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Measuring background noise with an attended, mobile survey during nights with stable atmospheric conditions

Schneider_internoise2009capevincentambientnoise_thumb In response to sound studies from commercial wind developers, a series of background noise surveys were conducted in Cape Vincent, NY between May and July 2008. The survey approach included sampling at night under stable atmospheric conditions and systematically selecting monitoring stations at 1.6 km intervals. Stable conditions occurred in 67% of nights and in 30% of those nights, wind velocities represented worse-case conditions where ground level winds were less than 2 m/s and hub-height winds were greater than wind turbine cut-in speed, 4 m/s. The median A-weighted L90a,9hr sound pressure level was 25.7 and 26.7 dBA. C-weighted SPLs from the two mobile surveys were 40.0 dBC and 43.9 dBC. Assuming 45 dBA background noise, developers of the St. Lawrence Wind Farm predicted noise impacts would not exceed local and New York guidelines. However, assuming worse-case conditions using 25.6 dBA background noise, nearly all residences within range of the St Lawrence Wind Farm exceeded New York guidelines and more than half would have noise levels considered "objectionable" to "intolerable".
23 Aug 2009

Environmentally Concerned Citizens Org. comments to Clayton NY Wind Law Committee

Ecco_comments_5-29-09_thumb This letter was prepared in response to the March 13, 2009 recommendations of the Clayton Wind Law Committee, a committee established by the Town Board. The comments contained are limited to the town’s consideration of limits on the development of utility-scale, industrial wind turbines, especially as part of a multi-turbine wind farm. NY Attorney Gary Abraham submitted the letter on behalf of Environmentally Concerned Citizens Organization (ECCO).
29 May 2009

Background sound measurements and analysis in the vicinity of Cape Vincent, NY

Schoomer_report_thumb Paul D. Schomer of Schomer & Associates Inc., was invited by the residents of Cape Vincent, NY to evaluate the pre-construction noise studies conducted Hessler and Associates. Dr. Schomer is chairman of the International Organization for Standardization working group on environmental noise and chairman of the American National Standards committee on noise, among other leadership roles in noise measurement. His findings contradict the studies done by Hessler Associates Inc. The executive summary of his report is reproduced on this page. His full report can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
11 May 2009

CTA summary of findings on preconstruction noise studies, Clayton Wind Farm Project

Tocci___cavanaugh_executive_summary_for_clayton_thumb Cavanaugh Tocci Associates (CTA) was hired by the Town of Clayton NY to review the noise analysis prepared by Iberdrola/PPM for the Clayton wind farm project. CTA's report was delivered to the town on February 15, 2008 but refused by the Town Board with objections that the report was too technical. CTA was asked to prepare an executive summary of their report. The executive summary of the report can be accessed by clicking on the link below. To date, the town has refused to release the full CTA report to the residents of Clayton or to the Planning Board.
25 Aug 2008

DeWayne Wilkie health assessment report

Wilkiedoctorreport_thumb Mr. DeWayne Wilkie of Jefferson County, NY was seen by a cardiologist in March 2008. Dr. Carroll Moody assessed Mr. Wilkie's health and from a cardiovascular standpoint, declared Mr. Wilkie 'stable'. Dr. Moody also includes information in the report on how wind turbine noise might affect the pace maker inserted in Mr. Wilkie's chest.
18 Mar 2008

Cavanaugh Tocci comments on noise analysis PPM Clayton Wind Farm

Claytonnoisereportfromtocciacoustic_thumb The Town of Clayton, in Jefferson County New York, has released comments issued by Cavanaugh Tocci Associates in regard to the preconstruction sound level study conducted by PPM Energy for the Clayton Wind Farm. CTA's comments can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The first two pages of the file provide an executive summary of the comments delivered to the Town at the request of the Town Board.
15 Feb 2008

Evaluation of Environmental Noise Analysis for “Dairy Hills Wind Farm”

Noise_analysis_of_dairy_hills_windfarm-1b__rbolton_thumb Industrial wind turbine farms are proposed for the towns of Perry, Covington and Warsaw, NY that will permanently alter the towns. Large turbines create strong noise levels not only from wind through the blades but largely by the turbine mechanisms themselves. To capture the wind these turbines are to be installed on hill tops around the town and thus have significant potential to create a noise nuisance. Wind turbine noise added to the prevailing ambient background sound is an important environmental consideration when siting wind turbines since they are a permanent installation and may significantly impair resident’s enjoyment of neighboring lands or even personal health. Also, relevant consideration of noise impacts and mitigation measures are a specific requirement of a NY State Environmental Quality Review procedure, required before approval of permits.
16 Oct 2006

The Wayward Wind

Silver_lake_speech_thumb Because time seems to be running out on fossil fuels and the lure of non-polluting windpower is so seductive, some people are now promoting windpower initiatives at any cost, without investigating potential negative consequences-- and with no apparent knowledge of even recent environmental history......Throughout my experience, I could not substantiate a single claim developers made for industrial wind energy, including the one justifying its existence: that massive wind installations would meaningfully reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. When you understand this, you realize the wind business is not really that complex. But there are a lot of complicated issues swirling around it that obscure and distract from this main point, issues such as global warming, property values, the nature of wind leases, local revenues and taxes, wildlife, natural views, and a host of others. So how does one know the truth of it all? How does one go about separating the reality from spin?
19 Jun 2006

Public Health and Safety: Deficiencies of the New York State Department of State Presentation to Local Officials Concerning Wind Turbines

Public_health_and_safety__and_wind_turbines--deficiencies_of_the_ny_dos_presentation_thumb Dr, Kenneth Jaffe's response to the health and safety content of a June 2006 presentation by the NY State Department of State (DOS) in Delware County, NY. The DOS presentation, which included a discussion of the impact of industrial turbine projects on communities and individuals, is intended to guide local officials in the process of writing regulations. Dr. Jaffe's response addresses what he believes are substantive misstatements, mischaracterizations, biased emphasis and faulty data contained in the DOS presentation.
1 Jun 2006
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