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Judges reject wind opposition bid

“While I’m denying motion, I’m also cautioning the applicant that the process does require it to meaningfully respond to public comment and to show the comment is responded to and how decisions are informed by those comments, or explain why it has chosen not to follow the comments.”
22 Jan 2016

State judges divide up money for fighting wind project

The company, whose project is called Lighthouse Wind, was required by law to provide $70,350, based on the size of its proposed 201-megawatt project. At a meeting in the Barker Fire Company hall, before a crowd of about 75, the judges decided to give $40,350 to the Town of Somerset, $20,500 to the Town of Yates and $9,500 to Save Ontario Shores, a citizen group.
22 Jan 2016

Enfield wind farm wavers amid concerns

A contractor was lined up, all permits were complete and plans had been finalized, Wells added. "We’re ready to go, and then (Teeter) backed out, and that was completely unforeseeable because the guy has been our biggest proponent for nine years.” Teeter said he couldn't comment on why he backed out.
15 Jan 2016

Once in favor of wind power, Yates residents become overwhelmingly opposed

Two surveys last fall showed overwhelming opposition to the Lighthouse Wind project proposed by Apex Clean Energy, which wants to erect a total of as many as 70 wind turbines in Yates and the neighboring Town of Somerset in Niagara County. ...Somerset town leaders have been vocal in their opposition to the project, hiring former state Attorney General Dennis C. Vacco to provide legal muscle for their fight against the plan.
12 Jan 2016

Wind power foes fear impact on Falls air base

Opponents of a planned wind power project on the shores of Lake Ontario asserted Wednesday that the presence of the turbines might be a black mark against the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station in any future round of threatened base closures, even though the turbines would be about 25 miles away.
7 Jan 2016

Enfield wind farm board member faces harassment charge

"I want the cops here right now!" called a clearly upset woman from the back of the Enfield gymnasium. ..."I haven't been able to talk all night because I've had a gag clause... I'm afraid I'm gonna get sued! And then the wind people just grabbed my arm. This is the kind of shit I'm talking about!" said the woman, whom the police report identified as Theresa Guler of Enfield.
22 Dec 2015

Black Oak Wind concern, support draws 150

Worries that the Black Oak Wind Farm will decimate property values and cause public health and safety issues, among other concerns, spurred about 150 people to fill a public meeting Thursday night. ...The meeting had a tense atmosphere throughout. Several people yelled comments out of turn, and others raised their voice into a microphone when it was their turn to speak.
18 Dec 2015
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