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New Hartford Town Board votes down windmill legislation

Tyksinski vehemently protested the inclusion of the large commercial windmills. "I've been up close to these things and they're annoying. I've got to be honest with you," he said. "You're creating, in my opinion, a hazard for the community with very little efficiency. ... I think these things are noisy, they're cumbersome - personally, I think they're ugly."
12 Jul 2012

Henderson wind turbine discussion postponed

Jerry Tackley, the board's chairman, said the advice that he had received from the town's attorney was that a long-form environmental assessment from the state Department of Environmental Conservation was necessary. The requirement stems from the town's law banning private wind turbines, passed in 2010.
20 Jun 2012

Stockholm mulls neighborly benefits in wind law

A town committee has been exploring a potential local wind law with two unusual provisions. The law would require a wind energy company to publicly disclose any land use agreements it makes with property owners to build turbines. It would also mandate the company provide some compensation to neighboring properties.
17 May 2012

Louisville enacts wind turbine regulations law

Following a public hearing attended by no members of the public, the town of Louisville voted unanimously to enact a wind turbine regulations law that would prohibit wind turbines from appearing along the town's waterfront. ..."If any commercial development came to Louisville, the state would handle that anyway," he said.
16 Mar 2012

Orleans Town Council to consider strict wind power zoning regulations

The town of Henderson banned all wind energy towers in November. Orleans would still allow commercial and residential turbines, but the noise and setback rules would make placing turbines in the town very difficult. A public hearing continued from Aug. 11 will be reconvened at 8 p.m. Sept. 8 at the town offices, 20558 Sunrise Ave. Copies of the law are available at the town office.
28 Aug 2011

Cape Vincent rescinds illegal local election law

The town board rescinded Thursday an earlier, “invalid” decision to force voters to show their driver’s licenses, with a Cape Vincent address, in order to vote in a town election. The motion was made by Supervisor Urban K. Hirschey and seconded by Councilman Brooks J. Bragdon, both of whom had voted against the Aug. 11 resolution.
26 Aug 2011
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