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NYISO comments on NY plan to implement Large-Scale Renewable Program and Clean Energy Standard (Case 15-E-0302)

2016-04-22_nyiso_cmmnts_cln_enrgy_stndrd_wht_ppr_thumb NYISO, the entity that manages New York's electric grid system provided important feedback on the Cuomo administration’s primary method of achieving its goal of doubling New York’s renewable energy. An excerpt of the comments is provided below where the NYISO challenges the intent to award long-term power purchase contracts to project owners at the expense of consumers. Under the plan presented by Cuomo, the NYISO the development of: (i) approximately 25,000 megawatts of solar capacity to meet the targets solely with solar resources; or (ii) approximately 15,000 megawatts of wind capacity to meet the targets solely with wind resources. The full paper can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
22 Apr 2016

Comments on Jacobson et. al. proposal for a wind, water, and solar energy future for New York State

Energy_policy_2013_gilbraith_thumb This paper provides a pointed critique of a earlier study which concluded the State of New York could be powered entirely on renewable energy. The authors argue that the analysis performed to show renewables could power NYS was insufficient and failed to consider the economic, technical and social barriers to an all-renewable scenario. The introduction and conclusion of the paper are provided below. Click on the link(s) at the bottom of this page to access the full document.
1 May 2013

Letter to the Wyoming County New York Board of Supervisors

June4_letter_to_wyo_county_bd_of_supervisors-v4_thumb This informative letter with proposed resolution, compiled and signed by 166 citizens, residents and landowners of Wyoming County New York, was sent to the sixteen Wyoming County Supervisors as well as NY's congressional delegation. An excerpt of the letter appears below along with the resolution the signers were hoping to see adopted by the County. The full letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
4 Jun 2012

NY-PSC Abbreviated order authorizing acquisition subject to conditions

Nypsc_iberdrola_order07m0906_order_thumb The NY Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved the joint Petition of Iberdrola, S.A., Energy East Corporation, RGS Energy Group, Inc., Green Acquisition Capital, Inc., New York State Electric & Gas Corporation and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation for the acquisition of Energy East Corporation by Iberdrola, S.A. (CASE 07-M-0906). The order as issued by the PSC can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
9 Sep 2008

NY PSC recommended decision: Iberdrola S.A. intent to acquire Energy East Corporation

Iberdrolard_thumb Administrative Law Judge, Rafael A. Epstein has handed down his recommended decision on whether Iberdrola, S.A. should be permitted to acquireEnergy East Corporation and its subsidiaries. Judge Epstein's primary recommendation is that the Commission "disapprove the transaction on the ground that it does not satisfy the "public interest" requirement of Public Service Law (PSL) 70. The full decision can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.
16 Jun 2008

NY unplugged? Building energy capacity and curbing energy rates in the Empire State

This new report published by the Empire Center for New York State Policy, a project of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, discusses the rising costs of electricity in the State. A number of recommendations are offered, including an overhaul of the Renewable Portfolio Standard, a state policy that supports clean-energy generation such as wind farms. The Executive Summary is provided below. The full report can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.
8 Mar 2008

A Critical Evaluation of the Energy Plans and Actions Announced in April 2007

1_critical_evalutation_of_new_york_energy_plans_061207_thumb This brief paper reviews and evaluates key aspects of energy policies and plans announced by New York State officials, and contrasts their electricity plans with those of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) which is responsible for the reliability of New York's electricity grid. Both sets of plans have major implications for the people of New York.
12 Jun 2007

NYISO Comprehensive Reliability Planning Process (CRPP) Reliability Needs Assessment

Rna_final12212005_thumb This report is the first draft RNA prepared by the New York Independent System Operator. This document represents the first in a series of annual CRPP plans designed to address the long-term reliability of the New York State bulk power system. This RNA consists of this document and the supporting documents and appendices attached hereto. Just as important as the electric system plan is the process of planning itself. Electric system planning is an ongoing process of evaluating, monitoring and updating as conditions warrant. In addition to addressing reliability, the CRPP is also designed to provide information that is both informative and of value to the New York wholesale electricity marketplace. A full description of the Comprehensive Reliability Planning Process is contained in Section 2 of the Supporting Document.
21 Dec 2005

Comments of the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. on Proposed Rulemaking

Nys_iso_thumb "On November 10, 2004, the New York State Public Service Commission (“Commission”) published two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (“Notices”), identified as SAPA No. 03-E-1088SA2 and SAPA No. 03-E-1088SA3, in the State Register. These Notices indicate that the Commission is requesting comments on certain proposed measures intended to implement the renewable portfolio standard (“RPS”) that was adopted by the Commission by order issued September 24, 2004 (“RPS Order”)."
22 Dec 2004
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