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Giant wind farm buying leases in WNY

WASHINGTON – The coal-fired Somerset Power Station's 600-foot smokestack on the Lake Ontario shoreline in Niagara County could be joined in the next couple of years by several dozen wind turbines feeding electricity into the same transmission line.
26 Feb 2015

Town of Burke eying wind tower regulations

Town officials last week discussed the possibility of creating regulations that would govern the siting of wind towers in the town. There are presently no announced plans to establish a wind farm in Burke, although Horizon Wind Energy of Texas recently announced plans to revive plans for the long-dormant Jericho Rise wind farm in the neighboring towns of Chateaugay and Bellmont.
16 Feb 2015

Opinions swirl amid Cassadaga wind farm talks

While no one openly criticized the project, some attendees were more tight-lipped, indicating they needed more information before fully “jumping on board.” “We’re hopeful … but this is not a done deal,” Sheen said. “If this is a mile-long race, we’re at the starting lane.”
21 Jan 2015

In Hornellsville, EverPower signing up land owners, beginning permit process

Construction on a proposed Hornell-Hartsville wind farm could begin in 2016 with commercial operations underway in 2017 ..."We completed our Avian impact studies and got, not an all clear, but a pretty all clear, on eagles and northern long-eared bats. We also did a study on the FAA, which is important in this area due to the airport. The airport is going to limit (us) a little bit."
15 Jan 2015

Think Again, before your liberties are gone with the wind

Verbiage that should send up the red flag on wind leases for massive industrial-scale turbines on your real estate includes the fact that the landowner allows the wind corporation to “go over, under through and across” leased land — oftentimes for a period of 40 years, with the Big Wind LLC having the right of renewal on those leases. Many believe this also jeopardizes mineral rights of the property under contract. ...Another hard-to-decipher clause, usually toward the end of the wind lease contract, states that the Big Wind LLC, at their discretion, can alter any condition of the contract. WOW! Really?!? You might as well just hand the deed over now!
6 Jan 2015

LIPA comes under fire for delaying renewables project

"The disadvantage of offshore wind is the cost. Offshore wind has been supported for a number of years by an investment tax credit. That credit has expired. "We strongly believe that the authority's electric customers ought not to bear the risk of Congress not renewing the investment tax credit," he said.
18 Dec 2014

Allegany wind turbine struggle officially comes to end

That action came after close to eight years of legal battles with the town and Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County, a community group that opposed the project. The board’s action in September occurred three months after the New York State Supreme Court dismissed an appeal filed by EverPower against the planning board. 
17 Dec 2014

Another North Country wind farm coming soon?

A long dormant wind project in Franklin County, N.Y., might come back to life. The proposed Jericho Rise Wind Farm recently won part of an award of $206 million from NYSERDA, the New York State energy agency. If EDP Renewables, the wind energy firm developing the project, gets the go-ahead, about 37 new wind turbines would come to the North Country in 2017.
15 Dec 2014

Catlin bans wind farm

After two heated public hearings and 267 signatures, wind turbines will not be coming to the Town of Catlin. Florida-Based NextEra Energy Resources had its sights set on the small community but may have to start looking elsewhere. 
18 Nov 2014

Outlines of Orleans-Niagara wind farm aired

Monday’s meeting starts a five-month public outreach period required by the state’s electrical generation siting rules. Wilson said the process of completing environmental quality reviews would take at least another one to three years, with construction running an additional nine months.
15 Oct 2014
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