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Orleans council cancels wind session

The Orleans Town Council canceled a wind power comment meeting that had been set for Oct. 21. The council had agreed to host the meeting after Horse Creek Wind Farm proponents balked at the recommendations from the town's Wind Committee for more restrictive zoning for commercial wind farms in the town. The council and committee discussed the recommendations at a meeting Sept. 17.
9 Oct 2009

Read Orleans' recommendations for wind turbine zoning

At Thursday's Orleans Town Council meeting, the town's Wind Committee submitted its second set of recommendations for wind turbine zoning. The first set had recommendations for noise rules and setbacks to avoid ice throw, turbine failure and flicker. These recommendations deal with other concerns, including well water disruption and radon exposure because of rock blasting.
9 Oct 2009

Invenergy applies for wind farm in Orangeville

Invenergy has formally submitted its application for a 59-turbine wind farm within the town. The Chicago-based company applied this past Friday to the town for a special use permit. ...The project -- much like the neighboring High Sheldon Wind Farm -- has already generated its share of controversy among town residents. Opponents and supporters are offering vocal opinions for and against the proposed development.
6 Oct 2009

Changes irk wind farm backers

Vocal opposition to changing a wind power development zoning law in Clayton and Orleans has begun to solidify. Those who support the proposed Horse Creek Wind Farm, including many leaseholders, have balked at the changes that, according to developer Iberdrola Renewables, would eliminate the project. Iberdrola's 126-megawatt project would raise 56 turbines in Clayton and eight in Orleans.
21 Sep 2009

Orleans Council discusses wind

The Orleans Town Council seemed most concerned with whether the Wind Committee's recommendations would still allow the proposed Horse Creek Wind Farm. ...Councilman Thomas A. Johnston said he looked at every parcel in the current wind overlay district, where project development is allowed. None of them had enough space to comply with the recommended setbacks and have room for turbines.
18 Sep 2009

Cape ZBA stands by ruling on turbine

The town's Zoning Board of Appeals is standing by its decision that Roger D. Alexander's 92-foot-tall personal wind turbine is illegal. At a ZBA meeting Monday, Chairman Edward P. Bender said Mr. Alexander does not have to take his wind turbine down immediately. It's up to the Town Council to make that decision, he said.
15 Sep 2009

Arkwright board tables request from Horizon

The Arkwright Town Board spoke with one voice when it unanimously voted to table a Horizon Wind Energy waiver request. The request involved granting an easement on property Horizon has an option to purchase on Meadows Road that abuts the county owned Earl Cardot Overland Hiking Trail.
11 Sep 2009

Clayton accepts wind report

The Clayton Town Council agreed to keep the sound limitations and most of the setback recommendations from the Wind Committee and forward them to the town attorney to begin writing a new zoning law for wind power development. The council, meeting Wednesday night, held voice votes on all 16 recommendations forwarded from the committee. The only point dropped by the council was a recommendation to site turbines so there would be no flicker effect falling at road intersections.
27 Aug 2009

More thought needed on wind power plan

What seems to be happening here is that power developers moved covertly into our neighborhoods to solicit some landowners, with the result of bitterly dividing the community. If we are to move forward with a plan that aims to harness the wind and pump life into our economy, then we should do it in a way that makes us a strong community. You can be assured that the power companies have a business plan. So should the town of Hammond.
26 Aug 2009

Orleans wind panel urges stricter rules; Bigger setbacks, more stringent noise regulations

The Orleans Wind Committee is calling on the Town Council to adopt stricter noise and setback regulations for wind power development. The committee submitted the first part of its recommendations, covering noise and setbacks, to council members at the end of July and publicly during the council's meeting last week. The second part, including recommendations on stray voltage, fire risks, water and aquifer effects, turbine lighting, radon and security, are still being finalized.
25 Aug 2009

Copenhagen passes wind moratorium

Village officials passed a moratorium Wednesday night that restricts any type of windmill, either commercial or personal, from being set up within village limits. Mayor Kenneth R. Clarke said he expects the moratorium to last about a year while the board develops a law that "protects people in the village." The decision came after the town of Denmark announced it was closer to setting a wind power zoning law.
20 Aug 2009

Wind law stalls at Prattsburgh meeting

The Prattsburgh town board took no action on a draft wind utilities law Tuesday, instead opting to review two draft laws, including one with changes approved by the board 4-0 in July. Councilwoman Stacey Bottoni objected to the July version saying it contained language she didn't like. But Councilman Steve Kula said the version contained changes Bottoni approved before leaving the meeting last month.
19 Aug 2009

Expert: resident can tape meetings

John L. Byrne, a town resident who was almost arrested for videotaping a Town Council meeting Thursday, should be allowed to tape the meetings, according to Robert J. Freeman, executive director of the state Committee on Open Government. ..."They are just trying to degrade the town board," Mr. Rienbeck said. "They're waiting for somebody, like me or the Planning Board chairman, Richard Edsall, to lose temper." For several years, the Town Council has been in conflict with the Wind Power Ethics Group.
16 Aug 2009

Bath town board votes in favor of temporary ban

A six-month moratorium on commercial wind development is now in place in the town of Bath, after the town council voted Monday night in favor of the temporary ban. The moratorium was one of a number of items before the board, including an update on the joint salt barn project between the town and village of Bath. The moratorium may also be extended up to an additional six months if needed, said Bath Town Supervisor Frederick Muller.
15 Aug 2009

Even with some unresolved concerns, Denmark closer to wind zoning law

After about a year and a half of discussions, the Denmark Town Council is working to get a wind power zoning law on the books, possibly by next month. However, some Copenhagen residents, including the mayor, still have reservations about the plan. "I want to protect people in the village," Copenhagen Mayor Kenneth R. Clarke said Monday night at a public hearing on the proposed amendment to town zoning law.
12 Aug 2009

Wyoming Co. wind farm: Dairy Hills issues aired, pro and con

Numbers fought philosophy during Monday's hearing on the proposed Dairy Hills Wind Farm environmental review. Supporters cited their sheer numbers during the public hearing meant to offer comments on the wind farm's supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement. In the meantime, opponents argued that subsidies, potential loss of property value and other negatives would hurt the town.
11 Aug 2009

Planning Board weighs in on wind law

Planning Board members and alternates have a wide range of views on what shape a wind development zoning law should take. The town-appointed Wind Committee submitted its recommendations on a zoning law April 22. Planning Board members and alternates submitted comments on those recommendations in July.
10 Aug 2009

Further investigation of wind issues needed

I am a north country native and have lived on the riverside of Route 12 in Hammond for 18 years. I am opposed to this Wind Energy Facilities Law in its present form. ...The revisions in this law were made by the attorney and are basically cosmetic. There have been no significant changes to any area, particularly the important health and safety issues like setbacks and noise levels.
9 Aug 2009

Cape ZBA declares wind turbine illegal

Personal wind turbines taller than 35 feet are illegal, the town's Zoning Board of Appeals decided Monday. The ZBA voted unanimously at its monthly meeting that Roger D. Alexander's 92-foot-tall residential wind turbine is in violation of the town's zoning law. "It is theoretically a turbine, but we have nothing in the zoning laws to do with that," ZBA Chairman Edward P. Bender said. "So we're going to treat it as an accessory structure."
5 Aug 2009
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