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Prevailing headwinds

But the market for medium- and large-scale wind projects has slowed dramatically this year, here and across the country, for a variety of reasons, including low natural gas prices and uncertainty over expiring tax breaks. That's a particular concern in the Capital Region, which is home to General Electric Co.'s renewable energy headquarters and one of its wind farm monitoring stations in Schenectady.
12 Dec 2010

An ebb tide for wind-farm developers

The economic reality of wind-farm development has always relied on two things: government subsidies in some form, and a growing cost of electricity. In the middle of this decade, both federal and state governments were pushing financial aid to alternative energy projects, and because its technology is largely developed, wind power was a darling of the renewable energy crowd. ...Now, all of that is either gone or disappearing.
12 Nov 2010

Bottled wind, or where are our electrons going to go?

It is likely there will be both economic and regulatory pressure for those projects to piggyback on the Galloo Island transmission line. ...And the wind farm developers get to optimize their returns and the landowners who are negatively affected by all this will get squat. And the taxes the developers will save with their PILOT agreements will help pay for all this - which is a lot more sad than ironic.
19 Oct 2010

Irondequoit holds off on turbine opposition

After lengthy discussion, Town Board members on Tuesday unanimously voted to table a resolution expressing opposition to a proposal for wind farms in Lake Ontario. The board decided to get more input from citizens. Members said a decision would be made at October's meeting instead.
22 Sep 2010

U.S. wind turbine market 2010-2015 forecast cut by 23% at MAKE Consulting

Little or no growth is expected this year in the U.S., the Hoejbjerg, Denmark-based consultant said today. MAKE Consulting lowered its forecast for wind turbine installations in the U.S. by 23 percent from 2010 to 2015. "The slow recovery of the U.S. economy coupled with continued weakness in natural gas prices has provided a headwind for U.S. wind turbine sales."
21 Sep 2010

Windfall in New York

There is a David and Goliath aspect to these battles between heavily funded corporate interests and citizen activists who come out and stand in the rain with home-made signs. Will the NIMBY's - a designation one should wear with pride - really be able to do something, as they did in Meredith, or will the forces of darkness masking as environmental crusaders prevail? Tune in.
21 Sep 2010

Wind turbines not welcome on Lake Superior

The cost is phenomenal and since many platform and mooring solutions have yet to be discovered, the price will climb. Then there's the maintenance. Are there experts ready to tackle the problems? And what will the repairmen charge? With Ontario's gargantuan deficit, we better hope they work for free.
20 Sep 2010

National Grid's inappropriate expenses prompt PSC investigation

The five-member commission plans to hire an independent consultant to review National Grid's procedures for allocating overhead costs to its U.S. utilities, including the Upstate company formerly known as Niagara Mohawk. Staff accountants at the PSC asked for the review after finding instances where National Grid appeared to bill Upstate ratepayers for equipment or expenses in New England and Long Island.
17 Sep 2010

Filming community conflict: Windfall and The Pipe at TIFF

Laura Israel's Windfall and Risteard Ό Domnhnaill's The Pipe both take on the hard challenge of chronicling community conflict. They are both compelling narratives, beautifully produced, elegantly structured, edited authoritatively, with unforgettable characters. They both present a persuasive and powerful point of view, without slighting hard realities.
16 Sep 2010

Ensure wind projects free of conflicts

It's occurred in different corners of New York state, and now the question's been raised in the Herkimer County town of Litchfield. Is it proper for gigantic wind turbines to be approved by towns whose own officials might stand to gain financially from the projects? If we are to uphold the principles of good government, then the answer must be "no."
23 Aug 2010

JCIDA board approves uniform tax-exempt policy

All involved taxing jurisdictions will have to vote for payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements for wind power projects before they are finalized by the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency. The agency's board agreed on the proposed uniform tax-exempt policy during its meeting Thursday morning.
6 Aug 2010

Legislators clarify position on offshore wind turbines

Lawmakers in attendance at Tuesday's meeting of the legislature's Economic Development and Planning Committee took issue with a story published in that day's issue of The Palladium-Times that stated, "Discussions by area officials regarding the development of a wind turbine farm based in the Oswego County waters of Lake Ontario have not blown over." They have blown over, legislators said, during a sometimes contentious discussion.
31 Jul 2010

Legislators won't revisit Great Lakes wind project

The legislature voted in March to oppose a New York Power Authority project that would locate dozens of wind turbines in Lake Ontario. A proposal made by New York Power Authority called for the construction, siting and operation of wind-turbine facilities in Lake Erie and/or Lake Ontario's eastern basin. The project would include inland transmission lines.
21 Jul 2010

Offshore wind gets an opponent in Monroe

According to the Niagara Gazette account, some Niagara County lawmakers now are talking about rescinding their endorsement, and other elected officials are openly hostile to the idea. State Sen. George Maziarz, R-Newfane, Niagara County, apparently provided the most colorful commentary, comparing authority president Richard Kessel to "P.T. Barnum, a carnival barker," according to the Gazette.
14 Jul 2010

Energy plan too costly

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 -- also known as the "cap and trade" bill -- will harm manufacturing jobs and farming by dramatically increasing energy costs, said Gibson, the Republican candidate for the 20th Congressional District seat. The House, with the vote of incumbent Rep. Scott Murphy, passed the bill with a 219-212 vote a year ago. The Senate hasn't voted on the bill.
26 Jun 2010

Legislature debates wind towers; County lawmakers oppose Lake Erie site

The Chautauqua County Legislature opposes the development of offshore wind power in Lake Erie. Legislators passed a motion opposing the New York Power Authority's proposal to develop wind-generating projects in the Great Lakes during its April meeting. The item was one of the last pieces of business on the legislature's agenda during the marathon four-hour long meeting.
16 May 2010
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