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Iberdrola again is eyeing Orleans

The developer wants to put up two test towers, again to collect information for Horse Creek Wind Farm, said Iberdrola Communications Manager Paul N. Copleman by e-mail. "We are unsure of what the Horse Creek boundary looks like at this time," he wrote. "That's why we are seeking to erect these two met towers, so we can gain a better understanding of the wind resource."
29 Jul 2010

Maryland site eyed for wind power

NorthWind and Power LLC of Albany is testing the wind in Maryland with an eye toward erecting about eight wind turbines in the Smokey Avenue area. Last summer, the firm received town approval to erect a 197-foot meteorological tower, and results so far have been promising, according to Patrick Doyle, founder of NorthWind and Power.
27 Jul 2010

County to study windfarm impacts

Formation of the committee staves off, for now, the question whether the Legislature should take back its previously stated support for the concept of siting wind turbines in Lake Ontario. ...Suddenly, within the past couple of weeks, stiff opposition to a Lake Ontario windfarm has surfaced among local boating and fishing interests, and a couple of state legislators.
27 Jul 2010

Is there a devil in wind farm details?

As objections to the notion of a wind power project in Lake Ontario continued to grow last week, the New York Power Authority refused to release information that could reveal if all the agitation is much ado about nothing. Authority President and Chief Executive Officer Richard M. Kessel said the agency would not release the contents of bids from five developers for the wind turbine project.
25 Jul 2010

Wind firm backed by Golisano shuts after prices fall

Empire State Wind Energy LLC, the company backed by billionaire and Paychex Inc. founder Thomas Golisano, has ceased operations because its leaders believe the venture will not be profitable. David Still, a partner and investor in Empire State Wind Energy, said this week the company is "mothballing," or postponing, the project indefinitely. The main reason is the significant drop in wholesale electricity prices.
23 Jul 2010

Hammond Finds Wind Presentation Useful

Wednesday evening's wind committee meeting, featuring a four-hour presentation from several representatives of Iberdrola Renewables Inc., has made an impression on the Hammond community. ...Mary D. Hamilton, president of Concerned Residents of Hammond, suggested Iberdrola rethink it's approach. "Where is the detailed plan to heal the community you have destroyed?"
23 Jul 2010

Old Fort Niagara joins battle against NYPA wind turbine project

Fort Niagara joins the Town of Porter as the only two Niagara County entities to publicly oppose the project, which could see more than 150 wind turbines erected along the shorelines of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario or both. ...Old Fort Niagara Director Robert Emerson said a wind farm would jeopardize the historical integrity and character of the fort and potentially having a significant economic impact on the tourism industry.
22 Jul 2010

Wind committee hears Iberdrola presentation

HAMMOND - With eleven representatives either from Iberdrola Renewables or representing the wind power company making presentations to the Hammond Wind Committee Wednesday, what was scheduled as a roundtable discussion turned into a question and answer session for Iberdrola.
22 Jul 2010

Greece board: No to offshore wind

The Greece Town Board voted 5-0 Tuesday evening to oppose the New York Power Authority's offshore wind project. The board becomes the first elected body in Monroe County, to my knowledge, to go on the record in opposition to the plan.
21 Jul 2010

County legislators watch Galloo Island wind project

Doyle said he and Barclay are paying very close attention to the project to insure the residents of the county are properly represented. Wind tower projects in the area have been referred to as "BFW" for big foreign wind, as many of the developers are alleged to be fronts for other companies, some of which operate out of foreign territories, such as Latin America.
21 Jul 2010

Acciona to submit final impact statement

St. Lawrence Wind Farm developer Acciona Wind Energy USA is just weeks away from submitting its final environmental impact statement to the town Planning Board. ...Acciona will present the final statement July 28. The board will discuss and potentially accept the statement Aug. 18.
16 Jul 2010

Lyme wind survey delayed

Mr. Aubertine wants the council to decide on less restrictive noise and setback requirements and post both law proposals on the town's website, he said. The council did not address whether tax or voter registration rolls or both would be used to address the surveys.
15 Jul 2010

Wind turbine debate has caused a bitter divide

The debate over wind turbines has taken us to this ugly place in part because it offers no compromise. You are either going to have 400-foot-tall structures packed as tightly as their blades allow, or you are not going to have any. No matter how many times someone suggests that we all reason together, in the end we are a region divided.
15 Jul 2010

Turbine-free future?

Wind will gust over turbine-free Hartsville hills in the foreseeable future. E.ON Climate and Renewables - the German owned company that worked for years to build wind turbines in Hartsville - has sent letters to property owners advising them they are no longer pursuing a wind farm.
14 Jul 2010

Moratorium extended in Hammond

The extension of the moratorium follows immediately on the heels of a six-month moratorium that was established by the new town board after it took office in January. That town board created a wind committee to take a look at concerns about the Wind Energy Facilities Law that was passed in Dec. of 2009 by the outgoing board. Nine of the 10 current wind committee members recommended that the moratorium.
13 Jul 2010

Roaring Brook wind farm on hold

A weak energy market may delay construction - perhaps indefinitely - of the proposed Roaring Brook wind farm. While all involved taxing jurisdictions have now signed off on a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes plan, the developer has yet to determine whether and when construction will begin.
12 Jul 2010

Doctor: turbines cause health problems

HAMMOND - The author of "Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment" told the Hammond Wind Committee last week that 14 percent of the town's homes will be adversely affected if the entire wind overlay zone is filled with turbines.
12 Jul 2010
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