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Parishville finishing wind laws

Even as uncertainty over the future of wind turbines in the region remains, Parishville is one of several local towns who continue to work toward finalizing the details of their proposed law. Town Supervisor Jerry G. Moore said the town's wind law is "90 percent" complete.
28 Jul 2011

Clayton wind law changes urged

Town Supervisor Justin A. Taylor, who voted against stricter regulations on wind development exactly a year ago today, called for a far stricter set of criteria for commercial wind farms to follow that would have an impact on any projects proposed for the town.
28 Apr 2011

Critics deride wind rules

The ordinance includes rules for commercial wind energy facilities on permits, approvals, oversight and operations. It is designed for municipalities in New York, but could be modified for use in other states. The center will issue a revised version after receiving comments on this draft. But locals who have worked for protective wind power ordinances here don't think the law will stand up to scrutiny.
18 Feb 2011

Hammond proposes wind farm setbacks

The committee voted 9-1, with leaseholder Michele W. McQueer casting the opposing vote, to recommend noise limits proposed by sound expert Paul D. Schomer. He proposed three separate limits for different times of the day and night, including 45 decibels between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., 40 decibels between 7 and 10 p.m. and 35 decibels between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
15 Jan 2011

Henderson bans wind development

The law was tabled at an Oct. 26 meeting because some wording contradicted other elements of the statute. Those contradictions have been fixed since that meeting. Ms. Parker-Lane said eventually the town would like to allow private wind towers, but until the board is able to work out those details, the ban will remain in effect.
11 Nov 2010

Cape Planning Board should reject site plan

Cape Vincent has no agreement of any kind on setbacks, no agreed-on ambient background sound levels and no discussion of noise complaint policy ...It is reckless and irresponsible to enter Site Plan Review without first coming to some consensus on setbacks and ambient sound levels.
26 Oct 2010

Couple stalls wind turbine plans

Residents slammed the proposal at the meeting, as many of them have done in the past. They alleged that the plan has the potential to negatively impact wildlife and the ecosystem at the property, which is located on wetlands. The board granted an adjournment, but not an indefinite one—it will extend only till March 9, 2011, according to Chairman Harry Ludlow.
22 Sep 2010

Town accepts final impact statement; Vote to suspend development fails

Following the meeting, Cindy L. Grant, a member of Environmentally Concerned Citizens Organization, said the environmental impact statement's validity is marred by ethics complaints being investigated by the attorney general. "This is a place where people live their whole lives and want to retire here," she said. "How can a board that is as compromised as this one make any decisions?"
19 Aug 2010
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