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Cape's proposed wind law unveiled

The town released the preliminary zoning law amendment for wind energy facilities this week. Supervisor Thomas K. Rienbeck said Wednesday that the committee appointed by the board has not yet found a date to meet. ...The setbacks proposed in the law are farther than those in some Jefferson County towns, but less than those in others.
21 Aug 2008

Architects and engineers express doubt about Bloomberg's windmill proposal

Interviews with architects, engineers and energy experts on Wednesday suggest that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's proposal to place wind turbines atop the city's skyscrapers and bridges, as well as off the coastline of Queens and Brooklyn, would be complicated and expensive and barely begin to meet the growth in demand for electricity that is expected in the coming years. ...Even if Mr. Bloomberg could find investors willing to build turbines capable of generating 1,000 megawatts of electricity, experts said, operators of the city's grid would be able to count on only 100 megawatts, or less than 1 percent of peak demand.
20 Aug 2008

Spafford passes windwill law

After an hour-long public hearing on Thursday, Aug. 14, the Spafford town board unanimously approved a local law approving the erection of residential windmills. Residents filled the Spafford Town Hall meeting room to speak their minds on the town's proposed regulation, a law that had already seen some revision. Many of those in attendance were in favor of the law. "Windmills seem to have generated a lot of public interest," said Supervisor Webb Stevens at the beginning of the public hearing.
19 Aug 2008

Orleans turbines facing new laws

ZONING CHANGES: Residents pushing to restrict wind farm development plans Residents continue to push for tighter restrictions on wind turbine placement through amendments to the town's zoning law. First, the town may add 250 feet to the setbacks from residences for wind turbines after a positive public hearing before the Town Council on Thursday night. "There was no objection to anything," Supervisor Donna J. Chatterton said Friday.
17 Aug 2008

Arkwright Board Discusses Wind Farm

Significant changes to the proposed New Grange Wind Farm's transmission line location plans require a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Study be prepared. The Arkwright Town Board learned Monday about the supplemental report ...''Based on this review, New Grange has indicated additional information will be developed to augment studies as required, based on comments received from various involved New York state agencies,'' Adams said. ''These agencies include Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Public Service and Department of Agriculture and Markets.''
16 Aug 2008

Farmers want line put underground

Farmers from the prime agricultural land in the town want the zoning law amended so any new electric transmission lines, such as the proposed line from the Galloo Island Wind Farm, must be below ground. ...They presented a zoning law amendment to the Town Council at its meeting Thursday night. Mr. Davis consulted with attorney Mark G. Gebo on the law. Mr. Gebo helped the town of Lyme draft its zoning law on wind power development. The Lyme law includes a similar provision. The Ellisburg proposal would require transmission lines above 125 kilovolts to be placed underground.
15 Aug 2008

39 Hamlin residents sue town over wind farm law

More than three dozen Hamlin residents are suing the town over a new law regulating the development of wind farms. The Hamlin Preservation Group and 39 town residents filed a lawsuit Tuesday in state Supreme Court against the law, claiming it will allow electricity-generating wind turbines that will ruin Hamlin's rural nature and environment. The Hamlin Town Board unanimously approved the law at a contentious meeting April 24. One board member abstained because he had signed a lease agreement with a wind energy firm.
15 Aug 2008

Hartsville board OK's getting second opinion on wind law

Will Hartsville town officials be able to negotiate a good compensation package from wind developers? That's the question Hartsville town Supervisor Steve Dombert has, and he wants a second opinion. Dombert said at Wednesday night's board meeting the town needs to find out what its bargaining position with German wind developer E.On is. To do so, he proposed sending the town's 2006 wind law to Gary Abraham, an Olean area-based environmental attorney, who has experience with environmental groups and wind companies.
14 Aug 2008

Spafford passes windmill law

Spafford Supervisor Webb Stevens said the town's new windmill law is about getting control of the size of windmills built in the town. The town board voted 5-0 Thursday to pass a local law that will allow residents to construct windmills that are no more than 60 feet tall. The vote came after a public hearing on the law attended by more than 60 people at Spafford Town Hall. Some residents are concerned the law will eventually lead to wind farms with windmills 260 feet or taller. They asked for a moratorium to further study noise and other effects of windmills, but Stevens said a moratorium "only delays the inevitable."
14 Aug 2008

