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Bellmont wind farm project expected to have different look

The eight to 10 towers planned for the town of Bellmont will be in excess of 500 feet tall, Bellmont Supervisor H. Bruce Russell said Monday, although New York state law limits such structures to 400 feet. Representatives of EDP Renewables, the company that has taken over the Jericho Rise proposal, have said they plan to seek a variance from state law in order to build the taller towers.
19 Aug 2015

Anti-turbine crowd weighs in on Lighthouse Wind

Two hours after opening, the fire hall was still full of upset residents visualizing the wrecking of their hometown. Wind turbines seemed an unlikely candidate to join the “not in my backyard” family of unwanteds such as hazardous waste landfills and nuclear power, yet the environmental group SOS had attacked wind power from many angles. The crowd, who knew each other by name, seemed to have reached an opinion before arriving and their skepticism was only strengthened by the end of the meeting.
1 May 2015

Wind panel flows with opposing views

Save Ontario Shores President John Riggi and Great Lakes Wind Truth Founding Member Suzanne Albright said uncertainty about health, environmental and economic impacts will remain until the project is either in the ground or buried. “You will hear (from Apex) how there aren’t any impacts, and we’ll talk about how there are,” Riggi said. “The challenge is whether you really want to take that risk with your health, your property values, and your children’s health?”
25 Apr 2015

Lakeshore towns would be harmed by proposal for up to 70 industrial wind turbines

We have formed a nonprofit citizens’ coalition, Save Ontario Shores Inc., to address the concerns of the health, safety and welfare of taxpayers and residents in the towns of Yates and Somerset regarding the issue of permitting APEX industrial wind corporation to build as many as 70 industrial wind turbines in these rural towns.
28 Feb 2015

Some residents voice opposition to wind project at Yates Town Board meeting

“If this project goes forward, all that will be accomplished is us giving millions of tax dollars to a multi-million dollar company to screw up our town ... A project of this scope and magnitude has no place in Yates, or anywhere else for that matter. What we need is sound, systematic commercial and residential growth, not wind farms.” 
13 Feb 2015

When too big is an issue

This sudden political wind shift has its roots in local citizen opposition based on concerns about noise, visual blight and environmental issues. It also springs from fears the state could usurp town authority ...But at the bottom of it all is a sense of unease over any project that seems, well, just way too big, too complicated or too difficult to control.
23 Nov 2014

Another lawsuit looms over the Orangeville Wind Farm

In their lawsuit, Lippes' clients are looking to be compensated for what Lippes says is an adverse impact on their quality of life and lost property value. “The turbines are close enough so that they can constantly hear very loud noises,” Lippes said. “Very loud like a jet engine. Some also say it's like a huge diesel truck continually going by their front door.”
30 Aug 2014

Wind farm complaint process: Part II

On March 30, 2014, there was unbelievable noise at my home coming from the south, southeast. I called the Susan May/Invenergy Hotline — (866) 378-4580. There was no surprise here as it was dead. No ring, no answer, just dead. Thinking my phone was the issue I tried a cell phone and same thing; dead as can be.
11 Apr 2014

As turbine effort secures financing, conservationists speak out

The project was technically feasible, but the energy output from the turbines — 120 to 500 megawatts — would have cost two to four times more than land-based wind, according to a NYPA news release. The NYPA said annual subsidies of between $60 million and $100 million would result in high costs to the New York Power Authority. Great Lakes Wind Truth and NA-PAW were outspoken against the GLOW project, with hundreds of residents in the town of Greece, N.Y., signing a petition against it.
22 Dec 2013

The people spoke in Allegany

Allegany Wind lost, so it is suing the town to prevent duly elected representatives from participating in decisions of greatest importance to their constituents. Now, would the company and its supporters attempt to get local political leaders to participate in a shabby attempt to sneak through the back door to Town Hall through a write-in campaign for this year’s election?
25 Oct 2013

Contractors, residents come out for wind

“These Allegany Wind supporters do not represent the majority of the residents of Allegany, which was proven in the November 2011 elections,” she said, referring to several town officials who had favored the wind farm and lost the election. “While we can be sympathetic with them seeking employment opportunities, we can’t support the fact they are trying to do so, regardless of the negative impacts this would have on the local community."
29 Sep 2013

Don't believe claims about wind power

Much of what used to be one of the most beautiful areas in New York has been turned into a sprawling industrial wind factory. Many of my friends' homes have been rendered virtually worthless. Let's be real. Would you buy and move your family into a home with towers that are 430-plus feet tall, with 7-ton blades spinning overhead, only hundreds of feet from your home?
23 Aug 2013

The devil went down to Orangeville… Selling out our town...

As this letter is being written, people are being assaulted with massive amounts of construction noise and diesel fumes. Complaints from citizens are scoffed at by company and town government alike. Country roads are disintegrating because they are not meant to take the abuse of commercial trucks loaded with thousands of tons of industrial wind turbines, blades, nacelles, cement and stone. The Devil laughs ...
17 Aug 2013

Tranquility of family land in jeopardy in Orangeville

In the background, the usual sound of birds is replaced by unnatural sounds of gravel trucks dumping their loads for a nearby wind-turbine access road. ...our 43-story wind machines will tower over their property. Four sets of blinking lights will break up the night's dark sky. There will be constant rumble of blades rotating.
12 Jul 2013
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