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Newfield citizens wanted for committees

The board had been wrestling with what to do about Black Oak Wind Farm's proposing a windmill site in Newfield, and it’s likely that the board will vote to instate a 90-day moratorium on any wind energy development in the town so that local laws can be reviewed.
11 Apr 2016

Amid accusations, wind industry to receive new ethical code of conduct

Vacco, who is representing the town of Somerset where some of the turbines will be located, asserted that Apex has been “astroturfing” meetings, or bringing in paid employees to act as local residents supportive of the project or to flood state offices with letters of support. According to a letter Vacco wrote to Schneiderman, the town is worried that Apex is intentionally misrepresenting and inflating support for the project. 
7 Apr 2016

Facts, not myths, propel 'wind farm' opposition

We who oppose the Apex “Clean Energy” project Lighthouse Wind, a proposed 600-foot, 70-unit commercial wind turbine installation in the townships of Somerset and Yates, have been accused of repeating myths about wind power that have been discredited by scientific research. Wrong!
1 Apr 2016

Developer, foes continue battle over Lake Ontario wind project

Pamela R. Atwater, the president of Save Ontario Shores, a citizen group opposing the project, said she is not sure Apex would have signed the code of conduct if opponents hadn’t publicized its failure to do so. “I think they were shamed into it,” she said. “Why should the citizens have to do the research to determine what leases have been signed in the counties?”
20 Mar 2016

APEX Lighthouse Wind and NY Wind Code of Ethics

​The Town of Somerset learned today that Lighthouse Wind LLC, a subsidiary of Apex Clean Energy (“Apex”), has signed a Code of Conduct with the New York State Attorney General’s Office. Apex previously stated it negotiated the terms of the Code of Conduct directly with the Attorney General’s office. However, the Town, or any other local municipality, was not included in any of the discussions between Apex and the Attorney General’s Office regarding the provisions of the Code of Conduct. 
18 Mar 2016

Lighthouse Wind accepts NYS code of conduct

A section of the code requires Apex to disclose the names of any municipal official or their family members who would benefit financially from the company's wind farm development. To comply with the code, Apex must list the full name of the official or relative and the nature and scope of their financial interest, submit the information to the state Attorney General's office and, also, list the information on its website.
17 Mar 2016

Time to regroup and defend against Big Wind

Like a freshening breeze that becomes a steady blow, the move to turn northeastern Jefferson County into one giant wind generation facility has roared perforce back to life. ...Big Wind is locked and loaded, and in every instance is trying to neutralize local input into siting decisions. 
12 Mar 2016

Apex reviewing code of conduct

“The Attorney General’s Office has recently provided Lighthouse Wind and other wind developers in New York with an updated code of conduct agreement to review,” the company said. ...Lighthouse Wind said it is complying with most of the code.
3 Mar 2016

Why has Apex not signed the code of conduct?

Apex’s delay in signing and complying with the Code of Conduct adds to the ongoing experiences of citizens who have had questions addressed by Apex with “you’ll find out later” type of language. People want disclosure. Let us know your plans.
29 Feb 2016

Horse Creek wind project in Clayton could expand into Orleans, Lyme and Brownville

A representative from Iberdrola Renewables confirmed the plan for the towers, which are used to measure wind speeds, during a pre-application meeting held earlier this month by the town Planning Board, according to Supervisor David M. Storandt Jr. The developer has proposed to put up three towers within the town, he said, including one north of the Chaumont River that probably won’t be approved because it’s outside the town’s wind overlay district.
11 Feb 2016
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