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Wind Turbine Impacts on Military Low-Altitude Training Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Afd-120911-075_thumb Wind energy development in North Carolina and adjoining states can adversely impact Seymour Johnson AFB aircraft utilize low-altitude training airspace. This report, prepared by the 4th Fighter Wing based at Seymour Johnson AFB, assesses the impact of wind projects sited within or near military low-altitude training airspace. The conclusions of the report are provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
10 Sep 2012

Coastal wind projects come under fire

Through spokesmen and position papers, Republican presidential nominee Romney has made clear that he would urge Congress to end a federal tax credit for wind energy that makes the alternative power source economically feasible. But no matter who wins the White House, objections from the military lodged with Gov. Bev Perdue could be enough to kill this wind project and others.
1 Sep 2012

N.C. wind project could kill eagles

Several of America's finest national wildlife refuges - Pocosin Lakes, Alligator River and Lake Mattamuskeet - in concert with local landowners, provide the winter base from which these incredible animals can fly ...Remarkably, if the project moves ahead, the migratory swans, geese, ducks, and raptors may return to their winter Carolina home in a year or two to find 49 spinning turbines, each the height of the Washington Monument.
28 Jun 2012

New county slogan? . . . Where land, sky meet turbines

Maine's experience with is instructive. While everyone was worried about the "visual" pollution of 450-foot tall white towers sticking up four to five times higher than the surrounding forest, the most invasive aspect of wind turbines has actually been the incessant low frequency "thuds" that come from the blades as they rotate. This has caused issues for the people who live within the sound's radius which, even in forested areas, is significantly further away than the quarter mile setback.
10 Mar 2012

State approves wind farm near wildlife refuge

The N.C. Utilities Commission said Thursday that it had no legal authority to reject the Pantego Wind Energy Facility, which would spread over 11,000 acres in Beaufort County. But the state commission said the wind farm can't move ahead until it receives state and federal environmental permits and meets other strict conditions.
9 Mar 2012

Wind turbines off N.C. coast likely still years away, panel says

Wind energy is not going to be cheap. There is just no way that's going to happen ... that was recognized early on. But if jobs could come to North Carolina en masse ... that would overcome negativity with the cost of generating it." But the prospect for jobs locally is unclear. Any wind turbines erected off the coast would most likely be constructed in federal waters.
25 Feb 2012

N.C. wind farm can't close a deal to sell power

But months of talks with neighboring power companies have failed to yield a contract. Iberdrola will not be able to finance the project until it can show institutional lenders a long-term contract with guaranteed cash flow. Progress Energy in Raleigh, one of Desert Wind's potential customers, ended talks with Iberdrola after the parties couldn't agree.
15 Dec 2011

Decision coming Wednesday on $600 million N.C. wind project?

The project has been approved by the N.C. Utilities Commission. It would cost about $600 million to build. And construction must start before year end to qualify for a 30% federal tax break. The trouble has been that Iberdrola has not been able to secure a contract from any utility that serves North Carolina to buy the power the wind-farm would produce.
13 Dec 2011

US Fish & Wildlife Service objects to Pantego wind farm

Sources tell us that regardless of what the N. C. Utilities Commission rules on the state permit, the objection from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife service will no doubt have a significant impact on the Federal Power Agency and its determination of whether to allow the wind farm near the Refuge. Most of the support for the Pantego project has come from property owners who want to make money.
9 Dec 2011

US Fish and Wildlife Service comments on Invenergy's proposed Pantego Wind Energy

Fws-pantego_thumb Invenergy proposed the Pantego project in September 2011. The 49-turbine project, each standing 492-feet tall, was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission in March 2012 but encountered objections from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the military. This letter was sent by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding impacts to migrating birds.
6 Dec 2011

It's deja vue all over again

But what is Pantego Wind Energy LLC? It is a subsidiary of Invenergy, a Chicago-based energy corporation that is one of the five largest (and the number one independent) owners of wind generation plants in the U.S. This corporation with more than $130 million in assets wants you (and me) to subsidize their Pantego Wind Facility.
23 Nov 2011

Bound to tangle with a turbine?

Today, a large wind energy farm is proposed for much of the same land as would have been impacted by the OLF runway. Fifty 500-foot tall wind turbines are planned over 10,000 acres in the Pantego Wind Energy project, on agricultural fields actively used for feeding by overwintering waterfowl. Despite the fact that each wind turbine will have the height of the Washington Monument, little consideration has been given to the potential effects of these wind turbines on these large flocks.
16 Nov 2011
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