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No need to rush before knowing wind power price

Somewhere behind the universal belief that wind will someday help provide some of the energy we need lurk some intriguing questions, many of them never before answered in quite the way the New Windsor Planning Board could find useful. ...Until we and New Windsor know a bit more about the impact these turbines will have in the back and other yards, it would be better to wait.
16 Jul 2009

County continues to be targeted for wind power transmission lines

Officials from northern Oswego County continue to work with representatives from Upstate NY Power Corp. in regard to placing transmission lines through the northern part of the county that would originate on Galloo Island located in the Jefferson County Town of Hounsfield. ...So far, the involved parties have been meeting via conference calls, Leemann said.
15 Jul 2009

A blot on the landscape?

The presence of these overwhelming techno-energy giants brings to mind a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells. ...It's hard to see anything else. When I look towards the water, I don't see the natural beauty of Kingston's harbour anymore. I don't see Garden Island, Simcoe Island or even Wolfe Island, as my vision is drawn to these massive propellers waiting in rest or whirling away, depending on the breeze. If the daytime view isn't bad enough, the blinking red warning lights on the towers at night light up the sky like a runway at Pearson International Airport.
15 Jul 2009

Dietrich walks out of meeting in protest

Arkwright Councilman Jeff Dietrich couldn't get a second to his motion Monday to have Horizon Wind Energy and the town sign with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's ethical standards regarding wind energy development. ...When he and Councilman Roger Cardot began discussing their opinions regarding this issue, Supervisor Fred Norton closed them down ...Dietrich said a wise teacher once told him "Stand by your principles or stand alone; I guess I stand alone." He then walked out of the meeting.
15 Jul 2009

Victor adopts wind turbine moratorium

Potential wind farmers will have to wait at least until January before building turbines to harness the breeze. On Monday night, the Victor Town Board adopted a six-month moratorium on wind turbine development while a committee devises a code to regulate the turbines. All board members voted for the measure except for Peter Hessney, who was absent.
14 Jul 2009

Planned wind farm session criticized as biased

Thousand Islands High School will host a wind information session next week ...The session, called "Life in a Wind Farm," will have three speakers from the region who are living on wind farms. It is billed as an opportunity for people to learn the pros and cons of what it's like after the wind farm has been built.
11 Jul 2009

Tossed to the wind; Noble drops its area easements

Noble Environmental Power says tough economic times has made it necessary for the company to release a number of easement agreements between the wind energy company and local landowners. Twenty-two "releases were filed at the Franklin County Clerk's Office between April 17 and July 8.
10 Jul 2009

Town eyes selective wind moratorium

While a new wind power development zoning law is in a holding pattern, the Town Council at its August meeting will consider a moratorium on all wind power development in the river and lake districts. On Thursday night, Supervisor Thomas K. Rienbeck suggested a yearlong moratorium "since we can't seem to come up with a suitable zoning law dealing with wind power."
10 Jul 2009

Tax-exempt policy for wind farms hits new hurdle

Low electrical transmission capacity is not only making it difficult for wind power developers to figure out how to connect to the grid; it's created another hurdle for development of a uniform tax-exempt policy. The Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency was charged with creating the policy to guide all payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements for wind farms by the county Board of Legislators last year.
10 Jul 2009

Decision on tunnel scheme may come before wind farm

Meridian Energy Ltd could have a decision from the Environment Court on its new Waitaki River power scheme before its Project Hayes wind farm. Judge Jon Jackson, with commissioners, heard both Environment Court appeals on Project Hayes on the Lammermoor Range and the north bank tunnel concept power scheme on the Waitaki River between the Waitaki dam and Stonewall.
10 Jul 2009

Turbine measure passes with non-commercial fee

The Athens Town Board took their own steps to allow wind turbines on Monday night, but with dissent by one of their council regarding the details. Instead of passing a law, the Town Board along with Code Enforcement Officer George Holsopple determined they would implement a resolution instead to add a $150 fee to all specific 50-foot non-commercial wind turbines to the existing list of permit fees.
7 Jul 2009

Wind turbines create false storms on radar; Specious thunderstorm appear near Plattsburgh

Every day, all day, weather radar shows a small but intense thunderstorm northwest of Plattsburgh, N.Y. Further to the west, in central New York, where much of Vermont's weather comes from ...But these daily storms are not real. They're an unintended side effect of the wind farms cropping up on windy plateaus and mountains all over the nation.
6 Jul 2009

Planning Board comments on wind law

Members of the Planning Board are weighing in on the recommendations for a zoning law amendment by the town's Wind Committee. All but one member wrote up comments, which were not available to the public at Thursday night's Planning Board meeting.
6 Jul 2009

Schumer to FERC: No more NYRI extensions

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to grant no more extensions to NYRI, a group of investors who want to build an electrical transmission line from Oneida to Orange counties. In April, New York Regional Interconnect Inc. withdrew its application to the state's Public Service Commission to build a $2.1 billion power line ...NYRI has asked FERC to review its case, trying to keep the project alive.
3 Jul 2009

New Windsor board to discuss next step

The Town Board is getting widely differing advice on how to regulate wind turbines. The Orange County Planning Department, which reviewed the town's proposed law governing wind energy conversion systems, advised the town to strictly adhere to the terms in that document.
3 Jul 2009

Public input considered on wind energy

The Town Board will use comments from a Tuesday night public hearing to make some changes before it passes a proposed local law regulating wind energy facilities. Town Supervisor Chris Gerwitz told about 80 people at the hearing in the Ashford Community Center that he hopes for passage of the law but that the Town Board must first hold more discussions with the Planning Board and the town attorney.
2 Jul 2009

NYSERDA is sidestepping concerns regarding wind power

I was one of a number of citizens representing 33-plus New York state grass-roots groups that attended the June 16 NYSERDA [New York State Energy Research and Development Authority] environmental stakeholder's meeting on wind power in Albany. The reasons for this unique meeting were to answer citizen's questions on industrial wind power that we have been asking NYSERDA for years now.
1 Jul 2009
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