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Town of Sanford, Broome County wind ordinance

Town_of_sanford_broome_county_ny_ordinance_thumb The attached ordinance for the town of Sanford, New York outlines the requirements that commercial and non-commercial wind projects must satisfy to ensure the health and safety of citizens and the effectiveness of wind energy production. The ordinance calls for project development plans to be submitted alongside environmental impact reports, shadow flicker and visual impact studies, and lighting requirements as dictated by the FAA. It also provides detailed regulations on a project's components, issuing restrictions on location, visual impact, and noise emission. The Town of Sanford reserves the right to dissapprove the special permit applications submitted for a wind project that fails to meet the ordinance's stated requirements and regulations.
11 Dec 2019

Town of Sanford, NY wind turbine moratorium

Town-of-sanford-wind-turbine-moratorium_thumb The Town of Sanford, NY has enacted a new local law placing a three month moratorium on all activities related to wind energy, including project applications, permits, and construction. The law provides an opportunity for the town to study the potential impacts of wind energy projects and determine if amendments are needed to any established laws.
15 Aug 2019

Environmentally Concerned Citizens Org. comments to Clayton NY Wind Law Committee

Ecco_comments_5-29-09_thumb This letter was prepared in response to the March 13, 2009 recommendations of the Clayton Wind Law Committee, a committee established by the Town Board. The comments contained are limited to the town’s consideration of limits on the development of utility-scale, industrial wind turbines, especially as part of a multi-turbine wind farm. NY Attorney Gary Abraham submitted the letter on behalf of Environmentally Concerned Citizens Organization (ECCO).
29 May 2009


Hpg_v_hamlin_town_board_decision_01-05-09_thumb In his decision, dated January 5, 2009, NY Supreme Court Justice David Michael Barry found that the Town of Hamlin's town board failed to follow New York state law in adopting Local Wind Law 3-2008. The intent of Local Wind Law 3-2008 is to govern placement of industrial wind turbines within the town. The full text of Judge Barry's decision can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The suit was filed by the Hamlin Preservation Group.
5 Jan 2009

Meredith wind law 2008 - final draft

Meredithwindlaw-2008-finaldraft-2-12-08_thumb The town of Meredith, NY has introduced a new wind ordinance which bans industrial wind. By unanimously vote, the law was scheduled for a public hearing on March 4th. This new ordinance will void the ordinance permitting industrial turbines that was passed last summer (2007). The full law can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Section 105 listed below provides some insight into the issues considered in developing this regulation.
26 Feb 2008

Cavanaugh Tocci comments on noise analysis PPM Clayton Wind Farm

Claytonnoisereportfromtocciacoustic_thumb The Town of Clayton, in Jefferson County New York, has released comments issued by Cavanaugh Tocci Associates in regard to the preconstruction sound level study conducted by PPM Energy for the Clayton Wind Farm. CTA's comments can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The first two pages of the file provide an executive summary of the comments delivered to the Town at the request of the Town Board.
15 Feb 2008

North Country Associates petition to Franklin County DA

Nca_on_burke_1-8-08_thumb This petition was prepared by North Country Associates and submitted to Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne in response to recent information that confirms members of the Burke NY Town Board and ZBA hold agreements with two wind development LLCs seeking to erect turbines in the town. The Burke Town Board and ZBA are considering a wind energy facilities law.
15 Jan 2008

Atty Radner letter on conflict of interest

Radner_to_burke_letter12-27-07_thumb This letter was submitted to the Town Clerk of Burke, NY to be entered into the official record of the Town Board's deliberation of a Wind Energy Facilities Law. Carl J. Madonna is the attorney representing the town in the matter of the local law. The town board voted at its Dec 27, 2007 meeting to impose a 90-day moratorium on wind energy facilities.
27 Dec 2007

Evaluation of Environmental Noise Analysis for “Dairy Hills Wind Farm”

Noise_analysis_of_dairy_hills_windfarm-1b__rbolton_thumb Industrial wind turbine farms are proposed for the towns of Perry, Covington and Warsaw, NY that will permanently alter the towns. Large turbines create strong noise levels not only from wind through the blades but largely by the turbine mechanisms themselves. To capture the wind these turbines are to be installed on hill tops around the town and thus have significant potential to create a noise nuisance. Wind turbine noise added to the prevailing ambient background sound is an important environmental consideration when siting wind turbines since they are a permanent installation and may significantly impair resident’s enjoyment of neighboring lands or even personal health. Also, relevant consideration of noise impacts and mitigation measures are a specific requirement of a NY State Environmental Quality Review procedure, required before approval of permits.
16 Oct 2006
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