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Wind turbines create false storms on radar; Specious thunderstorm appear near Plattsburgh

Every day, all day, weather radar shows a small but intense thunderstorm northwest of Plattsburgh, N.Y. Further to the west, in central New York, where much of Vermont's weather comes from ...But these daily storms are not real. They're an unintended side effect of the wind farms cropping up on windy plateaus and mountains all over the nation.
6 Jul 2009

New Windsor board to discuss next step

The Town Board is getting widely differing advice on how to regulate wind turbines. The Orange County Planning Department, which reviewed the town's proposed law governing wind energy conversion systems, advised the town to strictly adhere to the terms in that document.
3 Jul 2009

Schumer to FERC: No more NYRI extensions

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to grant no more extensions to NYRI, a group of investors who want to build an electrical transmission line from Oneida to Orange counties. In April, New York Regional Interconnect Inc. withdrew its application to the state's Public Service Commission to build a $2.1 billion power line ...NYRI has asked FERC to review its case, trying to keep the project alive.
3 Jul 2009

Public input considered on wind energy

The Town Board will use comments from a Tuesday night public hearing to make some changes before it passes a proposed local law regulating wind energy facilities. Town Supervisor Chris Gerwitz told about 80 people at the hearing in the Ashford Community Center that he hopes for passage of the law but that the Town Board must first hold more discussions with the Planning Board and the town attorney.
2 Jul 2009

NYSERDA is sidestepping concerns regarding wind power

I was one of a number of citizens representing 33-plus New York state grass-roots groups that attended the June 16 NYSERDA [New York State Energy Research and Development Authority] environmental stakeholder's meeting on wind power in Albany. The reasons for this unique meeting were to answer citizen's questions on industrial wind power that we have been asking NYSERDA for years now.
1 Jul 2009

Officials streamline wind turbine policy; Demand for privately owned towers prompted law

The Town of Coxsackie took steps to promote alternative energy Monday night at a public hearing, approving the Small Wind Energy Facility Law after a lightly attended public comment session with no dissent. Town Board members with community input had been working on the ordinance since last October, finally hammering out the finished draft on June 8.
30 Jun 2009

Morristown wind group eyes landowner protection

The Morristown Wind Energy Committee is looking at ways to protect landowners from wind power companies that default on taxes. The committee met Wednesday to discuss including a section in its proposed wind law that separates a half-acre parcel for each wind turbine to protect landowners from losing their entire properties if a wind company fails to pay its taxes. The committee suggested surveying the individual parcels and deeding each piece separately.
28 Jun 2009

Climate bill survives with narrow passage; House accepts plan to limit emissions

For the first time ever, the House on Friday passed a plan to combat climate change, a top priority of President Obama's that Rep. Brian Higgins said could rescue the Western New York economy. The bill's opponents, however, were vehement in their contention that the bill could break the bank of the nation's consumers. ...The bill now moves on to the Senate, where its prospects are murky.
27 Jun 2009

Continue anti-NYRI struggle

The line _ intended to provide more electrical power to New York City _ would not only have marred large tracts of upstate landscape and had a deleterious effect upon the environment, but would actually have raised electricity rates for those of us who live near where the line would have been built. After a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruling went against NYRI in March, it withdrew its application ...On June 9, NYRI requested a time extension to file comments with FERC to appeal its ruling. The firm has until July 9 to provide additional comments.
25 Jun 2009

Wind farms interfering with Doppler radar

Maple Ridge Wind Farm is one of several farms in the state causing problems for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Buffalo. Maple Ridge in Martinsburg, Harrisburg and Lowville has created interference for the service's Doppler radar in Montague. "It does pose a problem for the immediate Tug Hill area," said David A. Zaff, meteorologist for the service. "The biggest problem is during a severe weather event."
24 Jun 2009

State retirement fund invests in Sheldon wind farm

The state Comptroller's Office is apparently viewing the High Sheldon Wind Farm as a good investment. The New York State Common Retirement Fund has invested $15 million in the project that became operational in March, officials announced Monday. ...But though High Sheldon has its supporters, the project has also generated numerous complaints from some residents.
23 Jun 2009

NYRI won't quit

New York Regional Interconnect Inc. is seeking help from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to revive plans for a large electrical transmission line from Marcy in Oneida County to New Windsor in Orange County. In two years of meetings and hearings, the proposed line was condemned by most local residents, officials and activists, who deemed it unnecessary, too expensive, and a threat to health and property values.
23 Jun 2009

New study disputes Cape noise levels

The new study was done by Paul D. Schomer of Schomer & Associates Inc., Champaign, Ill. Mr. Schomer is chairman of the International Organization for Standardization working group on environmental noise and chairman of the American National Standards committee on noise, among other leadership roles in noise measurement. The finding contradicts the studies done by Hessler Associates Inc., Haymarket, Va., for the draft environmental impact statement of BP Alternative Energy's Cape Vincent Wind Farm and supplemental draft environmental impact statement of Acciona Energy North America's St. Lawrence Wind Farm.
23 Jun 2009

Wind Turbines Interfering with Doppler Radar at the Airport

The National Weather Service says a wind farm in Wyoming County is interfering with its doppler radar at the Buffalo Airport. ...Unfortunately, the Wyoming county wind farms and their turbines are within the radar line of sight (RLOS) of the NWS doppler radar in Cheektowaga. ...At this height, the rotating turbine blades of the wind farm impact the KBUF Doppler Radar beam.
18 Jun 2009

Town's aggressive push for wind harming Cape Vincent

The town supervisor talks of how the record shows, where there is municipal water service, the building of homes will follow. What he fails to mention is that where there is the possibility of an industrial wind park that the "for sale" signs start to show up in the area as one can plainly see when driving through the village of Cape Vincent, including the one on Mr. Rienbeck's house which has been for sale for well over a year.
17 Jun 2009

Wind energy discussed at Ashford board meeting; Horizon Wind Energy explains proposals

Wind energy was the main topic of discussion at the June 10 Ashford Town Board meeting. Gary Davidson from Horizon Wind Energy was on hand to clarify concerns from the council members. Davidson noted that Horizon's proposed project would be a 20 megawatt development consisting of between nine and 13 turbines located in the Dutch Hill ridge area, which would tie in to the transmission line on Ashford Hollow Road.
17 Jun 2009

Cohocton to receive $635,000 for roads as part of settlement with First Wind

After a month of negotiation, Cohocton town officials are expecting a settlement with wind developer First Wind to the tune of $635,000. The Cohocton town board gave a tentative OK to the agreement to fix up town roads damaged by construction equipment at Monday night's board meeting, but there are a few minor issues left to iron out, said town Supervisor Jack Zigenfus.
16 Jun 2009
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