off Mill Creek Road, between the town’s corporate limits and Mill Pond, but the town planning board and council are working on regulations to make sure it doesn’t become a problem for neighboring property owners.
24 Oct 2013

Newport approves moratorium on permitting for tall structures

Permits for tall structures are going to be on hold for the next 58 days while the Newport council and planning board examine the town zoning ordinance to see if changes are needed to protect public health and safety. The council held a special meeting Tuesday evening, attended by about 26 citizens, where after a public hearing, the town council unanimously approved a resolution for a 58-day moratorium on permitting for tall structures.
26 Sep 2013

Lingering questions over planned solar farm

A Nevada-based group that has plans to build a solar farm at 769 Fowler Road, west of Highway 311. Carol Jean Solar, LLC planned to build a 4-megawatt solar energy facility in the area, but unless planning and zoning rules change and a Solar Farm Text Amendment is adopted, the group may have to build its facility elsewhere.
6 Sep 2013

Study examines visual impact of wind farms along N.C. coast

"I wouldn't object to these fields being 15 nautical miles out but they have been proposed near our community at 6 and 7 miles because that's where wind conditions and shallow water is," Scott explained, saying that this is too close for comfort. The BOEM study wasn't linked to any actual concrete plan for development of wind turbine farms off the coast but served as a hypothetical to inform both the public.
13 Aug 2013

Wind turbine permit bill passes N.C. House

Commanders of bases like Cherry Point air station and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base cannot approve or oppose any wind turbine project under orders from the U.S. Secretary of Defense. This bill requires that they be notified and would allow hearings on proposed wind turbine projects, which lie in the flight path or training areas for the military.
4 May 2013

North Carolina edges closer to repeal of renewable portfolio standard

"What this bill does is try to soft land this business and to be competitive you need to move from government subsidy you need to move off the taxpayer rolls. I see this as an entitlement programme that is beginning to get its roots into our state. I see it as a regressive type tax." Hager's bill is part of a nationwide campaign to repeal state-based renewable portfolio standards.
5 Apr 2013

NC renewable energy law diminished in House bill

A House panel on Wednesday narrowly approved an effort to scale back and ultimately repeal a 2007 law requiring North Carolina electric utilities to generate a percentage of their power through alternative sources and locate energy savings. The House commerce subcommittee voted 11-10 in favor of the bill that would cap renewable energy and efficiency requirements by power companies, electric cooperatives and city-owned electric utilities at roughly half the level the law ultimately demands.
4 Apr 2013
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