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Karcher excuses himself from Invenergy road contract discussion over conflict

The supervisor said later he left the meeting because both the road agreement with Invenergy and the host community agreements are contracts. Karcher said his father-in-law has a lease with Invenergy and he couldn’t participate in the host community and highway use agreements. Karcher’s recusal left two town board members at the table: Deputy Supervisor Richard Zink and George Duncan. Councilman Richard Westfall, who has a wind lease and has been found to be conflicted, did not attend the special meeting, nor did Councilman Pamela Tilton.
6 Aug 2019

Farmersville Towen Board to continue wind law discussions next week

In a two-page document hand-delivered to board members at the beginning of the special meeting, Farmersville United President Mark Heberling wrote: “We renew our request for 3,000-foot setbacks of turbines and facility components to property lines, 50dBA of noise at all times at property lines, a property value guarantee, shadow flicker limits of 30 hours or less and turbines of 450 feet or less at top height.” In addition, Herberling asked “all board members who have a lease with Invenergy or whose family member has an Invenergy lease (as defined in the Farmersville Code of Ethics) recuse themselves from any vote on a wind law.”
2 Aug 2019

Deer River wind project hearings scheduled

Atlantic Wind, a subsidiary of developer Avangrid Renewables, plans to erect 25 wind turbines for its 101.4-megawatt project in the towns of Pinckney and Harrisburg. Before construction can begin, however, the developer must earn a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need from the state through its Article 10 review process.
1 Aug 2019

Collins calls wind turbines in Lake Erie 'devastating' to border security

Collins, citing an agency white paper, said customs officials are concerned. “They are confirming the threat is not only real, but it would be devastating to know what’s coming across from Canada into the U.S. because this would be blocking all the way to the Canadian border,” Collins said. “These wind turbines would basically create a blackout area that would be a very large percentage of what we would be able to see all the way to the Canadian shore.”
31 Jul 2019

Legislature opposes wind turbine farms on Lake Erie

On Wednesday, one of the motions was in opposition to construct wind turbine farms on Lake Erie. ...“We’re not interested and you’re not welcome here,” Bankoski said to any company who would like to build a wind turbine farm on Lake Erie. Six other legislators also spoke supporting the resolution stating reasons.
25 Jul 2019

Cuomo’s incredible wind-power pander

Let’s assume New York paid the same subsidy as Maryland ­officials plan for their offshore-wind project. That would mean guaranteeing a payment of $131.93 per megawatt-hour. Based on last year’s average wholesale costs of electricity in New York City ($41.16) and Long Island ($45.05), that means the projects will need, and get, an annual subsidy of about $528 million.
23 Jul 2019

Guilford board hears blowback vs. wind farm

More than 100 Guilford residents packed the town’s highway garage Wednesday evening for a special meeting of the town board to discuss the proposed development of an industrial wind farm. Developed by the Texas-based Calpine Corporation, the project will consist of a maximum of 25 wind turbines — a reduction from the initially proposed 30 turbines — and generate a collective 100.8 megawatts of energy
17 Jul 2019

East Hampton officials eye outside experts to review offshore wind farm plan

_7b462b412d-29a4-4fe5-b2f3-5eb9f3339b36_7d_thumb Wainscott resident Si Kinsella, who has raised concerns about the wind farm and sued the state to fully disclose the cost of the project, said it was important to have an independent expert review the application. “I think it’s a very sensible move to bring on some experts,” he said, adding that the town should have taken the step when the project was announced in 2017. “Better late than never," Kinsella said.
16 Jul 2019

Sanford adopts 3-month moratorium on wind turbine development

A stall gives the town's planning board time  to assess the impact of a pending 27-tower green energy project planned for Sanford and Windsor in eastern Broome County. A final assessment could be delivered by September, planning board members said. Twenty-three turbines will be sited in Sanford, with four planned for Windsor.
10 Jul 2019

Primary results a game-changer for Alle-Catt Wind Farm opponents

Alle-Catt Wind Farm opponents cheered Tuesday’s primary victories in Farmersville and Freedom, convinced the winds had shifted in their favor. The leaders of both Farmersville United and Freedom United, groups formed over concerns by Invenergy’s plan to build more than 100 wind turbines up to 600 feet tall in Farmersville, Freedom, Centerville, Rushford and Arcade called the primary results a game-changer.
28 Jun 2019

Wind farm PILOT faces mixed review

On Wednesday, the Steuben County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) held a public hearing to gather comments on a plan to deliver $11.6 million in tax breaks to the Baron Winds Project — a $304 million project of parent company Innogy destined to locate 69 turbines in the towns of Fremont, Cohocton, Dansville, Wayland and Avoca.
21 Jun 2019
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