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Turbine moratorium gives Victor time to craft needed codes

With rising heating oil costs and electric bills, and the push for more environmentally friendly energy, it's to be expected that there will be more folks like Thorn hoping to harness the power of wind. One has already surfaced: Jerry Collier told the Victor Town Board a few weeks back that he has been thinking about putting up a turbine on his Rawson Road property. But Collier will have to wait, as the Victor Town Board has just enacted a six-month moratorium on wind turbines while it looks at getting local codes on the books to regulate them. It's a wise move on the board's part.
27 Jul 2009

Prattsburgh: sound expert may be tapped for noise ordinance

Prattsburgh town officials will meet Tuesday to consider hiring a sound expert to draft a general noise ordinance aimed at regulating wind turbines. The board's action followed an initial report by Seth Waltz, president of Avl Designs, Inc. of Pensfield, on his preliminary study of noise in Prattsburgh, the neighboring town of Naples and wind farm in Cohocton operated by First Wind.
25 Jul 2009

Many DEIS reviewers still unsatisfied

Round two of the reviews of the environmental assessment of the proposed St. Lawrence Wind Farm took up where round one ended. Like the first draft, the supplemental draft environmental impact statement has a high number of comments - more than 60 by state officials and members of the public.
24 Jul 2009

Prattsburgh residents question wind permit law

The Prattsburgh town board took no action on a proposed tower permit law after holding a public hearing on the law Tuesday night. A number of residents questioned the need for the law since the town was advised by state officials last winter it could not issue building permits because there were no town laws regulating cellular or wind tower construction.
22 Jul 2009

Clayton dispels rumors of Grindstone turbines

The Grindstone Island militia can stand down. A group of startled Clayton residents who mistakenly believed the Town Council was trying to create a new Wind Energy Facility Overlay District on Grindstone Island planned to oppose the rumored wind district at an annual council meeting on Grindstone.
21 Jul 2009

Town eyes few wind law changes

When the Hammond Town Council presents its new law regulating wind energy to the community July 27, residents will find it's almost identical to the regulations adopted in December. While the town board has changed some of the wording, the proposed law still calls for setbacks of just 500 feet from roads and boundary lines and 1,500 feet from off-site residences.
20 Jul 2009

Moratorium a ploy by Cape Vincent board

In 2006, the town's Planning Board passed a resolution they did not need a wind law and Supervisor Thomas Rienbeck and the town board quickly followed by killing the wind law initiative. This ill-advised action exposed river and lake districts to unregulated commercial wind development for the past three years. The idea of a moratorium is nothing new either. Since 2006 the town board ignored numerous requests to institute a moratorium on wind development. So, what has changed?
19 Jul 2009

Expert: It's difficult to write noise ordinance

In Mr. Waltz's opinion, the task of writing a meaningful noise ordinance that would, in fact, adequately protect Prattsburgh residents is difficult. Mr. Waltz made a number of extremely provocative comments. One, ...wind turbines produce no constant tonality, no universal signature, making the creation of a noise standard challenging. Two, the most critical issue isn't audible noise; ...Three, because the DEC Noise Guidelines measure DBA without any consideration of low frequency noise, those guidelines are not an appropriate standard for a Prattsburgh Noise Ordinance.
18 Jul 2009

Noise? What noise?

The noise you can hear may be a problem for some individuals living near wind farms, according to Rochester- based acoustician Seth Waltz. But the noise you can't hear may be more troublesome and difficult to predict, Waltz, of avi designs, inc., told the Prattsburgh town board recently. "There is no way to guarantee you won't have a problem," Waltz told board members.
17 Jul 2009

Town move eases path to wind farm

The Town Council here rescinded its motion, in a split vote, to enforce the town's wind-facilities law on a project belonging to Penn Energy Trust. That clears the way for the company to develop a 13-turbine wind facility for the Rand Hill Road area through a conditional-use permit originally granted to Windhorse Power, LLC, on Jan. 31, 2007.
17 Jul 2009

Bath schedules wind farm hearing

The public will have a chance to weigh in on a moratorium on commercial wind development in the town of Bath on Aug. 10. The public hearing was set Monday by the Bath Town Board after approving a draft of the six-month ban on commercial wind turbines. The measure is precautionary since there are no known plans by an energy company to build a commercial wind farm in the town.
17 Jul 2009

No need to rush before knowing wind power price

Somewhere behind the universal belief that wind will someday help provide some of the energy we need lurk some intriguing questions, many of them never before answered in quite the way the New Windsor Planning Board could find useful. ...Until we and New Windsor know a bit more about the impact these turbines will have in the back and other yards, it would be better to wait.
16 Jul 2009

Dietrich walks out of meeting in protest

Arkwright Councilman Jeff Dietrich couldn't get a second to his motion Monday to have Horizon Wind Energy and the town sign with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's ethical standards regarding wind energy development. ...When he and Councilman Roger Cardot began discussing their opinions regarding this issue, Supervisor Fred Norton closed them down ...Dietrich said a wise teacher once told him "Stand by your principles or stand alone; I guess I stand alone." He then walked out of the meeting.
15 Jul 2009

Victor adopts wind turbine moratorium

Potential wind farmers will have to wait at least until January before building turbines to harness the breeze. On Monday night, the Victor Town Board adopted a six-month moratorium on wind turbine development while a committee devises a code to regulate the turbines. All board members voted for the measure except for Peter Hessney, who was absent.
14 Jul 2009

Town eyes selective wind moratorium

While a new wind power development zoning law is in a holding pattern, the Town Council at its August meeting will consider a moratorium on all wind power development in the river and lake districts. On Thursday night, Supervisor Thomas K. Rienbeck suggested a yearlong moratorium "since we can't seem to come up with a suitable zoning law dealing with wind power."
10 Jul 2009

Turbine measure passes with non-commercial fee

The Athens Town Board took their own steps to allow wind turbines on Monday night, but with dissent by one of their council regarding the details. Instead of passing a law, the Town Board along with Code Enforcement Officer George Holsopple determined they would implement a resolution instead to add a $150 fee to all specific 50-foot non-commercial wind turbines to the existing list of permit fees.
7 Jul 2009
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