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Hudson annexes NY wind

Initial proponent Upstate NY Power Corp., a Pattern Energy subsidiary, had received state approval for an 84-turbine 254MW project. However its transmission line application was cancelled in 2013 and the project was shelved.
18 Jun 2015

Somerset seeks more public input on wind power proposal

The project is expected to be built in the Route 18 corridor in Somerset and the neighboring Orleans County Town of Yates, although Apex has yet to file a scoping document that will include the exact locations. Once that document is filed, the state law says, the town and residents are given a 21-day public comment period. That’s completely inadequate, in the board’s view, so it passed a resolution demanding that the Public Service Commission extend the comment period to 90 days.
17 May 2015

Wind energy myths spun by lobbyists and salesmen

The only thing that has ever been reliably generated by industrial wind is complete and utter civil discord. Neighbor is pitted against neighbor, and even family member against family member. Sprawling industrial wind factories have totally divided communities, which is already apparent in towns across New York State and the country. It is the job of good government to foresee and prevent this kind of civil discord – not to promote it.
13 May 2015

Clarence says no to wind turbine

Residents cheered the unanimous decision Monday night by the Clarence Zoning Board to deny a request by owners of Thompson Brothers Greenhouse, who wanted to put up a 133 foot wind turbine like this one that was allowed to go up on a more rural road in Clarence.
28 Apr 2015

Proposed wind towers don’t meet zoning rules in Town of Sheridan

According to Town Code Enforcement Officer James Crowell, the proposal does not comply with the town’s requirements for height and for the set back of construction from buildings. Two of the 50 kilowatt towers are 171 feet tall and would be higher than the town’s limit of 165 feet. The town also requires that the towers be at least 1,200 feet from dwellings.
18 Apr 2015

Appellate court reverses ruling that Hounsfield must pay attorneys $160k

A state appellate court has unanimously reversed a lower court’s ruling that the town of Hounsfield must pay a Watertown law firm $160,615 in legal fees related to the defunct Galloo Island Wind Farm development. Friday’s ruling by the state Appellate Division, Fourth Department, sends the matter back to state Supreme Court, where it had been determined in January 2014 that the town owed the money to Schwerzmann & Wise PC.
28 Mar 2015

Hartsville turbine project gets blow back

Lawrence previously told The Evening Tribune that a 10-kilowatt turbine installed on a 140-foot tower would produce 14,509 kilowatt hours of energy, which would qualify him for a $39,509 installation grant. "The grant will not be funded at all for an 80-foot tower," Lawrence said.
16 Mar 2015

Wind turbine project causes turbulence in Henderson

Some town residents and business owners are readying for what they think could become another fight against wind power. The prospect of a wind farm on Galloo Island in the town of Hounsfield — about 6 miles from the closest mainland at Stony Point in Henderson — has provoked a response from people in the area who believe there are compelling reasons to oppose building turbines there.
16 Mar 2015

JCIDA chief exaggerated support for Galloo Island wind project, legislator says

The chief of the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency said he expects a tax break for a wind farm proposed on Galloo Island would be approved without controversy. But the county Board of Legislators probably would reject such a proposal, contends Scott A. Gray, a county legislator who also sits on the JCIDA board. “My personal head count of the board is that there wouldn’t be enough support,” said Mr. Gray.
9 Mar 2015
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