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Arkwright NY monitors wind turbine noise

In early 2020, Arkwright’s new Town Board appointed Dr. Mark Twichell as the town’s voluntary noise monitor.  The official instrument he’s supplied with measures only AUDIBLE sound, as per the State and the wind corporations. And while the audible sound, when Dr. Twichell has monitored it, invariably goes over the 50 decibel limit,  it’s then averaged out: “an opaque way of hiding noise by averaging it.”
2 Sep 2020

A Horror Story: wind power in rural New York

Mary Kay Barton has been writing and speaking about the wind industry since 2004. Albert Vliestra was passively in favor of wind turbines coming to Warsaw County, then he became ill -- with protracted ailments -- after the turbines were installed in the area. Following a long fight against the turbines, Cathi Orr lost. She sold her 100 acre farm at a substantial loss, and fled. Albert Vliestra, too, sold his dream home at a major loss. The living room where this interview takes place is that of Linda and Paul Makson. The Makson home is surrounded by 16 giant wind turbines that creak, groan, whistle and whoosh all the time, but the infrasound is worse. And worse yet, New York taxpayers are paying for it, as per Governor Cuomo's "green energy" program.
9 May 2017

Living with EDPR's Jericho Rise wind turbines

Kevin Sigourney, who is suffering the impact of EDPR's Jericho Rise wind facility sited in Chateaugay, NY, addressed the Hopkinton (NY) Wind Advisory Committee (WAC). Four turbines are directly behind Mr. Sigourney's home. Two are 1/3 of a mile away. The other two are 1/2 a mile a way. Mr. Sigourney explains how he is at the point where the noise makes living in his home unbearable. 
8 Jan 2017

Windfall - Theatrical trailer

This is the theatrical trailer for Laura Israel's WINDFALL. WINDFALL is a beautifully photographed feature length film that documents how a proposal in Meredith New York divides its residents as they fight over the future of their community. Attracted at first to the financial incentives that would seemingly boost their dying economy, a group of townspeople grow increasingly alarmed as they discover the impacts that the 400-foot high windmills slated for Meredith could bring to their community as well as the potential for financial scams. With wind development in the United States growing annually at 39 percent, WINDFALL is an eye-opener that should be required viewing for anyone concerned about the environment and the future of renewable energy. Duration: 2 minutes 42 seconds
13 Jan 2012

Junk on the horizon - Steelwinds wind energy facility

These wind turbines are visible from almost 20 miles. Lake Erie Alternative Power (LEAP) wants to build 1,400 out in the lake, it will cost billions of our tax dollars for subsidies and ratepayers will be paying extremely high electric rates for the offshore power. LEAP is a holding company whose prime objective is to build offshore power facilities... wind farms. Duration 1 minute 53 seconds
26 Oct 2011

Wind turbines and health, an interview with Dr. Nissenbaum (Part 1 of 2)

This two-part radio interview features Dr. Michael Nissenbaum of Fort Kent Maine. Dr. Nissenbaum conducted medical interviews with the families of Mars Hill, Maine who live within 3600-feet of turbines. He discusses his findings, and more, in this interview with Brian O'Neil of WLEA radio in New York. A presentation of his data can be found here: .
15 Aug 2009

Dutch Hill wind turbines, Cohocton, New York

This short video offers an interesting tour of Cohocton's Dutch Hill wind energy facility erected by First Wind LLC. The project was commissioned in January 2009. The noise represented in this video is of interest as complaints of turbine noise have been reported at the site. Duration: 3 minutes 11 seconds 
22 Jul 2009

NY town says no to wind power

Landowners in this rural Albany County NY community have been approached by representatives of Shell Oil seeking lease agreements to erect 50 or more wind turbines. Not everyone in the community welcomes the visits. Duraction: 2 minutes 4 seconds
14 Oct 2008
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