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GOP budget compromise drops N.C. renewable energy tax credit

A compromise budget reached by Republicans in the state House and Senate, set to be announced Monday afternoon, will not include any provision to extend the credit or allow it to be reduced in steps over the next two years, sources say. It appears that a tax credit supporting renewable energy in North Carolina will be allowed to expire.
15 Sep 2015

N.C. killing tax credits, but mandates for renewable power remain

The big news yesterday was that Republicans included no version of an extension of North Carolina’s 35% renewable energy tax credit in the budget compromise worked out by the Senate and House leadership. It will end, effectively, Dec. 31. But with the budget document finally available after months of delay, it seems clear that the leadership has dropped plans to freeze the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard.
15 Sep 2015

House bill aims to freeze solar energy standard

House Bill 332, which has passed in the North Carolina House, would freeze North Carolina’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard. This standard, enacted in 2007, requires utility companies like Duke Energy to sell more renewable energy each year. The act has a goal of 12.5 percent by 2021 but will remain at six percent if the bill is passed.
29 May 2015

Senate committee OKs green-energy freeze

An ambiguous voice vote Wednesday sent to the full Senate a measure that would freeze North Carolina's green-energy standard, which has helped make the state a national leader in solar energy. The measure pushed by House Majority Leader Mike Hager and others has cleared the state House.
20 May 2015

North Carolina edges closer to repeal of renewable portfolio standard

"What this bill does is try to soft land this business and to be competitive you need to move from government subsidy you need to move off the taxpayer rolls. I see this as an entitlement programme that is beginning to get its roots into our state. I see it as a regressive type tax." Hager's bill is part of a nationwide campaign to repeal state-based renewable portfolio standards.
5 Apr 2013

NC renewable energy law diminished in House bill

A House panel on Wednesday narrowly approved an effort to scale back and ultimately repeal a 2007 law requiring North Carolina electric utilities to generate a percentage of their power through alternative sources and locate energy savings. The House commerce subcommittee voted 11-10 in favor of the bill that would cap renewable energy and efficiency requirements by power companies, electric cooperatives and city-owned electric utilities at roughly half the level the law ultimately demands.
4 Apr 2013

New bill seeks to repeal N.C.'s renewable energy mandate

North Carolina's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, passed in 2007, is 12.5% by 2021 for investor-owned utilities and 10% by 2018 for electric cooperatives and municipal utilities. The authors of the bill, dubbed the "Affordable and Reliable Energy Act," say the state's RPS is raising energy costs for North Carolina consumers.
14 Mar 2013

NC's green energy policies could be rolled back

Republicans hope to roll back the state's green energy policy. It's part of a broader effort to reshape the state's energy landscape to reflect conservative priorities. It will likely dovetail with Republican Gov. Pat McCrory's campaign endorsement of offshore drilling and inland fracking for shale gas as a means of promoting energy independence.
26 Jan 2013
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