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State will have a say in local wind projects

"This is a local zoning issue, and now, the state is trying to butt its nose into an area that has always been a local issue," Tyksinski said. "You can't do that. It's wrong." In June, the state Legislature approved the Power NY Act of 2011. The act includes Article X, which regulates the review of power plants of 25 megawatts or more - including wind projects.
8 Aug 2011

Group seeks to COAX out a better power bill

"COAX members are appalled that Article X was slipped into law without any discussion by our elected officials with the very New York state citizens they were elected to represent," members of COAX said in a statement. "We find this lack of transparency to be totally unacceptable."
6 Aug 2011

Area lawmakers split over state's 'Power NY Act'

"It takes away local control," Burling said Monday. "I'm not anti-windmill. I'm indifferent on it, but I believe the local people should have the final say, and not the state of New York." Burling said a lot of good things were also included in the Power NY Act, but he couldn't support it due to the windmill issue.
28 Jun 2011

Power project bill OK'd

"Albany's 'one size fits all' policy rarely works and ultimately, the decision on whether to explore or erect alternative energy generation solutions should be left to the locality it will affect," Mr. Blankenbush said. "Local rule has worked well in my district and I'd like to see it continue that way."
24 Jun 2011

Wind farm siting may fall to Albany

New projects that are at or exceed 25 megawatts would be subject to Article X. Proposed projects in Jefferson County range from St. Lawrence Wind Farm's 76.5 megawatts to Galloo Island Wind Farm's 246 megawatts. But a few of the local projects may want to join the Article X process, if developers feel their proposals are wasting on the vine.
22 Jun 2011

Wind power faces multiple hurdles

During his brief tenure as governor of New York, David Paterson decided to put numbers to his commitment to alternative energy. By 2015, he pledged, 45 percent of the state's electricity would come from renewable resources and improved efficiency. Wind power was a big part of the plan.
19 Jun 2011

Prevailing headwinds

But the market for medium- and large-scale wind projects has slowed dramatically this year, here and across the country, for a variety of reasons, including low natural gas prices and uncertainty over expiring tax breaks. That's a particular concern in the Capital Region, which is home to General Electric Co.'s renewable energy headquarters and one of its wind farm monitoring stations in Schenectady.
12 Dec 2010

An ebb tide for wind-farm developers

The economic reality of wind-farm development has always relied on two things: government subsidies in some form, and a growing cost of electricity. In the middle of this decade, both federal and state governments were pushing financial aid to alternative energy projects, and because its technology is largely developed, wind power was a darling of the renewable energy crowd. ...Now, all of that is either gone or disappearing.
12 Nov 2010

Bottled wind, or where are our electrons going to go?

It is likely there will be both economic and regulatory pressure for those projects to piggyback on the Galloo Island transmission line. ...And the wind farm developers get to optimize their returns and the landowners who are negatively affected by all this will get squat. And the taxes the developers will save with their PILOT agreements will help pay for all this - which is a lot more sad than ironic.
19 Oct 2010

Irondequoit holds off on turbine opposition

After lengthy discussion, Town Board members on Tuesday unanimously voted to table a resolution expressing opposition to a proposal for wind farms in Lake Ontario. The board decided to get more input from citizens. Members said a decision would be made at October's meeting instead.
22 Sep 2010

Windfall in New York

There is a David and Goliath aspect to these battles between heavily funded corporate interests and citizen activists who come out and stand in the rain with home-made signs. Will the NIMBY's - a designation one should wear with pride - really be able to do something, as they did in Meredith, or will the forces of darkness masking as environmental crusaders prevail? Tune in.
21 Sep 2010

U.S. wind turbine market 2010-2015 forecast cut by 23% at MAKE Consulting

Little or no growth is expected this year in the U.S., the Hoejbjerg, Denmark-based consultant said today. MAKE Consulting lowered its forecast for wind turbine installations in the U.S. by 23 percent from 2010 to 2015. "The slow recovery of the U.S. economy coupled with continued weakness in natural gas prices has provided a headwind for U.S. wind turbine sales."
21 Sep 2010
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