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Cape Vincent Wind Farm likely to be sold by BP by year's end

BP Wind Energy plans to sell its entire development portfolio - which includes the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm - by the end of the year, according to a company spokeswoman. "BP is seeking to divest its entire wind development portfolio to potential buyers that have the strategy and resources to continue to develop these projects."
20 Sep 2013

Wind farm proposal divides Richfield Springs

A review of a controversial wind-farm project that would bracket U.S. Route 20 is expected to be completed by Otsego County planners by, and the Richfield Planning Board could act on an application for a special permit, according to some officials, as early as Aug. 12. The wind project has divided town officials as well as town residents, with opponents saying the towering turbines would be noisy and emit flashing lights.
25 Jul 2013

Coal plant's planned shift to natural gas fuels energy debate

Environmental activists say this is no time to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to the traditional modes of power generation using fossil fuel when resources could be channeled into continued development of green infrastructure. ...[but] wind power will be at least 29 percent more expensive than electricity produced by the natural gas technology and solar power will be more than twice as expensive.
15 Jul 2013

Osprey New Home

Ospreys_new_home_thumb This personal turbine erected in Cape Vincent, New York was declared by the town as an illegal structure. The turbine still stands but not used until a local resident, an Osprey, move in.
14 Jun 2013

Noble ready to take down unfinished wind towers

While work was stalled at the Noble Environmental Power wind park in Bellmont back in 2008, landowners with unfinished remnants of it may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The company has applied for a decommissioning, which essentially means it will be required to remove all 14 of the concrete bases and service pads and restore the land to the way it was before officials stepped foot on it.
28 May 2013

Wind power is not worth it

In 2012, taxpayers contributed $13.5 billion in addition to $5.8 billion in grants, for a mere 3.6 percent of the energy produced nationwide. And how much of that money goes to manufacturers in Europe? We then pay again for the energy produced and for the cost of backup energy.
25 May 2013

State says BP failed to meet several requirements for Cape wind project

BP Wind Energy has failed to meet several state requirements in its preliminary scoping statement for the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm and used a half-century-old map for its turbine site plan, according to state Department of Public Service staff. "The mapping included in the PSS is seriously out-of-date United States Geological Survey (USGS) topographic quadrangles published circa 1958," the department's staff said.
23 Apr 2013
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