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Unanswered questions about Edsall letter

It should be noted that two other Planning Board members have wind conflicts, and the lack of a specific wind law would be of great advantage to wind leaseholders like Mr. Edsall and the wind developers. With no wind law, this would bring the control of wind development almost entirely under the control of Mr. Edsall and his conflicted board allowing wide latitude for turbine placement.
23 Jul 2010

State provides informal opinion on Beekmantown wind project

"The ZBA was not authorized, in exercising original jurisdiction over conditional use permits, to ignore the zoning law in effect or to affirm the vitality of its earlier issued conditional use permit without considering also the issue of vested rights," he wrote. "The ZBA did not have 'continued jurisdiction' and was without authority to extend the terms of a conditional use permit issued under a zoning law that was no longer in effect."
19 Jul 2010

'Mock survey' by Lyme council is an insult

The law as originally developed does not adequately protect residents from the damaging effects of low-frequency noise. The law does not protect residents from the significant devaluation of their property that is a virtual certainty with industrial-scale wind development. The law does not provide for dispute resolution if noise or flicker effects exceed the limits.
12 Jul 2010

Turbine rules adopted in LeRay

Town of LeRay residents who want to tap into wind power have a new set of rules to follow. ...Noise is also a concern with the units. Sound from a running turbine cannot be louder than 5 decibels above the ambient sound. As a comparison, the sound made by the rustling of leaves is about 10 decibels.
10 Jul 2010

Town board OK's law to regulate windmills

The windmill guidelines have been two years in the development stage and were prompted by a recognition that wind power useage could dramatically grow here and elsewhere in the future. Council members always welcomed the green technology but were keenly aware of issues that have arisen in other communities related to the size and placement of private wind generators.
3 Jul 2010

Theresa tackles wind zoning law

In the commercial turbine rule proposal, sound from the turbines cannot exceed ambient noise that already exists by more than five decibels at the nearest property line. Neighboring property owners could grant a waiver to this rule.
30 Jun 2010

Listen to citizens committees on wind issues

After the failures of BP, does anyone honestly believe that a developer-drafted law provides for the protection of the community better than that recommended by the town- appointed citizens committees, recommendations rejected by those boards because the developers such as BP, Acciona and PPM tell them so? This brings us back to the conflict of interest. The town boards must remove themselves from debate and accept the recommendations of their citizens committees.
10 Jun 2010

Proposed ordinance regulating wind farms

Residents fear there aren't enough regulations controlling wind farm projects like the one that could add a dozen turbines on Dry Hill in this rural Herkimer County town. So, when the Town Council asked residents to help draft an ordinance that would control such projects, they jumped at the chance.
7 Jun 2010

Town of Canton mulls residential wind energy

The Town Council will hold a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. June 14 in the municipal building on several proposed zoning law changes, including an ordinance on residential wind turbines. The proposal would make wind towers allowable with a special permit outside the villages in all zones.
7 Jun 2010

Wind tower proposal could become law next month

After about two years of work, the Dunkirk Town Board may vote on a wind energy conversion system, or WECS, law at their June board meeting. Once the proposal becomes law, town of Dunkirk residents will be permitted to build small, residential-use wind towers that have a total generation capacity of 100 kilowatts or less.
23 May 2010

Morristown committee finishes draft wind law

The town's wind advisory committee unveiled its version of a law governing wind energy development, but declined to make a recommendation on how far turbines ought to be from neighbors and roads. Committee Chairman Peter A. Paquette said the law has been "three years in the making.
19 May 2010

Cape warned of restrictive wind zoning

A restrictive zoning law would eliminate BP Alternative Energy's proposed wind farm here, a company spokesman warned the Town Council Thursday night. James H. Madden, BP's project manager working on the Cape Vincent Wind Farm, had encouraging figures for a law allowing 50 decibels at the property line, which was proposed during a wind committee work session May 1.
14 May 2010

Wind law changes in Clayton rejected

Proposed wind zoning amendments, which called for stricter regulations on wind development in the town, were rejected by the Town Council Wednesday night with two "no" votes - by Supervisor Justin A. Taylor and Councilman Donald I. Turcotte. ...a supermajority vote was required to pass the changes because of a protest petition filed by Supporters of Horse Creek Wind Farm.
29 Apr 2010

Township seeks to restrict wind farms

Gun Plain Township is planning an ordinance to regulate and restrict how wind and solar energy devices can be installed. Township board members discussed the proposed ordinance at their Thursday, April 1, meeting and set a public hearing and second reading of the ordinance for Thursday, May 6, at 7 p.m. in the township hall.
21 Apr 2010

Italy revises plan and zoning law

Town officials have started the process to change the town's comprehensive plan and zoning law to repeal the creation of wind incentive zones and prohibit industrial wind turbine towers throughout the Town of Italy. The board held a public hearing on April 10 and the proposed changes will be reviewed by the Yates County Planning Board on Thursday, April 22.
20 Apr 2010
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