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Somerset approves windmills

SOMERSET — The Town Board on Tuesday approved ordinances for both residential and commercial windmills....Residential windmills can be 150-feet high ... Commercial windmills, which will produce power directly into the power grid, may be 450-feet high.
12 Jul 2006

Winds blow both ways at LIPA turbine talk

Emotions ran high for the second night in a row last night at meetings to explore the environmental impact of LIPA's proposed offshore wind park.....Despite the sharp sentiments, Doug Slitor, the minerals management official who is overseeing the project, said emotion is apt to play little or no part in his analysis of the environmental impact of the project.
12 Jul 2006

New debate on turbines in the wind

As federal officials convene the first public meetings here today and tomorrow to study the impact of proposed wind turbines off the South Shore, the short and turbulent history of gatherings on the topic portends a festival of spirited debate.
10 Jul 2006

Maple Ridge Wind Farm nears completion

140 wind turbines are now up and spinning at the Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Lewis County, and it's only the beginning. Phase one is complete and they've already begun phase two. "And when we get complete with phase two, which is 55 more, we'll have a total of 195 wind turbines," said operations manager Scott Alexander.
6 Jul 2006

Jones Beach stories bring waves of memories

Unfortunately, if LIPA and Florida Power and Light have their way and are able to get the Long Island Offshore Wind Park approved, the Jones Beach vistas you show will be changed forever. Instead of the ocean horizon, we will see an industrial power plant site with 40 tall wind turbines, flashing aviation warning lights, an enormous work platform with transformers, foghorns and work helicopters coming and going. All this a mere 3.5 miles off the beach.
1 Jul 2006

Reunion unveils PILOT proposal

CHERRY VALLEY - Reunion Power this week submitted a proposed tax package for the 24-turbine wind farm it hopes to develop three miles east of Cherry Valley on East Hill. The proposal comes one week after the Cherry Valley planning board recommended an 18-month moratorium on major development. If the moratorium is approved by the town board, it could stall the wind farm project.
30 Jun 2006

David Bassett's Letter to the Warsaw (NY) Town Board

In summary, large-scale wind machines are a bad idea for the Town of Warsaw but great for offshore and remote areas. Large machines greater than (say) 125 rotor diameter should be prohibited. The Town might consider policies to foster small-scale wind equipment, other small-scale "appropriate" energy technologies and energy efficiency. The proposed regulatory framework amounts to a slippery slope. Please don't go there.
30 Jun 2006

Communities update land plans

He expects the plan will reflect changing issues facing municipal officials. In the same way towns had to scurry about 10 years ago to address concerns over cell phone antenna towers, town officials today must prepare for new concerns, such as wind turbines and solar panels.
26 Jun 2006
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