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Panel: spread wind's rewards

Contrary to assertions by St. Lawrence Wind Farm's developer, Acciona Wind Energy USA, in the final environmental impact statement, the report said, "Indications are there will be an overall decrease in property values with the potential for significant negative impact on assessments and related factors such as tax rates and the ability to market property at a fair price." ...The report also finds that tourism likely would be hurt by wind turbines.
19 Oct 2010

Windfall: Documenting the backlash against wind energy

The wind industry will no doubt try to dismiss Windfall as a piece of anti-"green" energy agitprop. But the controversies over wind energy development that Israel exposes in Meredith are not going away. Indeed, as the wind industry continues its breakneck expansion here in the US and around the world, the number of controversies like the one in Meredith, along with the number of mad-as-hell landowners like Charlie Porter, will only increase.
29 Sep 2010

Windfall in New York

There is a David and Goliath aspect to these battles between heavily funded corporate interests and citizen activists who come out and stand in the rain with home-made signs. Will the NIMBY's - a designation one should wear with pride - really be able to do something, as they did in Meredith, or will the forces of darkness masking as environmental crusaders prevail? Tune in.
21 Sep 2010

Filming community conflict: Windfall and The Pipe at TIFF

Laura Israel's Windfall and Risteard Ό Domnhnaill's The Pipe both take on the hard challenge of chronicling community conflict. They are both compelling narratives, beautifully produced, elegantly structured, edited authoritatively, with unforgettable characters. They both present a persuasive and powerful point of view, without slighting hard realities.
16 Sep 2010

‘Windfall’ documentary explores perils of wind power

A scene from “Windfall”“Windfall,” a new documentary that premieres Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival, could take the sails out of wind power. The film observes the deeply divided residents of Meredith, New York — an Upstate farm community in decline — as they debate the pros and cons of allowing wind turbines on their land.
10 Sep 2010

Acciona submits its 'final' statement; Developer ignores consultant's views on noise analysis

In a May 14 letter, the two disputed the background noise levels that Mr. Hessler assumed through his regression analysis. Mr. Elliot and Mr. Tocci had measurements that averaged five decibels below the levels Mr. Hessler predicted ...If ambient noise levels have been overstated in the impact statement, it will allow higher levels of noise from turbines.
12 Aug 2010

Carr advises Hammond to increase tower setbacks

A Cornell University engineering professor urged the Hammond Wind Advisory Committee to increase the setbacks in its wind energy law to two and a half times the height of a tower. Dr. Paul G. Carr, one of the retired founders of the engineering firm Bernier and Carr, urged the panel to consider the safety of area residents.
10 Jun 2010

Another health problem caused by turbines

Several months ago, a neighbor and I drove through the industrial wind complex in Lewis County. While doing so, I experienced a severe case of vertigo and my passenger became nauseous. This definitely caused me concern as the only other time this had happened was when I had driven through another turbine complex in the Southwest.
26 May 2010

Expert warns of turbines' effect on 'soundscape'

A sound expert told the Wind Advisory Committee that Hammond's "rural soundscape" will be changed with the construction of wind turbines and that it would be foolish to take any wind developer's sound level plan as gospel. ...Mr. Schneider described Hammond's evenings as calm, quiet times during which the noise from turbines would not be masked.
26 May 2010

Wind power salesmen mislead on noise levels

Three professional acoustical engineers have been hired, one by Acciona, one by the town and one by Wind Power Ethics Group. The likely sound increases discussed has been 42 from Acciona, 25 to 33 from the town's hired expert, and 30 by WPEG. ...Suddenly BP and Acciona need 50 decibels. Period. No ambient, no nothing.
19 May 2010

Public comments aired at wind project hearing

Arthur Giacalone, an attorney from East Aurora ...said there was inadequate time to review the project's draft environmental impact statement, and he urged residents to approach the DEIS with "healthy skepticism" as it contained what he called slanted information. "If you take the time to closely examine it, there is example after example of where this is happening," Giacalone said.
13 May 2010

Panel reviews effects of wind

Members of the Orleans wind economics committee voiced a range of views on what the effects of a wind farm would be on property values in the town. Members of the committee, which met Wednesday night, are working on a report that will outline the economic effects for the school districts, participants and town and the effect of turbines in the viewshed on property values.
6 May 2010

Project to cost $1.5B

The ex-Kingstonians planning to erect 60 to 90 wind turbines west of Wolfe Island in the waters of Lake Ontario have pegged the price of the project at $1.5 billion. ...If approvals from various provincial and federal departments go according to schedule, the company will order the turbines two years from now and install the foundations a year later.
28 Apr 2010
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