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Allegany wind project officially dead

Close to eight years of legal battles, community upsets and neighbors bickering with neighbors over a proposed 29-turbine wind project in the town of Allegany came to an end Tuesday. The final nail in the coffin of the proposed EverPower Wind LLC project in the Chipmonk and Knapp Creek areas was hammered when the Allegany Town Board unanimously voted to rescind the wind overlay district.
10 Sep 2014

Wirt plans to revisit wind farm development

The company was scheduled to present to the town board earlier this week, but conflicts forced the company to reschedule, said Kean Stimm, Kean Wind Turbine founder. Kean Wind will reschedule with the town to conduct a presentation in the area during the fall.
14 Jun 2014

One farmer weighs pros and cons of wind turbines

Dan isn't sure what he thinks about the turbines. "It’s a little scary that you got that much material in the air over you turning and rotating. And there’s no doubt from where they’re talking about putting it, any place on the farm you’ll be able to hear them."
31 May 2014

Wind farm complaint process: Part II

On March 30, 2014, there was unbelievable noise at my home coming from the south, southeast. I called the Susan May/Invenergy Hotline — (866) 378-4580. There was no surprise here as it was dead. No ring, no answer, just dead. Thinking my phone was the issue I tried a cell phone and same thing; dead as can be.
11 Apr 2014

Cattaraugus County wind farm is on hold

The developer of a proposed 29-turbine wind farm in Cattaraugus County is re-evaluating the project after a state appellate court rejected its appeal of the Town of Allegany’s refusal to extend a permit for the $160 million development.
26 Mar 2014

Cape Vincent wind project left in limbo after hearing

“We [the NY PSC] want to move things forward if there’s a way, but if there’s not any action, we could decide to close the application down. If there’s a sale (by March), then we’ll have to schedule a conference to find out where we are and what we should do about it. A lot of people have put their lives on hold, not knowing whether a turbine is going to affect them one way or another.”
10 Dec 2013

Cape Vincent ballot dispute goes to Supreme Court

The Democrats claim in their action that the Board of Elections improperly issued absentee ballots “in error, based upon insufficient, fraudulent or forged applications.” They maintain that the ballots were given to people whose primary residence is not in the town of Cape Vincent, making them ineligible to vote in town elections. The also claim that a voter in the town’s District 2 was allowed to vote on a ballot used exclusively for District 1.
19 Nov 2013

Let’s not hand over our community to Everpower/Allegany Wind

Everpower/Allegany Wind representatives have already violated their contract with the town of Allegany numerous times. Then, rather than completing the required study for the project changes they demanded, they brought not just one, but two costly lawsuits against the town. Do we really want to allow these individuals, already acting as our enemies, to have the contractual right to do large-scale, risky business here
20 Oct 2013

Cape Vincent Wind Farm likely to be sold by BP by year's end

BP Wind Energy plans to sell its entire development portfolio - which includes the proposed Cape Vincent Wind Farm - by the end of the year, according to a company spokeswoman. "BP is seeking to divest its entire wind development portfolio to potential buyers that have the strategy and resources to continue to develop these projects."
20 Sep 2013
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