Hamlin residents sue town to block wind farm plans

Hamlin residents who oppose a new town law regulating the development of wind farms have sued the town. The Hamlin Preservation Group and 39 town residents filed a lawsuit Tuesday in state Supreme Court against the law, claiming it will ruin Hamlin's rural nature and environment. The Hamlin Town Board unanimously approved the law at a contentious meeting April 24.
14 Aug 2008

Landowner insists wind energy fine; Former advisor blasts town's apparent opposition to towers

A longtime landowner and farmer reproached the town board Monday for its apparent opposition to commercial wind tower construction. ...Orleans County Legislator and environmentalist Gary Kent respectfully rebuked Dudley's comments, as did a a handful of local and county residents. The price of hosting wind turbines will be diminished property values, Kent said. He cited his recent visit to Naples, N.Y., where a real estate agent told him that homes are selling for tens of thousands of dollars below their assessed value since the wind farms started going up. If turbines go up in Orleans County, he bets the same will happen here, too.
12 Aug 2008

Town of Ithaca passes windmill law

People in the Town of Ithaca can now put windmills on their property as long as they're not too loud. The Ithaca Town board passed a law Monday night allowing people to put small wind facilities on their land as long as they don't exceed a maximum of 55 decibels of noise. The law was considered at previous meetings.
12 Aug 2008

Lyme board did homework on law

The Lyme Planning Board concerns itself with crafting reasonable zoning laws for consideration by the town board. The Planning Board sent wind turbine questionnaires to every Lyme resident. We read and tallied the results from each of the 916 surveys returned. The survey respondents, by clear majorities, indicated that they did not want wind turbines near the water or the population centers of Chaumont and Three Mile Bay. BP Alternative Energy and Voters for Wind now say that the survey process was somehow flawed ...
12 Aug 2008

Supplemental DEIS needed in Arkwright

Significant changes to the proposed New Grange Wind Farm's transmission line location plans require a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Study be prepared. The Arkwright Town Board learned Monday about this supplemental report from Robert Adams, a consulting engineer with Conestoga-Rovers, the company reviewing the DEIS filed by Horizon Wind Energy for the town.
12 Aug 2008

Naples backs windfarm opponent

The Town Board recently agreed to collaborate on a letter to the state attorney general asking his office to intervene in a conflict between a Naples property owner and a company that plans to build a wind farm in Prattsburgh. The board wants the attorney general to require that windmills be set back far enough from the town line to allow Naples homeowners full use of their property.
10 Aug 2008

Objections heard on Barre towers

After a public hearing on a proposed local wind energy facilities law Wednesday, the town board put off voting on its adoption. Trustees will discuss the issue at a special work session at a date to be announced, Supervisor Mark Chamberlain said. ...the board has written a new version establishing wind energy tower restrictions for the general health, welfare and safety of its residents, Chamberlain said. ..."It started out as four sentences. It is now 24 pages," Chamberlain said. "It talks about many aspects of wind energy conversion."
8 Aug 2008

Town of Spafford revises wind law

Over 50 residents attended the first public hearing, making known there concerns about the possibility of large wind turbines affecting the town's scenery, noise levels and quality of life. Many residents spoke out against the turbines, fearing that passing a law allowing smaller turbines would open the door for commercial wind farms to create facilities in the town. The vagueness of the law, they said, did not limit the turbine's height or power output.
5 Aug 2008

Windmills could be up in Gorham by fall

The town approved an 80-foot windmill, but Fuller needs the tower at least 20 feet higher to produce enough energy to qualify for a grant program with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. ...In June, the Planning Board approved the first residential windmill in Gorham, a tower up to 140 feet high on a farm on Jones Road over looking Canandaigua Lake. Owner Jack Schilbe knew his proposed windmill had to be at least 100 feet high to produce enough wind energy to power his 100-acre farm. He asked that additional footage be added to his proposal to give him more latitude to qualify for grant money.
4 Aug 2008

Hanover OKs wind energy law

A new local law on wind energy conversion systems was approved Monday by the Hanover Town Board. The wind energy legislation will govern equipment, location and the process for obtaining necessary permits for wind towers. Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro said there is no application currently on file and that any company wishing to establish a wind farm would be required to conduct an environmental study and apply for all the necessary permits.
29 Jul 2008
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